My best friend Taylor's invitation (more like demand) was the catalyst that changed my life. My well-meaning friend invited me to come along with her after her boyfriend was given a last minute job assignment and could not attend. I had broken up with the man I thought I would eventually marry just 8 months prior, and she was sick of me dragging her down with my solitude and somber mood. I'd tried for awhile to show a brave face, and sometimes I did so well I had almost convinced myself that everything was going to be okay. However, when my ex, Thomas, started dating someone else the previous month I just couldn't pretend anymore.

What's a girl to do? Wallow in grief in private! Irritatingly, Taylor did not agree with me on this and forced me to come back out into the world. The plan was straight-forward, we would just go to a concert in support of one of Taylor's good friends and try to have some fun. Actually, after getting a couple drinks in us I felt happy for the first time in awhile, I had not realized that there was any happiness left inside of me until that night. I was drunk with it, although not drunk with the alcohol moving through my system. Taylor grabbed my hand and pulled me through the thick crowd and stopped in front of her friend from the band, Neil.

"Ladies!" Neil exclaimed smiling widely at the two of us. He pulled Taylor in for a kiss on the cheek and me for a hug. I had met Neil on only a couple random occasion prior, in spite of the close friendship he had with my best friend. Turning to me he asked, "Giada, it's been awhile! How are you doing?" I gave my standard reply of fine, but with a genuine smile for the first time in awhile. Neil was one of those truly open and cheerful people that radiated warmth, you could not help but feel a little better in his presence. He was the complete opposite of Victor in disposition. Maybe I should have spent some time with him, but it's a little late for that right now. Honestly, while he was a nice guy, and charming even, I've never felt any spark of attraction towards him. We talked for awhile and then he brought the two of us over to a couch where I'd seen Victor sitting with an acoustic guitar while girls fawned all over him.

As we approached I noticed he was hardly paying them any attention, and they definitely were doing their best to get it. When Neil addressed him, I had my doubts he was going to acknowledge us, he seemed to be in his own world absently strumming the guitar strings. It sounded very melancholy to my ears, and beautiful like him. His blonde-brown hair hanging in his face. When he looked in our direction as Neil introduced us, he stopped strumming momentarily and I saw a flash of something when his eyes made contact with me. I couldn't be sure I had not imagined it, but I figured if anything it was probably recognition of my well-known face. He started strumming again, and the tune took on a different feel. He didn't raise his eyes to us again, and Neil just shook his head as we walked away. "Excuse him, sometimes he gets into these anti-social moods. It's unfortunate that even when his band mate is introducing friends he cannot even manage to try and make a good first impression." Neil uttered dryly rolling his eyes. I laughed, but still felt a bit perturbed by that weird moment when Victor's brown eyes had made contact with mine. I suddenly felt like someone was watching me, and when I looked back over my shoulder I saw Victor looking directly at me, but this time he didn't look away before I did. What the hell? Maybe I had not imagined the strange moment we shared back there.

Neil escorted us to the side of the stage where we were supposed to catch the show and went to prepare. Once he'd left Taylor turned to me with a concerned expression on her face, "Are you okay, Giada?" Only then did I realize I had withdrawn into my own thoughts for the last ten or so minutes. I nodded, and waved someone over to get both of us a beer. The concert was absolutely amazing, with raw energy unlike any I had seen for awhile. I was mesmerized by Victor nearly the whole time, he truly was a gorgeous man and so much more talented than I had realized. At one point he removed his shirt and I was enthralled as I watched all his muscles at play while he performed, it truly was a sight to see. This in combination with the alcohol had me wondering why I had become such a recluse after Thomas dumped me, there were some magnificent fish in the sea! It struck me that I had not been attracted to a man other since Thomas, let alone interested. I also found it interesting that Victor was so different from Thomas and pretty much any other guy I'd dated. Usually I like the dark hair and light eyes variety, and my head was reeling a little from that fact. After they played an encore for the wild crowd they filed back to the dressing rooms, and Taylor tugged me along to follow Neil. He mentioned an after party and gave us directions and we made plans to meet up with him there in an hour.

As we entered the hotel suite, the party appeared to already be in full swing. Taylor and I found Neil on the other side of the makeshift dance floor. When we approached he smiled in greeting and introduced us to his friends. After conversing for awhile I went over to where they were serving alcohol, admiring the view out the window and planning to go out to the terrace after I had my drink in hand.

I was so focused on the view of the city with the clear starry night overhead that I didn't hear someone approach me, well I assumed at the time that was why. When I realized someone was standing beside me, I turned slightly startled when I realized it was Victor. He grinned at me, with his hand on the railing mirroring me. "Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." he said with slight amusement underneath his warm accented voice. I stood there in a slight daze after I felt a tingle run down my back at the sound of his deep voice. Damn that accent was sexy! His eyes drew together in concern and after taking an abrupt breath, "Look,… I-… I wanted to apologize for my rude behavior earlier. You caught me at a bad moment." he paused and took another breath. Is he actually nervous? Wow. "I'd hate to leave you with the impression that it was anything personal." he finished quickly and gave a slight smile.

"Oh, no. No, don't worry at all! Great performance by the way!" I responded quickly.

His smile grew wider, "Could we maybe start over?"

At his smile I felt this intense sensation of excitement, okay fine, it was lust! He was certainly one gorgeous man! Have I already said that? Sorry, I probably will again in the future too. "Um, sure." I replied meeting his gaze with mine. At that point I should have turned tail and run, the intensity in his gaze was just, well, intense! I felt my heart race when his fingers trailed down my arm, and he took my hand in his.

Never taking his eyes off mine, he raised my hand to press his lips to it and said, "Hello, Giada. My name is Victor. It's a pleasure to meet you." Seriously, will someone please come and clean up the puddle I have become on the stone-paved balcony? This man was a hazard to women everywhere when he actually took the time to acknowledge you. He continued, lowering my hand but not releasing it, "I hope I am not being too bold when I say that I find you fascinating."

"Oh?" I replied, and inwardly slapped myself.

"Yes, and that doesn't happen too often." he responded with that same intense expression, like he was trying to read my mind through my eyes.

"Well, thank you, I guess. I think you're pretty interesting too, and I am glad we have this chance to start over." Why am I trying to sound like the biggest idiot in the world right now?

Victor leaned in closer and I could feel his warm breath on my face, "Giada, would you be willing to join me on the dance floor?" Willing? Can't he tell I'd be willing to do just about anything with him right now?

I nodded my consent and he led me inside and only once we were facing each other in the middle of the dance floor did he release my hand. However, the song switched to a slow song at that instant so he grabbed it again to pull my body in close and then placed his arms around my waist as my hands came to rest on his solid shoulders. I could feel his muscles pressing on me through our clothes and I got another surge of arousal. It was like I became hyper aware of him, and every minor movement of his body in relation to mine. Did somebody drug me? I haven't felt this way in… Never. When my eyes connected with his it only increased further as the desire he was apparently feeling was reflected back at me. Our surroundings just melted away as our bodies swayed together in time with the music.

As the song ended, Neil walked up to us and asked if we wanted to join him and Taylor next door at the donut shop. Victor cleared his throat and responded that we would be there after he got back from the bathroom, and with one quick glance to me turned and walked down the hallway of the suite that lead to the bathroom. When Taylor came to my side she had a questioning look on her face which morphed into a huge grin. I just shook my head at her and rolled my eyes. I couldn't help the smile that grew on my face as Victor rejoined us and smiled down at me.

After we chatted and laughed over donuts the guys asked for us to go ahead and crash at their hotel suite since they argued there was an extra room we could stay in. When I saw the expression on Victor's face I got the feeling I wouldn't be needing the extra room if I didn't want it. The conversation continued in the suite, which amazingly the crowd had already cleared out from. Neil and Taylor both gave their good night's and retired to their respective rooms after about an hour. Victor and I had slowly moved closer to each other on the loveseat as the evening had continued on so by the time they departed we were touching.

He got up to get us both a glass of wine and after he handed mine to me he sat down at the end of the loveseat opposite of me, his legs intertwining with mine as we both stretched out some. After taking a sip he looked at me quizzically, "So, I am curious as to why you are single." My face flushed slightly in embarrassment. His eyes widened slightly and he added, "I mean, simply that I am surprised you have not been back on the scene since you parted ways with that Thomas bloke. I am sure it would have been on the cover of some rag if you had."
I smiled in return. " I-… Honestly, the timing just hasn't seemed right. I wasn't ready yet."

His hand lightly rested over my ankle and he looked down at it briefly as he inquired, "Is that past tense you are speaking in? When did the right time arrive?" he raised his head to look me in the eye with curiosity written on his face. He moved a little closer and sat forward a bit more.

I shook my head slightly in amusement about what I was about to respond, but it was the truth, "Tonight, actually."

The intensity came back into his eyes and he wrapped a strand of my hair around his finger, "Is that right…" He slowly drawled. I nodded and his grin grew. He leaned in closer still and then he asked if there was any particular reason. When I nodded and our eyes connected, he knew exactly what that reason was, and that strange intensity was overtaken by something else just as powerful.

He reached over and stroked my jaw with his thumb and then I felt his warm lips on mine. I immediately responded and in a second his tongue was sliding against mine and exploring my mouth as mine did the same. After awhile we broke apart, but it was so brief it's hardly worth mentioning. His hands pulled me in closer and my arms went around his neck, one hand running through his hair. Victor pulled me beneath him and I pressed myself close to his body as our kissing continued in much the same way. He moaned and pressed back, and when I felt his hardness against me I moaned in response. We pulled apart and by the look on his face I knew we were both thinking we should move into the bedroom. We got up, and I straddled his waist as he cupped my ass in his hands and ground into me, with a growl that magnified how badly I wanted him. We made it to the room and he shut the door then carried my over to the bed. He lowered us as a unit so that I was on my back with his body between my legs. I felt like I was going insane with lust as I tugged at his shirt to take it off and run my hands down his muscular back. Oh, what a fucking sexy man! He's practically perfect!

As he started to remove my shirt I said, "I really do not do this often. I'll have you know." he tossed my shirt aside and looked into my eyes and I continued, "Honestly I have never done something like this before. I don't do casual sex." I pulled him back to me wanting to feel his skin on my skin and continue to kiss me senseless.
The intensity of our next kiss was bordering on wild, it felt like I was burning up from the inside out. He then started to work his way down my neck to my chest with open mouthed kisses and his teeth grazed my nipple through my bra, I moaned and my hips bucked up against his. I grabbed his ass and pulled him against me without any thought in my head but needing him closer to me.

Moving back up to my neck in a husky voice he uttered, "I wish… I could say the same… but… I'd be lying… But… fuck… I haven't wanted… someone so bad… in years…" between kisses. Then he pulled me up with him as he sat up to unhook my bra, kissing me deeply on the mouth all the while. Once the bra was tossed aside he lowered me back down and captured a nipple in his mouth and worked his tongue across it. I moaned loudly at the sensation and ran my hands all over his backside. He came back up towards my face and after applying some suction to the sensitive spot at the base of my neck causing me to moan again he said, "However, I am not thinking of this as something casual, I can already tell that fucking you tonight is not going to put a dent in my desire for you."

Then he was back at it his hands and mouth all over me until I thought I was going to die of need. My hands and mouth were likewise exploring as much of him as I could. We removed the remainder of our clothes and tossed them away and wildly joined bodies as he thrust into me and I grabbed a hold of him trying to feel him as deeply inside as I possibly could. We both moaned loudly, and I was certain others probably heard us, but neither one of us cared in the slightest. We were writhing in pleasure and fabulous agony as he pumped into me harder and harder. Despite this our motions were slowing down, it was like we were trying to meld our bodies into one. Then he took my nipple in his mouth and the pleasure of it drove me to completely lose it and I started increasing our tempo until we both were covered in sweat and reaching our bliss together. We lay, still joined, panting for air. Victor rolled us over, so that I was resting on top of him as he stroked my hair and back softly. I felt so incredible, and was silently thanking the universe for bringing us together like this.