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Soaking wet and miserable after having to dive down and retrieve my ruined sketchbook, I trudged my way through the rest of the school day. I was not happy.

Thankfully I don't have a seventh period, so as soon as sixth period was over, I headed straight to the library, ignoring questioning looks. A good book should help my mood, I thought.

But the other reason I loved the library so much was because Nick would be there. My bad mood faded instantly.

Just seeing him would perk me up.

As I came into the library, I stopped by the book returns cubby, where I placed three books. I always made sure to check out a few books, so it didn't look like I was spying. Which, lets face it, I was.

The, pretending I was just browsing, I looked for him. And there he was.

Nick sat at one of the tables alone, a book held in his hands. I loved his hands the most. They looked so big and firm, much like his arms from years of football. Trust me, I've seen almost all of his games.

Shaking my head, brunette hair swaying, I refocused on Nick himself. His smooth features, dark black hair about as long as mine but a tad shorter. His perfect nose. Soft pink lips. His intelligent blue eyes. It was almost like he was actually looking at me…

A second later it hit me. He really was looking at me!

I turned into the closest isle around me and walked the entire length of it before I allowed myself to breath. My heart was pounding and I had annoying butterflies in my stomach. How could I have been so stupid? He saw me!

Oh how weird I must've looked. My face flushed rouge for a second or two.

I turned into the next isle, pretending nothing had happened. My heart was still doing flips in my chest. I took a beep breath.

Calming down, I continued on.

I ream am crazy. Thinking Nick would ever be gay. Even if he were, why would he like me? He could do so much better. My head hung. He was so perfect. I wasn't. I hated myself more and more everyday because I wasn't perfect enough for him.

Slowly, I moved on into a fictional section of the library. After ten minutes of running my fingers of the spines of ten or so books, I found the one I was looking for. Or, more like what Nick had been reading.

I really was obsessed enough to check out the same books he had, yes. I don't know why I do it. I guess somehow I thought it brought us closer in some way. I know. So wrong on so many levels. But it was probably as close as I'd ever get to him

Looking up at the book, I realized it was on the top shelf. Seriously? Ugh. So my luck. But out of stubbornness I refused to let that stop me from trying. Reaching up and standing on my toes, I just barely touched the spine of the book. I let out a sigh, and tried again.

I stopped for a second or two to look around. No one was around. That was good. This was so embarrassing. One more time, I told myself. I reached as far as my arm could reach, using my other hand to steady myself against the bookshelf. I was still just barely touching the spine. Before I could lower myself, a hand appeared next to mine, as if out of nowhere.

Looking over, I saw who it was, and my heart froze.

It was Nick.


His smile as perfect as ever, and teeth of pure white, Nick smiled at me as he pulled the book I was after down.

"Need some help?" he asked. His voice was like a soft breeze.

I just stood in stock silence, staring at him.

Was Nick really helping me? The Nick that I could never hope to even talk to? I so shocked I forgot to be mad that he got the book for me.

"This was the book you wanted, right?" He asked.

Talk, idiot!

"U-um yeah." I stammered. I took the book from his out stretched hand, afraid that if I touched him he'd crumble in a pile of dust. "Th-thanks."

"Yeah. It's Rei, right?" Oh my god! He said my name! Thinking that, I only later realized how girlish I sounded that day.

"Um, yes. You're Nick." I said, stating the obvious.

"Yeah. It's good to see ya. Maybe I'll see you around." Nick turned to leave.

Wait! I wanted to say. I wanted to see his smile again. But my body and mouth were still as stone.

Then, to my surprise, he turned around.

"Hey, sorry to ask, but I couldn't help but notice that you were looking at me earlier." I jumped at the sound of his voice.

My face burnt, turning cherry red I imagine. So he had seen me after all. I found great interest in the floor.

"Oh. Um…it was nothing. I was just looking out the window behind you. Sorry if I freaked you out."

This couldn't be more embarrassing. If only I'd known then that there was no window behind him that day…

"Not at all."

Huh? Had I heard right?

I looked up at Nick, hoping to find some trace of what he'd just said. When I looked up, he was already gone.


After standing there in the library isle for what seemed like hours, I finally managed to get my legs to work without falling on them.

My mind was in such a shocked state, that I almost felt giddy.

Nick had talked to me!

Score one for the hopelessly in love gay freak. After I checked the book out, cause I still planned on reading it, I decided to leave school early. It's not like I had a class. So I headed outside, still a little moist, with a bounce in my step and not a care in the world. If it was possible, I think I fell even more in love with Nick that day.

As I walked through the school parking lot, I happened to look up as I came to my car.

I sighed, coming to a stop and starring in bewilderment.

My poor red slug bug was covered in graffiti and words like 'faggot' or 'loser'. Truthfully, I really didn't care. Once I got in my car and left the school with a smile on my face, I realized something.

Nothing could ruin my day now.