The big hall was filled with nicely dressed people, all exchanging pleasantries and laughing at each other's jokes. Dannon frowned, equally dressed in a suit with his hair combed back, taking a sip of his glass as he glanced at the clock on the wall. Four hours. That ought to be enough, right? Unless someone else left earlier than that. Then he could probably leave after three.

He smiled as a familiar face made their way past him and stepped closer to the wall as he let his eyes wander over the talking crowd. At least the hall was big enough this time to prevent people from bumping into him, but he still couldn't help but feel a bit restless. The wine was good though, and as always it calmed him a bit. Too bad getting drunk at these things was out of the question.

"Dannon! It's been ages!" He looked up to see a young woman coming towards him with her black hair all perfectly done and a magnificent red dress. Beautiful as ever, just like one of those poisonous flowers Red showed him in the woods. He gave her his best smile and a quick bow before she had time to reach out her hand.
"Emily." He greeted her. "Good to see you. How are you?"
"I'm fine." She smiled. "I haven't seen you for so long! What have you been up to?"
Dannon hesitated a bit. "I've been busy lately." He started apologetically. Maybe he should have gone to that picnic last week after all.
"He got a slave, didn't you hear?" Glen came up behind her with his usual grin, brown hair combed back as well, and green eyes known to make women weak at the knees. "Trained it himself and everything. I didn't think you had it in you."
"Really?" Emily gave him a surprised look, even though she probably already knew. Dannon shrugged.
"When you can't fight them, join them, isn't that what they say?" He said with a smile, and Glen immediately laughed.
"True. Glad to have you with us" He grinned, reaching out and giving Dannon a clap on the shoulder. Dannon felt himself tense up. "Yes." He said, pushing the hand away maybe a bit too quickly before taking another sip of his glass. Glens eyes flickered over to where his hand had been, but he acted like nothing and kept talking.

"He's not giving you any trouble then?" He tryingly started, studying for Dannons reaction. "One of mine kept flirting with the girls. It took several whippings before he finally understood his place."
Emily made a suitable shocked gasp, but Dannon kept his face even.
"He's pretty smart and obedient, so I don't really have any problems." Flirting in secret would be a bit difficult anyway, since the only options were Philip and Dannon. He drank some more of his wine to hide the slight tugging at his lips.
"So what do you use him for?" Emily asked then. Dannon slowly lowered his glass, eyeing them both.
"Excuse me?"
"Well anyone could start to wonder." Glen started. "We haven't been seeing you with any girls lately, ever since that little incident with… Charlotte, was it?" Dannons eyes narrowed. They never would let him forget that mistake.
"Glen!" Emily interrupted, still smiling. "Don't mind him Dannon, he's only joking."
Dannon wasn't smiling, but only straightened his back slightly. He should have expected something like this.
"I don't know what you use your slaves for Glen, but I certainly have more important things to use them for than having them in my bed." He said, giving him look before drinking the rest of his wine in one big sip. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get myself another glass."
With a small bow, he turned away from them and calmly walked towards the other side of the room. He heard Emily laugh again, but at least now there was a slight possibility it wasn't at his expense.
Three more hours was more than enough. He made his way through the crowd, heading for the wine, but he barely had time to find another glass before another smiling face came walking towards him.
"How good to see you, Dannon!" The man greeted him, and Dannon did his best to smile back. This was going to be a long night.