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I woke up to my dragon, Bolt, breathing hot air in my face.

Stretching, I yawned, then patted my pet on its golden head before walking groggily to the kitchen.

Due to Bolt, every room of my house was enormous, the ceilings giving the illusion of being as elevated as the skyscrapers in the city. Once again, I cursed the company for not putting scales on the dragons, since that meant that owners had to keep them indoors due to their sensitive machenery. The ceiling elevations had cost thousands, and they still needed to be painted, not that it mattered much. Again, I considerd the idea of building a barn behind my country mansion, but Bolt would not be happy and I would miss his presense in my house. Behind me, I could hear enormous dragon following me, his metallic claws scraping agenst the hardwood floor.

"you want to go outside already, huh?" I asked the creature without turning around, hoping to eat my breakfast in peace while the dragon hunted for fun or something. Bolt responded with a deep rumble, his green eyes clicking loudly as he blinked. Understanding Bolt's body as well as verbal language was crucial if I wanted to remain his rider. The company would only allow certain treatment for the dragons, of course.

Changing my direction and heading to the enormous garage, I opened the draconian-sized doorway and watched as Bolt, gleaming in the early morning sun, took off on his daily flight, after which, as usual, I would have to oil his Wing joints and dry him off, since he had a tendency to fly into any clouds he came across.

Continuing my walk to the kitchen, the only place in my house that was human-sized, I reflected on why dragons, which were supposed to be mythical creatures, were in a modern-day environment.

one word: robots.

About a decade ago, Japan had made the first robo-dragon, given it a somewhat realistic look, and showed it off around the world, telling people that in a few more months, they could buy dragons for their own from the company. They were, or so the company said, very docile machines with every feature that dragons were expected to have: horns, wings, fangs, they could even breathe fire if you ordered the right kind. They came in thousands of colors and sizes, and even before the company started official production there were thousands of orders. Now, in 2040, the robo-dragons are a very common sight, no matter where you are. Depending on where you live, you could have a tiny, small, medium-small, medium, etc size dragon. Their uses...not many. Most people kept them as pets or a bigger version of toy, but they are often used as mounts for policemen and for the military. The smaller ones even serve as spies. They had even taken the place of helicopters and small airplanes, since they could go up to speeds of 210mph while airborne and the largest size dragon could hold up to ten persons at a time.

Most people however, have small or tiny ones that couldn't produce a flame if they tried. Me, I have a large golden fire-breather, the best of his kind, big enough to carry me anywhere in the world.

Of course, though, they cost a ton. Only well-to-do people can afford them. And then there's the prices for the right kind of oil, polish, tuning, etc, not to mention the tax. Or the roof elevation. I was not able to keep Bolt outside because of the air moisture, and so I had the roofs elevated so I could keep him indoors. His machinery is extremely sensitive. As always, though, there are rumors of a malfunction with the dragons memory system. There always has been, and there always will be, I suppose. However, since Bolt doesn't have it, then I'm fine. He is a very loyal dragon, unlike most, and my only family I have left.

and to tell the truth, I love him.

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