I received a letter of notification from "Baha Lounge" that claimed I won the sweepstakes and is entitled to a free party where a maximum of 25 people can join. Not only that, I would also have a free bottle of champagne reserved for me as well, yeah, it sounds good doesn't it? In fact, it sounds too good to be true and my parents have doubts on its legitimacy.


I didn't remember participating in any sweepstakes, that's why.

Plus, I'm not the kind of person who wins something, even when I did win, it gets taken away from me shortly afterwards. Well, there is the time I won the "Voter of the Month" where I received $100 on Newgrounds but that's one of the few exceptions to the rule however.

After "winning" the sweepstakes, I decided to try to confirm it by calling the "Baha Lounge" and asked them about the letter of certification I received from them. The person on the phone asked me for my confirmation number. After telling her the confirmation number on the letter of certification, she went to check and then few minutes later, she came back and said, "Yes, congratulation, you have just won the sweepstakes at the Baha Lounge!"

"The letter said that I could just get a free bottle of champagne." I said.


"So I just want to know, is it okay if I could just get the bottle of champagne rather than attenting a party instead?" I asked.

"We could hold a reservation for your prize but we'll need your name and your e-mail address." she said.

That's where it went downhill.

You see, my parents knew about the letter as they're the one who gave it to me and told me that it could be a scam to rip me off. With that said, I decided to be careful about it and had the woman asked me about my bank account pin number, I would have stopped right there. However, when I asked them about that part, they overreacted and you can guess what happens, inclduing the part that they didn't really do much to help.

"She'll ask for your pin number!"

"What? She didn't ask me about my pin number!" I said.

"But she will eventually!" was the answer.

In time, after few minutes of no response to the woman on the phone on my part due some questions with my parents, the call ended. Not long after, they fed the notification letter to the shredder so it's over.

I have no way of knowing if there was a free bottle of champagne waiting for me, but then again there wasn't much I could have done, from then on the question of the letter's legitimacy will remain unconfirmed...

You know the saying in which every dog has its day? I'm not a dog and plus, the saying's incredibly stupid.