Hi, everyone. So this is just a short story I wrote yesterday and it's really nothing special, but I thought I would post it here just for the heck of it. Please anjoy and review :)

The Little Antique Store

He was walking towards my door, hair slightly wet from the melting snow crystals that had intertwined with the strands and eyes warm as a burning candle. I knew he was there, standing right by the door, breathing silently. My ears picked up the sound of his feet shuffling as I was leaning against the door feeling my body weaken slightly. I noticed how my hands were shaking and eyes filled with dreaded tears while I sniffled so lowly that he couldn't possibly have heard it. When he knocked on the door my heart filled with dread and I closed my eyes.

"Please," I heard him whispering and silently wished that I had taken the offer Lily had given me, and gone out with her. A bottle of wine was standing on the coffee table a couple of meters away and I felt the need to grab it. I had broken more than just one glass today. The fireplace was lit up because of the coldness that always invaded the house during the winter and I missed my roommate more by every second that went by.

Ignoring him was hard, but as the minutes ticked by and he sat down leaning on the door just like I was, the ignorance was impossible to contain. His body was so close to mine, only a piece of wood shielding it. I thanked him in my heart for not begging, for giving me some time to open the door. Brown locks of hair were sprawled on my chest and back and my green eyes finally opened. Now I would have to act as an adult because even though I had barely turn 22, I was an adult.

I sat up and shivered slightly when I touched the door handle and pushed it down. I took a deep breath before I pushed the door open and felt like crying when I saw his crumbled body. Dark brown hair, blue eyes and a strong protective body. The lilac sweater he was wearing wasn't doing him justice and I remembered how I had bought him that sweater myself in the strive of making him look well. It was so my parents would accept him more. They were the kind of people who were very protective over their children and since they held a fortune they wanted my boyfriend to be a descent guy.

I sniffed loudly and watched his hopeful eyes when he walked into the small house, brushing past me so that a million little needles were piercing me, begging me to touch him. the door closed behind him and he ended up just standing quietly on the dark carpet Lily had bought from morocco a year ago. In the middle of the room.

"So what now?" he asked and observed me from where I was standing. He still looked good and I wondered if he had been cold in his purple sweater with the winter weather wandering outside. The clock had barely turned eleven and lily wouldn't come home tonight. She was spending the night with her boyfriend. I didn't answer his question, instead I ended up staring at him and making my face like stone.

"So what? Now you're ignoring me?" he asked this time louder and managed to take a small step towards me. I shook my head rapidly silently begging for him to stand where he stood. My eyes went wide when he listened to me, he never used to listen. I let my tongue slide across my dry lips and tried to speak, but not a sound came out.

"I'm sorry, okay? I'm so so sorry. " he started and tried to reach my eyes with his, but the distance was getting bigger and bigger and I had troubles watching him. "I know I screwed up, and I wish I hadn't," the continuation was nothing I hadn't expected so it didn't really make an impact on me. hadn't I heard it before? Didn't he say that last time?

A chill went down my spine when I finally found my voice and spoke up. It was like screaming after being silent for years. "What about the last time you missed our anniversary? What about the last time you showed up an hour late for a date? What about the last time you were partying so hard that you didn't even remember my name when I called? What about those times? Are you sorry about that too?" I asked the anger quietly seeping into my voice, turning it both hurt and weak. I imagined him squirming under my words, feeling sorrow invade him. That's what I wanted, for him to see how he had hurt me.

"Amelia…" he whispered, "I've been an ass for so long and I've been trying to change for the last couple of months, I should never have been mean to you and I never meant to take you for granted because I want you so bad in my life," he was rambling, losing control of his words and what he was saying. He was desperate. Tears were leaking from my green eyes and I didn't even bother to wipe them away. "If you did, if you did Harry you wouldn't have ignored me for the last month, you wouldn't have made plans when we had plans, and you wouldn't have told me to… to just give you some time," I silently managed to say, my voice covered in tears and I sniffed for the third time that day.

He stepped closer to me, his body grazing the light that came from the fire and I almost took a step backwards when I realized that he was walking the whole way over to me. "you are the love of my life, and I was stupid to think that I needed time to understand that," I closed my eyes when I realized that he just kept approaching. "I love you, and if you aren't the one then there is no one else that can be," I could feel his presence now, and his breath was grazing my cheek. "I am so sorry, and I'm begging you to please forgive me," he whispered into my ear and I shivered at the touch. When I didn't answer he kept talking. "These last few weeks when I've been so busy I have been looking for something. And it made me look everywhere for it before I found it, the right thing." His presence suddenly disappeared from my face and I took a shaken breath . " Amelia, if I had been there for you last week our anniversary might have been different, but not so much better…. please open your eyes?" I heard him ask and to my surprise I did.

Right there he was, standing with one knee touching the ground and the other in the air. His warm hands were holding a small black box which held the most beautiful ring I could ever have wished for, simply because it was the only ring in the world that looked like it. I had seen it in an antique store for only a couple of months ago and was captured by how much it looked like me. But I had waved it goodbye when woman had bought the expensive ring right in front of my eyes. The thing is that I had never been in that store with Harry before.

"I saw it in an antique store a while ago and thought of you, but someone had bought it and it took a lot of my time this last month to get a hold of it, that's why I haven't been present Amelia… because I wanted to ask you to marry me." tears gathered in my eyes and I fell to my knees with my hands over my face. "this is a promise Amelia, this is a promise. I'm here and I know I don't deserve you because you are the most wonderful woman I have ever met, but please see through my faults. Please love me back," he was asking and when I removed my hands from my face a smile was gracing my lips. I let my hands grap his shoulders and tug him to me, hugging him so tightly that I might have bursed. "Yes," I whispered into the crouch of his shoulder and let my lips brush across it.

And before I knew it his lips where on mine, feeling them up in the most intimate and special way. We were in love, we were getting married, he loved me. the anger I had felt disappeared, the sadness I had hoarded went away and I was finally getting my prince charming.

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- Emma