College courses can take a huge toll on one's schedule, leading to non-production of stories in FictionPress but still, it doesn't mean I can't write anything on the side. College life can be stressful but want to know what is even worse than that? Having series of random ideas only to find it difficult where to fit some of those stories and you know I can't just keep on releasing them as individual stories as they are few hundred words each, it's lame!

Having some ideas is the key but the larger factor is to put them into one giant collections where everything can be as randomly bad as watching an episode of "Law & Order: SVU".

Now and then I have had troubles finding a title for some stories including this one particular tale that just popped right into my head. Day after Day I would listen to the Yankee game on radio hearing John Sterling blowing home run calls shouting, "IT IS HIGH...IT IS FAR...IT IS...OFF THE WALL!"

Granted, it wasn't as bad as other moments where Sterling's calls ends with "...IT IS...CAUGHT NEAR THE INFIELD!" or "...foul ball" which makes me want to explode.

Then there is another time when I was listening to Michael Jackson's album "Off The Wall" on YouTube (no need to download the songs for free when people can just upload them into the video website which just about everyone uses, including terrorists...)

That's when the idea came up.

One day in a long abandoned house, where was a paint peeling right off the wall. It wasn't just any wall, it was one of the walls that held up the building that once housed generations of middle-class to an occassional wealthy families until nobody wants to live in it anymore. Time haven't been kind to the house and especially not to the wall that was once covered with layers of brightly colored lead paint. The painted wall once served several families for many generations until it became decided that the neighboorhood is too dangerous to live in. Ever since then, the house fell into disrepair and the paint have begun to peel off, chip by chip, dust by dust, and so on far as long the house have been abandoned.

It is a sad sight to see as the building once housed a family of a wealthy politician until he was busted for shoplifting, resulting in a huge scandal that warranted a massive media circus because's newsworthy. Nobody wants to live in the house anymore, but then again nobody wants to live in the neighborhood as several homes were dilapidated beyond redemption. Some of the neighboring buildings would look at their once proud counterpart and wonder if they will meet the same fate as well.

A sad sight indeed, almost as sad as the Yankees offensive issues where they would leave ridiculously high number of runners on base. But then again, at least it wasn't as bad as the 2012 U.S. Ryder Cup team (seriously, are you guys kidding me?) or the 2012 Boston Red Sox, now that's really bad.

By the end of the day, the paint chips fell off the wall, leaving it bare and all hope was lost until one day...a real estate agent came and said, "How do you like this house?"

Then someone answered, "We'll take it!"

There's hope!