Chapter Twelve: Lilith's cove

After they'd stumbled around to get dressed, they both noticed the change in atmosphere. There was more of a relaxed state instead of the tension filled one they'd shared a few hours ago. Going over to the door, Stefan was the first to open it.

"Hello, Enapay." He stated to the Shaman from the other end.

"Hello, Mr. Gregoire."

"Please call me Stefan." He corrected the older shaman.

"I need to ask you and your wife to gather your things together. We must go quickly. Quicker than what we assumed earlier."

Stefan furrowed his brow. "What do you mean?"

"I fear that the infant may be nearby, closer than what we presumed."

At this, odilia came and stood next to him. "Excuse me?"

"While meditating, it was revealed to me that the infant is nearby." He stated.

Immediately Odilia ran and gathered their things together. She pulled the suitcase to the door where the men stood and politely requested that Stefan move out of the way. He said, "Odilia, wait."

"What's there to wait on? I want my baby back." She stated, her tone once again going to an agitated stated. Stefan could feel the stirrings of anticipation and hope she felt now.

"Was there more stated to you during your meditation?"

"The spirits spoke."


I felt geeked. That's one of those words they used when I was a child teenager, when someone was excited about something. I was finally going to get my baby back. I didn't care where we had to go, how far we had to go nor how deep into the earth we'd have to go. I was going to get my child back and spare no expense of a grade a Ass whipping on the thing that took him. I'd decided a day ago that I was going to be the last female Vampire that would ever have her child stolen by this particular shadow demon. I knew I was going to kill her but I was getting my child back first. My mind went back to my dream about the forest and how I was running through a grove of trees, chasing after a figure when my child was thrown over the cliff. It wasn't long before I heard Enapay say, "The individual is of old and she dwells nearby in the forest somewhere."

I focused my attention back to him. "Can you repeat that last part?"

He glanced down at me. "The demon resides nearby in a forest."

"That's interesting." "I stated.

"Why's that?" He inquired. Staring at me with sharp brown eyes. Enapay had a band tied around his forehead and his long hair which was native to his tribe braided into two pigtails that rested just below his shoulders and tied at the end with a green and blue ribbon. He wore a ceremonial outfit of his distinction within the Clan. His outfit was brown buffalo suede from top to bottom with the sleeves and pants shredded at the wrists and ankles. I could only imagine the type of incantations he used to go into a deep meditation.

"It's similar to a dream I had. I was running through the forrest or an area like it, chasing a figure cloaked and carrying my child. The closer I tried to get, the farther away I seemed until the lady stopped and that's when I noticed I was hearing water crashing. As I came in front of her, she pulled Jr. away from her and threw him over the cliff. I went diving after him."

Stefan narrowed his eyes in confusion, "Why would this woman throw him over a cliff if she has to get him to Lilith's Cove?"

Enapay shook his head, immediately understanding the meaning of her dream. "Because there was a portal over the fall. She would not harm the child because it would be futile, so there had to be a gate near the fall, Otherwise she wouldn't have done it. The closest fall to here is Niagara!" He and Stefan shouted Niagara together.

"So this means we can access the Cove through portals."

"Which also means we are even closer to that time than what we originally thought." I stated, pulling the bags over my shoulder and running out of the room down the hall. It was time to get our child back without further delay.

Pearl stared into the child's eyes and willed him to sleep. The next thing she had to do was find a place to open the gate she needed entrance through. She'd decided on the woods she'd entered through that first night Lilith sent her to collect the child because the forestry provided her lots of protection. She could hear water in the distance. So she knew she was close to the falls and thus it could be an area to create a portal. She walked into the woods a bit further, to offer herself a deposit of protection. The child was now asleep, wrapped up in a warm blanket. She had waited til dusk was on the horizon before she'd ventured out, so that she would be able to work undisturbed1. She didn't need a fire to keep warm since she already had a higher temperature native to her sect and she didn't need light because she could already see in the dark. Pulling open the cloak she wore, she withdrew several long instruments, special ones unknown to most people in this realm. The reef was like a magical flute. It made a distinct noise when blown, this would announce her arrival into the Shadow Realm. A bow was used with an arrow to shoot her target, so that she would be able to open the portal and the third instrument she used was her voice. She had to speak the right words in order to create the portal. The words were in her native language sacred to those in the shadow realm.

"How much longer til we get there?" Odilia inquired, feeling anxious. I glanced at her from the review mirror. "We are about a couple of minutes away."

"Please hurry," She whispered. "We don't have much time."

Enapay drove until we reached a sign that stated Niagara Falls were one mile from our mile. Once we arrived to Niagara falls, we followed a trail from the parking lot that led into the woods. We continued following that trail until we heard a loud shrill noise. Around this time, the atmosphere around us changed and it became noticeably colder.


We went further up the trail and that's when we heard a loud shrill sound. This is when my heartbeat picked up and I felt a nervousness unlike anything before. I continued running as fast as my legs could carry me, when I heard the faintest stirrings of a cry. Immediately I stopped. My blood pumping furiously through my veins, eyes darting around the Forrest, I listened for where the sound came from. It was then I noticed that I could hear the sound of water in the distance. I followed the sounds of the cry, making a left turn. Continuing on, I continued until I the crying got nearer. I grabbed one of my daggers and removed it from a Velcro attachment from my pants. I discovered a while back that I prefer jumpsuits, to other material when there was a chance I would fight. Something sleek, designed to fit my figure. I wasn't into long coats. In my opinion the less I carried other than my weapons, the better off I was. Inhaling sharply, I slowed to a walk as I knew that I was coming upon the water falls. I could now smell the water, feel the coolness in the air. I stopped a hundred feet from my intended target, watching as she held my child, rocking it back and forth, standing there waiting. I felt my heart jump into my throat as I saw my dream nightmare living, breathing and walking, with the cloak from my dream. I still couldn't see her face. I lay hidden behind a large tree. I watched as she leaned down to my child and whispered in it's ear. "We are almost home, little one. You will make mother so proud." I felt my anger boil at these words. I was going to make sure that my child stayed right here with me. No questions asked. Squeezing the dagger in my hand, I was about to move forward when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see that it was Stefan, shaking his head no. "She's there, I want my baby!" I whispered loudly.

"Wait." He stated. I listened as a twig was snapped and I heard a voice yell, "Who's there?"

Turning my attention away from Stefan, I looked at the tall figure who'd inquired into the darkness. I watched as she spat out words in an unknown language and stepped toward the edge of the waterfall. I rushed from behind the tree I was and yelled, "Noooo." To the top of my lungs. The figure looked back at me, let out a laugh and then ran for the edge of the water fall. Out of desperation, I flung my dagger at the figure and watched as she jumped off the cliff. I let out another cry and it wasn't long before I found myself propelled off the edge and following her and my child into the unknown.

"Di..did you see that?!" I half cried, half screamed at Enapay who came up right behind me as Odilia and the figure with our child ran over the cliff. I couldn't believe how she'd went diving off the cliff after the figure in the cloak.

"I saw and now we must go before the portal closes" Enapay stated before I could decide on an action he grabbed me and pulled me along with him toward the edge of the cliff. I tried to get him to reason but not hearing that, I watched as we both went flying over the edge of the cliff and into the unknown ourselves.

Falling so hard, so fast sent me rolling once I finally found ground. I rolled until coming to a complete stop in the middle of a red clay desert area. Although there was no moon, nor stars, nor anything familiar to my world, everything was illuminated with a dusky red look. I narrowed my brows and glanced over at the vast emptiness that seemed to settle upon this land. There was no people. No creatures of the dark, not even shadows. I turned from side to side as I tried to figure out where my assailant was. I finally spotted her further ahead, holding my child in her arms, limping to her destination. I ran to catch up with her. I only had one dagger left now and I was going to put it to great use or die trying.

Footsteps were behind her. Pearl continued walking, making sure to reach her destination. Only when she heard a voice yell, "Hey Bitch!" Did she stop. She could tell this was not going to end well. All she wanted to do was get this baby delivered to Lilith. Now it seemed as if she had someone else to take care of. She wondered when people would learn that once she set out for a mission, it was always going to be accomplished. Being sure to put the baby in the boundaries for Lilith's Cove, she took a nail and ran it across the child's forehead. The baby did not cry as it was marked. This was to ensure they understood that this was the child set aside for Lilith and not someone lost from traveling through a portal. Inhaling sharply, she turned to the lady that was still walking toward her. She met her half way.

As soon as she met up with her, Pearl could smell the rage and feel it coming from her. "I want my baby back."

Pearl smiled and in a raspy tone, stated, "The baby's Lilith's." Pearl watched as the lady became angry and she seemed to change. It was then Pearl noticed the aura around her. She was protected. Interesting that they'd use magic to retrieve a child that wasn't going back. Pearl took a step back, bracing herself. She knew that this was going to be a fight to the death.

I was angry. So angry that I couldn't think straight. My mind was a bright haze.

"I will give you an open shot to be fair." The lady stated. She pulled her cloak off and I found myself repulsed at the sight of skin that glowed white in the expanse of redness. I lounged at her, and was quickly shoved over her head. I felt it as my body hit the hard ground. "This is easier than I thought, the figure stated to me as she came over to where I was. I quickly jumped to my feet and met her with a left kick to the shin. She bent down in pain and this was when I took my foot and extended it upward, my foot connected with her chin, sending her stumbling back. Going over to her again, I brought my right arm over and watched as my fist connected with her again and then had my left repeat with this motion. Bit by bit, I slowly felt the anger drain from me as I balled my right hand into the tightest fist and with all my might punched her so hard in her chin, she flew back and hit the ground hard. Taking out my second dagger, I quickly jumped over her and attempted to plunge it into her chest. However, the lady grabbed my wrists and with more strength than I thought she'd possessed, she pulled it forward and pushed her head into mine and I was sent sprawling backward. I yelled, "You fucking bitch!" I now couldn't see much as her butt to the forehead had blinded me. Everything was blurry. I heard a faint whisper in the recess of my brain say, "focus odilia!" I attempted to do just that. I got up and with dagger in hand, I waited for the charge I knew that was to come. Sure enough, I heard a growl and in every sense felt her come charging at me. I assumed that she'd turned to her shadow form and was now preparing for the kill. Although my vision was no use, I felt the wind in the air pick up and closing my eyes, I felt her presence without having seen it. Taking the knife I had, I plunged it into her, not sure where my blow landed and whether or not it was a fatal wound. For extra measure I twisted it and heard it as the twitching began in her body and then felt a cold liquid come out on my skin and listened as her form fell to the ground. Glancing down, I watched as her figure came into full view and fluids of green color pulsated from underneath her body. Blood had already begun falling from her mouth and pooling around the back of her neck. Exhaling sharply, my body sagged with relief as I got down on both my knees and pulled my weapon out of her stomach. I had killed her and now it was time to get my child. I grabbed a cloth from my belt and wiped the dagger clean of her blood. I then looked down and sure enough, sticking out of her left calf was my other dagger. I pulled that one out and watched as her blood poured out from the wound. I wiped it off and sheathed the weapon back into it's place on the low right side on the side pocket. I strapped it in and then took the other dagger and did the same, sheathing it back into the Velcro pocket on the side of my left calf. I felt a smile form. I was finally able to get my child back. Turning around, I walked until I came to a view of two forms hunched over my child, getting ready to pick it up. I let out a growl low in my throat. Oh hell no, this was not going to happen again, unless I was dead.

Enapay and I had gone through the space rip and came tumbling down a hill. When we were able to take in our surroundings, we stood up to notice that we were in a land of red and vast emptiness. The atmosphere was hazy and although it was thick and cooler than our climate, we still were able to adjust to the cool temperatures, which actually suited us better than the temperature on earth. As vampires the sun often left hideous scars on our skin and in heat exhaustive occasions such as the summer times, we even burned to death. The best times for us to move around was in the fall and the winter, when the days were cooler and the nights were chillingly cold. I would actually go out during twilight hours when dusk would settle on the land and darkness was soon to come because although it may seem unlikely, I actually enjoyed the land scape of our lands in Wisconsin, very vegetative and green and with the lake along some towns, it was a beautiful area to live. However, comparatively, this climate was extremely cold at-least thirty degrees on a consistent basis. I glanced up and noticed that there was no moon, stars, nor sun to govern it's actions and I couldn't help but find myself wondering just how this space in the earth could be this way. It was a strange place. Enapay and I continued to walk because despite the thick atmosphere we could still see, and we knew we needed to find the child and Odilia. I could feel in my heart that she was near. However, I wasn't sure how near. I let out a long sigh and continued walking till we heard the sounds of an infant crying. I knew without doubt that it was Junior. Running over to the sound, we knelt down in front of the baby and was about to pick him up when we heard a voice, "You're not taking my baby without killing me first." She spoke. Knowing that she couldn't make out who it was, I spoke to her with my mind, letting her know it was me and Enapay. I could feel the rush of relief in her own form as she made her way to us. Once we were all together, Odilia grabbed Junior out of my hands and held him close to her, devouring him with kisses. The child quieted down when she held him to her chest and he heard her heart beat. Almost as if sensing that she was his mother. She caressed his back and whispered in his ear. Enapay and I stood back observing, and me my heart filled with joy and relief over having found our child.

It felt so good to hold Stefan Junior in my arms that I began to cry. Nothing compared to the love and relief that flooded my heart at being able to hold my youngest. All of the dreaming, stressing, confusion, and fighting seemed worth it now that we were together. I caressed the top of his head which was sprinkled with hair as dark as Stefan's and whispered in his ear how much I loved him and how we would never be apart again and how, no matter what I had to do, I would always be there to protect him. I placed kisses everywhere on his face, any place that I could access. When I finally pulled back because Enapay had said we needed to go before the portal closed for good, since we knew that on earth, the portal opening only lasted twenty for hours. Stefan wrapped his arm around me and kissed the temple of my forehead. "I love you Odilia."

I sighed and whispered, "I love you too, Stefan."

"It's obvious you won the fight between you and the thing in the cloak."

"Yeah." I stated, my gaze still on Stefan Jr. I no longer cared about the shadow demon because I had beaten it. A smile came to my face at the realization that although I had only been a warrior vampire for a year, I'd beaten my first creature of darkness. I'd triumphed over evil for the very first time and if I must say so myself, it felt good. As I counted all ten toes and ten fingers of Stefan Jr. I couldn't help but be amazed that they were all there, that he was all here in one piece.