Chapter 3

The ride in the helicopter was silent for the most part. The noise from the helicopter made it hard to talk anyway, and soon, they were landing on the roof of a high-rise building. The buildings of the Main City were all skyscrapers, the smallest being at about three stories high. The city itself was actually an island in the middle of a main river, connected to the rest of the land through bridges. They got off the helicopter to be greeted by two more Agents, and a cheeky, middle-aged woman. She had bleached blond hair and tan skin with a couple of wrinkles. She had way too much makeup on, wore a tight bright pink dress that obviously didn't flatter her figure, and gold high heels. Julia, Gaia, Skye, and Justin all gagged at the sight of seeing her. They'd always though people from the Main City were beautiful and thin. This woman was neither.

"Hi kids, welcome!" she chirped, extending her arms out for a hug.

She shuffled towards them, since it didn't look like she could move that much in her tight dress. The children backed up, very creped out. The woman realized this, and stepped back.

"Alright, not the hugging type. But that's alright! Come, follow me." She gestured for them to do so.

They followed her and the Agents off the roof of the building and down what seemed like endless flights of stairs. Skye smelled the woman's strong perfume, and never having encountered perfume before, started choking on its strong scent.

"What's wrong?" the woman asked in a cheery voice, turning around.

Skye fell violently to the floor, coughing tuned to wheezing, and suddenly, she couldn't breath.

"She's having an allergic reaction." Justin explained.

"But she's not allergic to anything!" Gaia responded.

The Agents came over and gave her a shot of medicine. Instantly, she was breathing again.

"That happens to me when I eat peanuts." Justin explained, staring at the floor with his hands in his pockets.

The Agents diagnosed that Skye had had an allergic reaction to the woman's perfume, since she had an allergy to artificially scented products.

"No wonder we didn't know. We don't have those kinds of things on Island 6." Julia realized.

"Don't worry kids. Once you go through the Age Surgery, you won't ever be allergic to anything again!" the woman cheered, jumping awkwardly in excitement.

Skye, to her gratefulness, was put in the back of the group, as far away from the woman as possible.

"Now that that little jist is over, my name's Lucy. I'll be your guide through your first days as full adults. But first, you need to become adults. I'm going to be taking you all to a special place, where you'll meet Dr. Matthews." She told us.

"Who's Dr. Matthews?" Gaia asked.

"Oh, he's the doctor you've all been assigned in order to receive your Age Surgery." She explained.

Julia swallowed. She didn't want to receive a surgery from a doctor she didn't know, in fact she didn't want the surgery at all. They all piled into a black car, with Lucy sitting in the front an Agent driving. The four children crammed into the back of the car, which was only made for three people. Skye, being the smallest, was jammed right in the middle, between Gaia and Julia. As the car started, Lucy turned around, and Skye firmly held her nose.

"So, where are you guys from?" she asked again, a cheery smile plastered on her face.

The kids all looked at each other, none of them wanting to speak.

"Well, don't all go at once. Come on, don't be shy." She told them, her smile growing wider.

Finally Justin spoke up.

"Island 6." He replied, before shaving his entire head into his sweatshirt like a turtle.

"Oh! Out in the boonies are you? Well, you'll love it here. Dr. Matthews arranged that after you receive the surgery, you'll be working right here in the Main City!" she squealed, to the children's annoyance.

"Great…" Gaia replied, sarcastically.