Looking away from the love of my life I began to walk away he said "Do you love me?" A tear escaped my eye "Yes…." Behind me I heard him ask "Can you give me another chance?"

I stood straighter as silent tears ran down my cheeks. "No." And walking away I cried silently. He did not deserve my tears and I would not allow him to see them. When I reached home I cried my-self to sleep, for the one who betrayed me, and for the one that would forever change me.

Chapter 1-

I walked down the halls of James Academy my new prison….Uh, I mean school. It was the typical rich people academy. You know the one that that parents send their kids to when they get tired of them.

Well that was definitely the case for me and my big brother John Drewen. Well more so for me, I was the bigger trouble maker of the family, though John did pull in for a close second.

I walked up to my new locker that I would have already opened; accept Wanna Be Barbie was making out with goldie locks in front of it. Rolling my eyes I icily called " Yo, Barbie, Ken move!"

Barbie glared at me. "What did you just say to me?!" I smirked, "You deaf now too? GET AWAY FROM MY LOCKER!" I screamed in her ear. Her eyes widened "You… You…. You…" She sputtered

I looked at her bored, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, queen of the school, most popular bah, blah, blahbedy blah. I get it, now move." I shoved her aside and proceeded to open my locker.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, "You are gonna pay for that you rat." I turned around and looked her dead in the eye, "You're going to want ta get your hand of my shoulder…. NOW!" She smirked and raised her fist to hit me.

Finally something I'm good at….