Note: Inspired by Scarab's old stories, feel free to check it out and review.

One day, an aspiring mod-wannabe and a local nudist known as GoryBlizzard posted a thread with a naked picture of himself without thinking of possible consequences. Few years later, that picture would go on to bite him in his naked ass when a user known as Ejit, sometimes called "idjit" due to his sometimes idiotic posts came and bumped an old thread featuring such picture. It happened because GoryBlizzard wanted to become a mod so he made a post proclaiming that, "I'M GONNA BE THE KING OF MODS!"

This would set off the "Golden Age of Mods" which revives the interest in a glamourous position that have seen better days ever since the scandal with BigBadRon and Canas.

While GoryBlizzard never ate the devil's fruit that cause him to stretch and make him forget to swim, he did became angered by Ejit's action that he became butt naked mad and asked Wade to ban him. Afterward, the nudist decides that it wasn't enough so he tracks down the person who ruined his chance to become a forum moderator and kills him.

"What am I going to do now?" he thought.

Then a light bulb appears over his head.

"I got an idea!" he shouted.

"Good, please stop shouting to yourself you faggot!" someone yelled.

"Fuck you!" GoryBlizzard yelled back.

After dragging Ejit's body into an abandoned building, he strips off his clothes and proceeds to have sex with him. Afterward, he starts chopping the body limb by limb, soon the pieces were grinded into bits with a hacksaw.

"Who is laughing now?" he said with an evil smile.

After stuffing the remains into the bag, GoryBlizzard drove to a local restaurant where he sold it for $20 per lb.

"Um, sir? Would you mind putting on some clothes?" the manager asked.

"Fuck you!" was the answer.