I wasn't looking for a mate. I was just looking to go hang out and have a little fun, since my brothers and sister insisted that they needed a day off. The problem with Reina, Van and Lance was that they always seemed to need a day off. They were the last ones to arrive and the first to leave when the time came. I know I was supposed to be having a good time and just enjoying the time I spent here in The Rave, but the truth was, my mind was on the kids that were scheduled to arrive at my intense training camp on Monday.

See, I started a company called Open blades five years ago because the thought occurred to me that there are a lot of kids out there who don't know anything about hockey but do have the guts to try out or form a team because it seem like fun. I love going to hockey games and in particular, high school hockey games. Although you'd think there aren't many schools who do have hockey teams, there are many of them and there are quite a few schools reside in Wisconsin. I usually take players, both individual and teams, from all over the state. Currently I have ten hockey schools who attend my training sessions and then I have at-least one hundred and fifty individuals who want to learn to play hockey just for the experience.

Unfortunately, the only people who love hockey more than I do is my sister and brothers that I mentioned here and as usual they show up late and leave early, leaving me stuck with all the kids, who aren't able to bus home or have to wait for their parents to come and pick them up. Believe me, I am not one who enjoys these times so, I usually charge 25 dollars for a half an hour late fee and then anything after that is a dollar per minute. I am usually done no later than forty five minutes after closing time.

Anyhow, I didn't come here just to think about my business and the issues associated with it. I came here to have a good time and be a designated driver. Back to my earlier thought about not wanting a mate. I had long since given up the idea of a mate, I guess the more accurate belief is that I really didn't want a mate due to the fact that I am fine being single and I love women in general. It doesn't matter what size, height, weight or nationality. I find them all beautiful. What makes them beautiful depends on the woman.

For instance, there are many women in this club that are beautiful for one reason or another. One woman to my right is beautiful because she has the most beautiful shade of chocolate skin I have ever seen. And its a bonus that she has a beautifully shaped ass. I saw it when were waiting to get into the club and only because she was standing in front of me. I considered approaching her, but she is clearly not interested in guys, as I just saw her kissing a girl in the corner where she's sitting.

There was another woman I ran into on my way over to the bar who had an intoxicating scent that was more natural than the perfume she wore to disguise it. The problem with this is that I felt my fangs began to contract and I started to drool over what her blood would taste like. Considering I was in a public place, I didn't think it would be appropriate to follow my nose. As I sit at the bar and ask the bartender to hand me a drink, I notice that even she is beautifully made with her slim waist and huge breasts that seem to tease as they pop out of her shirt. I look down at them, raise a brow and then turn my attention back out onto the dance floor trying to locate my brothers and sister, when I notice this girl, she's about five ten, petite in stature and was laughing flirtatiously with some guy she was dancing with.

I smile at the sound of her laugh because it sounded sweet and cute at the same time. My eyes take in nice strong teeth amidst a beautifully heart shaped mouth and a swan like neck. She had the kind of neck you'd definitely enjoy sinking your teeth into, as well as placing delicate kisses along the gentle curve of it. As my eyes traveled down ward, I could see that her bust size was no bigger than a thirty six A, but flattered by a halter top. Her stomach and waist line was covered with the shirt, which lead to a pair of shorts that enhanced strong thighs. As my gaze traveled further, I felt the deep stirrings of arousal awaken. I shook my head, knowing that this was the woman I wanted. There was no doubt she was the one.

The way my heart pounded with excitement and the way saliva seemed to gather inside my mouth and the way my manhood immediately begin to throb as I thought of her laying underneath me. The bartender chose that time to bring my drink and take the money I'd placed on the counter. Taking a quick sip of my drink, I sat it down and then turned my gaze back to the woman, enjoying the erotic dance her body was doing against the man, who in a sense gave me the vague impression that he was not all that in to her. That was good because it would make my job easier to get to her. As if sensing me watching her, the woman turned and faced me. Her eyes widened in surprise and then went back to their original state. She greeted me with a luscious and inviting smile. I smiled back at her, making sure my eyes spoke my interest.


When I first arrived here at the club, I had my own intentions of being on the prowl. I use the word prowl because a girl like me knows how to use my assets to get what I want, when I wanted it and how I wanted it. You see, I'm not a shy girl at-least not when it comes to desire. I am the type of woman who knows how to use her body as well as her mind to get what she wants. Do I go around manipulating people? Hell no. I don't need too. I got the brains to back up the assets. So, as usual, when ever I went out on the hunt, I put on something that would accentuate the beauty that I know I have. I'm not only tall, but I am also skinny, or petite, with a 34A rack, slender hips, smooth stomach and thighs that I have known to make many men lost in. I know, most girls aren't supposed to boast, but what else can I do? I am comfortable in my own skin, I am comfortable being me and part of me is my sexuality and if I didn't have that, my life would lead a meager existence. I work a nine to five, go to school and I have kids, who sometimes drive me hell of a crazy. I have a boy who is three and a girl who is five. My best friend, who understands my sudden urges to get away from my responsibilities agreed to keep them over night, while I did what I wanted for the weekend and she would bring them back on Monday.

So, I was planning to find an unsuspecting victim and make him mine for one night only. As I said before, I got kids and don't have time to worry about the frivolities of a relationship, so I needed a man who understood that this was a one night deal. The guy I'm dancing with, I can't remember his name, but he seems like he is not looking for anything serious. He wasn't too bad of a dancer which meant that he wasn't going to be too bad in bed. However, I keep wagering back and forth between do it and not do it, because he didn't look like he was working with anything down there, so I didn't want to get him home and find out he just plain wasn't worth a damn. I hate it when a man can spit good game and make a woman all excited, only to be a disappointment in bed.

So, I'm trying to decide if I should or shouldn't when I think that the only way to be sure of that, would be to have him grind up against me, so I turn around, intending to do just that, when I look up and feel my heart skip a beat. Sitting at the bar, looking as if he just may tower above me, dressed in a dark gray polo shirt, his dark gray eyes filled with a desire that promise to deliver, is a man with dark curly hair, that looked as if it had been neatly trimmed and an equally trimmed mustache that covered beautiful full lips, which in that instant made my nipples harden and my kitty cat burn with a very intense need, and his demeanor looking as if I was on his menu for tonight. I all but forgot about the guy I was dancing with and strutted my way over to the guy. As I got closer to the bar, I noticed that he was dressed in dark slacks, that fit him just as nicely as the shirt he wore. I took a seat next to him, and turned toward the bar tender, "Give me a gin and cranberry, Marla."

"Put it on my tab, Marla."

A voice stated, sending sweet chills down my spine. I had no doubt that it was my admirer or maybe I should be considered the admirer, because damn if this man wasn't the sexiest guy I'd ever seen. I smiled to myself thinking, yeah, he's definitely going to be on my menu. I waited for the bartender to bring me my drink. As I waited, the guy chose this moment to introduce himself, "Hi, I'm Stefan."

I turned in my seat and looked over at him, making sure my demeanor was open. "I'm Odilia, but some call me DiDi for short."

The guy held out his hand. "Nice to meet you, Odilia. That's a beautiful name by the way."

Although I was sure this was probably another pick up line, I ignored its corniness and grasped his hand in mine. Immediately, I felt the static in the air. There was no way I was going to go anywhere without this man tonight.


Again, my fangs wanted to come through, because there was something exquisite about this woman. I had no doubt I wouldn't be the only one to receive pleasure tonight and depending on how good she delivered I may just come back a second time. When the bartender turned her back to prepare the drink for the young woman, I chose this moment to introduce myself. She introduced herself as Odilia, and I thought, what a unique name, quickly that thought was swallowed as her hand grasped mine. As soon as it did, I felt a confirmation in my spirit that this girl was indeed mine. We both seemed to hold on to each other hand for a bit longer than necessary and I found myself caressing her fingers while they were in mine. As the bartender returned to the counter and sat her drink down, the woman pulled her hand out of mine and downed her drink as if she was a pro. I laughed at this and thought this was going to be interesting as she turned back to me and said, "We can sit here all night with the formalities or you can come back with me to my place, you choose."

Her voice was smooth, rich and very assured. I swallowed my own drink and flickered my tongue over my lips, anticipating what was going to happen when we arrived at her place.

As she stood up and moved away from the bar, I followed her, relishing in the way her hips moved as she walked.


Ok, I said I was forward, but not necessarily that forward. I don't normally go up to guys and say take me home or go back to yours alone, but there was something about this guy that just said the bolder the better.

When we got to the parking lot, we decided that I would go in my car and he would follow me. Again, normally, I don't do this, but hey, I really wanted the man and any other consequences would be just that, a consequence. My kids thought to creep up in my head at this moment and just as we were pulling out, I stopped and backed back next to his car. He rolled his window down and again, greeted me with a debonair smile. "You want to go to a motel instead?"

I smiled, "It looks like we are thinking along the same lines."

"Maybe," He stated in a teasing tone.

I rolled my window up and made a left instead of the right that lead toward my place and happened upon the first hotel some three miles from the club. He went in to get the room while I waited.


As soon as the door opened, Odilia pushed me into the room and closed the door and locked it. I felt my body hit the bed and again a laugh came up out of me I knew without a doubt I was coming back to this woman. She grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up and over her head. I drooled as she threw it on the floor and then pulled her shorts down her beautiful legs. It was nice to see that her underwear and bra matched. I sat up on the edge of the bed and reached for her. All too willingly, she came to me. I ran a hand down her long arm, seeing the goose bumps that developed on her toffee colored skin. I continued my inspection and outlined the underside of her arms and went to her body. She leaned in and welcomed my hand as they went over her breasts. I ran my hands around her soft skin to the back of her bra to unclasp the hooks. She eagerly pushed the bra down her shoulders and I watched as her chest bare and naked seemed to harden their nipples even more. I could already taste them in my mouth as my throat began to moisten. Much to my surprise, she wriggled out of the bra and took a step forward, grasped my head and pulled it toward her chest. Again, a delightful little shiver ran through me as I took her nipple in my mouth.


You know the time you spend anticipating how good it could feel to have that one thing you desperately want but then you get it and it's even more intense than you imagined it would be? This is one of those moments, where I felt every area in my body stand at attention and the electrons do their work. I never knew having a man suck on your breast could feel this good. You'd think that if a woman had two kids then the man must know how to do something so simple as suck on a breast, but every man is not the same and as this man sucked, it felt as though he already knew that I wanted him to do it exactly the way he was doing it. Instead of me getting nervous about this, it only served to heighten my senses and make me gasp out loud. He played with my left breast until it too was tingling just like the rest of my body. When he took in its twin, the previously mentioned one felt its own neglect and I let out a little whimper. He showed that one love and then he worked his way over every inch of my body, kissing, stroking and touching until there was an inferno raging. A half an hour later, clearly satisfied that he'd pleasured every area of the front of my body, he turned me over and pushed my hair to the side of my neck. When I felt his tongue slide in a sensual dance along my neck, I let out a loud moan and my eyes fluttered closed as he began to nip at that area. He made his way around to the back of my neck and placed a sweet gentle kiss there. I felt myself shudder as an orgasm ripped through my body, making me even more wet than I already was. I couldn't believe the self control he had. I was going crazy with my sex being as wet and hot as it was with wanting him to be inside of me. He finally worked his way along the backside of my body and continued lower until I was trembling so bad I was going to force him inside of me if he didn't hurry up and comply. I was very happy when he told me to get up on my knees so that he could access me.


When my hand touched her, I knew she could feel the tremble in them, because I wanted her so bad. Every place that I'd touched and kissed had yielded me inspector to her erogenous zones that were unique to her. Her lips, her neck, her nipples, her stomach, her vagina, which seemed to make my need even stronger and headier. By the time I was done accessing those areas, she was begging me to take her. I grabbed my penis and stroked her wetness with it. She pushed back into me more. This caused me to smirk, she was definitely ready. However, what I saw as humor only sufficed to irritate her and she swung her head back and I was offered a full view of her neck as she sank down on top of me, surprising me. I swore and ran my hands over her hips, to her stomach and around her breasts. She moaned and gasped as she took what she wanted. As I thought about her eagerness to have me, I felt my fangs bear themselves as I felt a need so strong to make her mine. She didn't notice as I lowered my face down to her neck. I could feel her walls clenching around my hardness as she moved. If only she knew how good this felt to me. I worked my hands up to her neck and grabbed it gently. She never even noticed as I ever so slightly turned her neck so that I could access it better and placed my lips over it. She gasped and I felt her climax for a third time that night. As she did, I bit softly, gently and felt her jerk as I tasted the pulsating warmth of liquid that poured out of her neck.