Okay everyone heres the thing. Spell Bound has been floating around in its various stages inside my head for some time. I am a great lover of fantasy and always have been. What got this started was something really simple, in a lot of books Ive read the girl is the supernatural creature and the guy the hunter. I sat thinking one night, but what if it was the other way round?

What if the guy was magical and the girl the one hunting him.

And so Spell bound began to take form. I thought about putting it in a world hidden away from human contact but then the idea of Titan came to me. The idea of a world gone power mad. And my girl is right in the centre of all that. The hunter, not The Hunted.

So let me know what you think...I now give you spell bound...

Spell Bound

When the lore is bruised and broken

When bitterness and cruelty is all we can see

Then the Power Will Be Woken

And one day we will be free

In a time of condemnation and exile

When man is bitter, greedy and vile

One shall have the heart of light

And another and the strength to set things right

There were five people in a large room. It was scarcely lit by fancy chandeliers with dimmed bulbs; the curtains were pilled tightly closed cloaking the room from any intrusion from the sun. To be more precise there were five people in Tobias Ravenwolfe's office. Indicated by the howling wolf figurine, next to the sliver name plaque on the desk. Three of these strangers were standing off to the corners of the room, gazing at the unfolding drama at the room's centre compellingly, as though unable to look away. I was as if some mysterious force held their gaze and refused to let go. At the centre of this force was a man, no a sorcerer, was sprawled on his knees weakly, bound by peculiar looking bronze chains at his neck, wrists and ankles. Behind him a man in smart attire stood with a stern expression on his face. He held a gun and it scraped the back of the sorcerer's head.

The final man of course, was Tobias Ravenwolfe. Pacing around the room like the predator his family took its name from. He stared in dismay at the sight before him. Of all people, this was someone he had trusted; never thought would betray him in such a way. Snarling darkly, the figure turned on his heel, knuckles white from tension. Yesterday evening, the traitor had been caught practicing magic within the walls of the compound. Within these very walls, committing treason under the noses of those who had deemed it so. Shuddering at the very thought of this despicable behaviour, he stopped pacing.

"All these years you've been lying to me." Tobias stated. It wasn't a question. He knew the truth now. The shadows consumed the majority of his face, much like they did his heart. "You've been hiding what you really are."

No response. Tobias punched his desk vehemently, head bowed.

"You came from…. Avalon no doubt." The word Avalon fell like poison from his mouth.

The Sorcerer on his knees raised his head calmly. Surprisingly, there was no attempt to escape, no desperate begging for mercy that so many before him had tried. To the sorcerer, with black eyes that had seen for himself what Tobias Ravenwolfe was capable of, it was too late. Either way, he was going there. Pleading guilty against charges would get him sent him there, and pleading innocent against charges would get him sent there. Damn it all, even saying nothing would get him sent there.

Once the tyrant Tobias Ravenwolfe had even an inkling there was magic in your veins, he would be determined to flush it out. The sorcerer knew better than anyone; he had bore witness to this monstrosity countless times. His friends, people who once believed in Titan and all it had stood for. They had all perished under the hand of Tobias and the human race indoctrinated by greed and endless want. Eyes misting over with sorrow, the sorcerer finally spoke.

"It's the only place our kind can take refuge. You've destroyed every inch of trust the magical community ever had for the human race."

Tobias looked down at his one time friend a sneer on his lips. He opened his mouth to speak; at that moment two figures barged through the doors, fumbling forwards in their haste. Both were drawn to the spectacle in the centre of the room, immobile with shock as he gave his verdict.

"Take him to the lab-"

Attention instantly shifted to the entrance of the office, the bright light behind the two figures outlined their silhouettes against the dark, like avenging angles fighting for justice.

"What in the hell are you doing?" One exclaimed, an undercurrent of anger lacing their voice. Confusion and hurt quickly covered their expression. The other figure chose not to allow the evident scandal affect their demeanour. Furiously they took a step forwards.

"Don't touch him!" They spat.

Making his way round his desk with a lethal grace and pace, Tobias narrowed his eyes at the two figures.

"You," one female at the door felt her resolution crumble at the voice, the other remained bold.

"Would dare defy me?"