Xander walked into headquarters with his head held high. He was the boss – the one who called the shots. As CEO of one of the largest underground alliances in the world, his name was well known and feared throughout the world. Although no one from outside of the alliance has seen his face, one word of his name sent chills down one's spine.

Xander was a man with incredible power, and with that power he wanted to do the world justice. He may have been a mafia leader in the past, but his present plans were to change his old ways and bring good to his famous name. In order to do this, he needed to find candidates to join his alliance that was set out to banish criminals. Luckily for him, he found them – four talented children whose mission it was to bring justice to the criminal world: Arden West, Tyson Greene, Colin Hill, and Roxy Taylor.

Arden West was a seventeen-year-old orphan, who ran away from her last foster home due to her abusive foster parents. Arden was well known and well liked within their city of Manhattan. She was both feared and respected by those around her. She had long, wavy light brunette hair that reached her elbows. With refreshing sea foam green eyes and a bright smile, she possessed a charm that no one could refuse, which she used to her advantage when necessary.

Tyson Greene was an eighteen-year-old boy with an abusive father and a mother who cared about her son enough to leave him and find another family when he was merely four-years-old. When his mother left the house, his father's abuse became more frequent and deadly, which caused him to runaway from his home. He was branded by his peers as the residential bad boy and was feared throughout the city. Tyson had dark hair, alluring blue eyes, and a devilish smile. Although he might have been hard to approach, he was extremely kind and over-protective towards the people he cared about.

Colin Hill was fourteen years old and had a knack of hacking into secret government files. Even as young as he was, people feared him because they knew that he had the power to ruin them if he so pleased. Although he came from a rich family, his parents have always treated him as if he was never born – never showing him love or attention, nor giving him a second glance. Sick of being raised by paid caretakers and always feeling unwanted, he ran away from home and was soon recruited by Xander. He was pale with dark brown hair and hazel eyes that hid behind a pair of large, black-framed glasses.

Roxy Taylor was a stealthy, seven-year-old girl who learned how to steal at a raw age of five. When she was younger, her mother left her in the care of a violent "orphanage." When Roxy turned five, she ran away from the facility and learned how to steal and con people into buying her food and clothes in order to survive. She was dark-skinned with short, curly dark hair and hazel eyes that appeared innocent but held many dark secrets from her disturbing past.

Arden, Tyson, Colin, and Roxy were delinquents with impeccable skills to become unstoppable criminals if they wished to pursue that certain path. Fortunately with Xander, they found one common ground: To change their ways and do what was right for society. With new lives and new beginnings, these four kids will have to face many obstacles, but then again – Those worth loving are worth fighting for.

Hi, Seashells! I wanted to try something new here with this story I have been working on for a while now. Normally, I usually write in character point of views, but a Seashell suggested that I should write a story in third person narration. Since it's different from what I am used to, I thought it would be an interesting challenge, so what do you think? Do you like the story being told in this perspective?

Also, here's a quick summary… This story is basically about four delinquents who have had hard lives in the past. A powerful ex-mafia leader, who has also had a dark past, recruits them to join his alliance and bring justice to the world – one gang at a time.

For now the story is called The Alliance, but to be completely honest, I'm not in love with the title. But what do you think? Do you like the name, or do you have better ideas for me? Please review or PM your ideas, because every idea is valuable! :)

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