this came to me a few seconds after my other book, malfunction, did. unlike malfunction, it is a short story. read, enjoy, and review!

Once, I was alone. Wandering through the crowded dirty city on my own, my flea-riddled pelt barely showing its colors of orange and white. I scavenged through garbage and stole what I could, my ribs showing and my stomachforever empty.

Once, I had a favroite street. Malburry, it was called. I would wander the alleys and backroads of that street, talking to what or whoever was in the windows above me, hardly carring when tin cans were rained down upon me like hail.

Once, there was a woman. A tall, very skinny woman who always wore expensive furs and fashonable dresses. And she never looked both ways when she crossed malburry street.

Once, I saw those furs and wanted to have them to make my bed that night, and she was crossing the road. A machine with wheels, a car I later learned to call them, was comeing straight for her, very fast, but I dident notice. I wanted her furs. And so I ran, and leaped, and my weight, slight though it was, toppled her, just as the car was going to run over her.

Once, she turned around, shocked with disbelief, and looked at me, and I at her. The car had missed her by inches because of me. I had saved her life. She picked me up and smiled, filthy though I was, and took me home with her.

Once, she put a collar around my neck, and took away all the fleas, and I became a city dog, no longer alone, in more comfort than I had ever had before; I became fat and sleek and full, liveing the life of the truly rich.

Once, I stayed with the woman for four years, always happy with her presence, and she with mine. But then, she started to forget.

Once, she started to forget to take me on walks, or feed me, or let me outside. She ceased to smile at my entrance, and she yelled at me when I sat on her lap, brushing off my fur at the same time.

Once, I remembered the events of past years, and honored them, but she ceased to have remembrance of them, of that day I saved her.

Once, tired with takeing care of me, she took me away and gave me to strange people, who put me in a small grey cage with other unwanted animals. The pound.

Once, I stayed at that pound for months, acting happy when anyone came to look, to buy.

Once, nobody wanted me, and one day I was taken to a room, and a needle was put in my arm.

Once, I felt the cool liquid coruse through my veins, all the way to my heart, and I started to sleep an endless sleep.

Once, a woman forgot that I saved her, that I spared her from a horrible death. She told me she would always love me, and she would always take care of me, but she lied to me, and gave me away, and now I sleep.

AN: in case anyone was wondering, the speaker was a dog. thanks so much for reading! R&R please!