Strangers with masks
What more are we?

Everyone walks around with a facade of who they are.
The image we sell to the world.

Look proper!
My sister says.
"We live in a cruel world where we are judged for how we look."
She told me once.
Shave your beard,
Cut your hair,
Everything to be who you're not.

Put yourself in the golden cage,
Go up on that stage.
And act you're way through life.
For me that would require a wife.

Live a lie
Don't be who you are
That's what life seems to be all about.

Well I say no.
I want a man to love by my side.
I'll let my beard grow.
I won't cut my hair till I well damned like it.
Fuck the act.

I'll admit that sometimes girls turn me on.
I call myself.
And I still wear a mask.