So what is Tobias and Titan up to? Here we find out. Plus don't go hating Theanna quite yet. All will be revealed. Enjoy xx

Chapter Four: Doing The Devil's Bidding

When the lore is bruised and broken

When bitterness and cruelty is all we can see

Then the Power Will Be Woken

And one day we will be free

In a time of condemnation and exile

When man is bitter, greedy and vile

One shall have the heart of light

And another the strength to set things right

Nearly all men can stand adversity but if you want to test a man's character give him power- Abraham Lincoln

From: Tobias Ravenwolfe

CC: Ravenna Morgan

To: Theanna Ravenwolfe, Emily Fern, Caden James, Katy Jones, Ulster Cain, Ray Montana, Cedric Simons

Subject: MEETING


Meeting at 2.45 in the main conference room.

This meeting must be attended. Any other arrangements you have for this time MUST be rescheduled.


The conference room was a place in Titan Enterprise deployed regularly. It was a normal occurrence to be called into a meeting. However, in this particular situation, the meeting had been scheduled a mere 45 minutes beforehand, and revealed to only seven people including her via e-mail that was marked high priority. The thought made the brunette a little nervous. Theanna Ravenwolfe knew her father. She knew how he worked. Theanna was sure this email had to mean that something terrible had happened. Her father rarely ever used the high priority on emails, and conferences were never usually held with this complete mixture of people. Scrolling through the names Serena tired to understand the reasoning behind it. Emily, Caden, Katy, Ray, Cedric and Ulster. They were all key people in Titan Enterprise but their positions were contrasting.

The fact that Tobias had copied Ravenna into the email made it even more of a mystery. She dealt with all the Magical related stuff. All the stuff related to the M word working in the labs. Theanna had recalled seeing her icy eyes only a handful of times, her piercing fierce stare was not one anybody could easily forget. Theanna had thought those grey eyes would see right through her.

Shutting off his laptop, Theanna frowned. The day couldn't have gotten any more stressful than it had already. There had been some kind of disturbance in the laboratory two weeks ago, the day she'd met that infuriating John Smith and she had no doubt that Emily was the one to blame for putting the giant of a man up to trying something ridiculously suicidal down there. Whatever it was it had been quickly resolved and Theanna didn't quite know the details. She had nothing to do with the Lab work. She was just given the paperwork on the incident. It had taken a week alone just to plough through the huge and messy pile of folders to try and piece together a story that wasn't ambiguous, fabricated or outright fake.

It wasn't easy though. It was easier said than done. Particularly since Theanna herself had no idea what had happened in the labs and no one was talking. Not one person would tell her what had happened down there.

Then there was Emily who was adamant in protesting that she had nothing to do with the appearance of this "John Smith." This of course was stupid and Theanna wasn't falling for it. This had Emily's fingerprints all over it. Then she'd had to deal with Caden's constant gloating. The constant teasing that he knew John Smith's real name. Theanna also knew that Caden would never reveal it. This only pissed her off more. Caden had also taken to calling her an upright statue because he thought it was hilarious. Serena grinded her teeth together. She would never admit it but she hated it. It only seemed to intensify her awareness that really she was alone in this world. She sighed and glanced at her watch. There were five minutes left before this supposed unexpected meeting was to take place. She pulled her black blazer on over her sapphire blue shirt watching as the metal of the falcon round her neck glinted in the light. She set off for the conference room at a brisk walk trying to do her best to dispel the blond haired John Smith from her mind.

As she turned left down a new corridor, she found herself graced in the presence of a familiar fiery blonde haired spitfire. She was wearing her famous red dress. One that flirted with being too indecent for the work place and yet seemed to leave nothing on show while accentuating all she had. Theanna sighed inwardly and looked down at her boring black pencil skirt and blue shirt. She would never look as good as Emily and yet Emily seemed to ooze sophistication and class without even trying. She tilted her head and her gaze was assertive. She acknowledged the gesture and frowned. She was really not in the mood to listen to one of her opinionated speeches or deal with her antics. Not today. Her father had something up his sleeve and Theanna was beginning to dread seeing what it was.

"What is it Emily?" She huffed picking up the pace slightly. Being late to her father's meeting was not ever an option. Shrugging silently, Emily kept her lips pressed shut tightly. This action caused an elaborate eye roll on Theanna's part. Through inside, her mind was stirring. No doubt Emily had picked up on the same things, maybe her inquisitive mind had deduced even more than she had, though Theanna had learned very quickly in her life not to underestimate her father. Either way, the fact that Ravenna had been added into the email meant magic. It had too. She would not have been included otherwise. The pair continued down the bland corridor without any apparent contact with each other. Theanna took this opportunity to run through the paperwork in her hands. If this was an urgent meeting, she assumed Tobias was going to want figures, statistics or something. She'd tried to cover all her bases with paperwork from the first quarter of the year. A small smile tugged at her lips when she noticed Emily peering at her preparation in envy, or even worry that she had not thought to do the same.

Theanna felt a little resentment at the thought of her friend. Even if Emily hadn't prepared, she would likely not feel the wrath of Tobias the way Theanna would have. She never had. But then, Theanna knew that she would never want Emily to feel the true might of his wrath. She just wished she did not have to feel it the way she did. But her father rarely had time for screw-ups and she'd seen of the brunt of his wrath down on herself on purpose.

She placed the paper back into her folder a few minutes later jus long enough to show Emily she'd done some serious legwork. An audible sigh escaped Emily's lips. Glancing over at her, Theanna watched her narrowed eyes lock on the two figures standing in front of them. One was a well-built man in a well-made black suit. He had dark rugged looks and an intense presence. He dripped every inch the alpha male, and made the impression that everyone should know it and follow his every command. The nasty gleam in his dark eyes said no one should question it. Not many had before he'd come face to face with Theanna who had no time for him. The man next to him in a grey suit identical but cheaper made followed his every command. He put out the impression of hired lackey. He would have been except Theanna had to give the devil his due and concede that he actually was quite intelligent. Intelligent but had no common sense and never thought to question the order of things. His hair was longer and his eyes were as spiteful as the other half of the duo. The pair combined to create a spiteful vengeful duo.

Oh great.

As if I need a bigger headache than I have already. Theanna thought gritting her teeth.

She clenched her fists and then put her best fake charming smile in place before walking forwards. When it came to Ray and Cedric the best thing she could do was allow them to think they were significant while outmaneuvering them. They'd learned very quickly not to mess with her and now they all pretended they got along well in front of her father. In Theanna's case this mattered because for some reason her father seemed to value their input and expertise. For the life of her Theanna had not yet figured out why. Ray offered Theanna a wicked grin running his eyes down her form. She bared her teeth and then pointedly looked away. They were not worth her time and she didn't have time for more Theanna-bashing as Emily had labeled it.

She could handle herself. If they started she would finish, as had been their ongoing feud since she'd had the misfortune of meeting them.

Apparently, a minute handful of people thought she was the weak link in the Ravenwolfe chain, not worthy of her father's inheritance or the business for that matter. Ray and Cedric were at the forefront of this vicious campaign against her. It was a subtle movement, gestured through things as little a body language, word phrasing and general attitude towards him; Tobias Ravenwolfe seemed oblivious to any attempts of people making his daughter feel incompetent at her job. What they hadn't expected was the guerilla style retaliation Theanna had taken to using. So here they were stuck in constant warfare the Queen and two Rooks with the oblivious King looking on.

Theanna tried to brush past the pair, the conference room was a few metres ahead she could make it if she really tried- A firm hand grasped her by the shoulder.

"Ray." She said through a false smile, eyes regarding the man with distaste. Raising an eyebrow and glared at the man. He was taller than her and stronger and could probably beat her within an inch of her life but she would not give. Theanna had not gotten to where she was by showing men she was intimidated. Ravenwolfe's were masters of hiding the truth. Master liars. Theanna probably had the best poker face in the building other than her father. Most believed Theanna's façade of nonchalance in situations like these.

"So, do you have something to sat to me?" She jibed. She tapped her boot and said, "Or are you going to stand there and stare at me like some kind of rabid dog?"

Snarling, Ray released Theanna forcefully.

Intentionally stepping backwards Theanna pushed the spiked heel of her boot into his foot. The gasp and aborted moan was like music to Theanna's ears though her face was a mask of innocence as she jumped forward and said, "Sorry."

Ray snared again. "Watch yourself bitch." He spat.

Theanna only glared as she straightened her blazer and her shirt. Then she turned on her heel and walked briskly away from the pair and into the large conference room. Confusion washed over her face. It was as she suspected. There was a large table in the centre of the room- far too big for seven people to sit at. There was a huge projector and a hug screen at the back of the room. Standing by the laptop beside the projector was the fierce Tobias Ravenwolfe, and to his left was none other than Ravenna Morgan. Theanna took a place at the table next to Ulster who smiled genuinely at him before glancing over at Emily opposite them coyly. Ray and Cedric centered themselves between Theanna and Emily. The dark haired woman with a severe gaze strode towards the doors and shut them, dimming the lights to allow the screen to resolute properly.

Tobias looked round the room before saying, "thank you." His voice resounded round the room. "For arriving so promptly. There is a matter of great importance that I wish to bring your attention too." He paused, and walked towards the table with a proud smile.

"A new project." Theanna glanced at Emily pleased to see a befuddled look on her face. Good. Not just her then.

A new project? How did Theanna not know anything about this? Tobias always consulted him with new projects- as a means of giving his daughter an insight to the future of her career and development of his skills. Swallowing-hard, Theanna glanced over to his father who was looking at the screen triumphantly. And then a word appeared on the screen. A very dangerous word. It was a word Theanna Ravenwolfe never expected to see here at all. Ever. Never.

But there it was, one dangerous word.


Theanna heard Ray whispering animatedly beside him to Cedric. Theanna, however, was to bewildered for a moment to process the words or take in anything else around her other than the word. Avalon. The magical place. The magical realm where the supernaturals lived. All of them magical people, some that had not been seen in as long as anyone could remember. Avalon where the supernaturals lived their own lives away from this prejudiced land. It was apparently larder than the continent of Africa and more spectacular than any of this world's wonders. And- her eyes cut to Ravenna's mischievous eyes- it was protected from this world by ancient magic. A slight nausea washed over Theanna, this could only mean troubled and she didn't like it. She ran a hand through her jet-black hair loose in loose curls round her shoulders today. Avalon. Her father's voice broke her out of the trance.

"Welcome to the Avalon Project."

The words confirmed his growing suspicions. Ulster looked excited next to him, clearly overwhelmed by the notion; Emily looked disgusted. Theanna wasn't sure what to think or feel but the nausea had intensified.

"Using state of the art technology developed by Ravenna and extensive magical research-"

"You mean torture," Emily viciously interjected, fingers digging into the wooden table. Tobias shot her a pointed glare before continuing.

"We have managed to remove the magical barrier that protects Avalon from the outside word."

Theanna watched her father press the remote control in hid hands, leading to a new slide; an overhead picture of untouched, spectacular land. She hadn't realised her mouth had opened; her eyes were wide with awe. Avalon. It wasn't just a myth. Camelot had been right. It did exist. It was real. She could see Caden's eyes as wide as hers and Ulster almost squealing like a girl who had been named prom queen beside her. Sighing, Theanna remained silent and swallowed her awe. She knew her father well. She knew exactly where this whole thing was going. But she wanted to be wrong. Surely her father wasn't thinking of going to Avalon was he? Christ was it even possible? Was it legal? Theanna winced inwardly as a shiver went up her spine; she highly doubted that Titan Enterprise would have to worry about legalities. The picture flickered to another snapshot of the world. Theanna found herself enraptured by the beauty of the images. The beauty and the simplicity of it almost held her captive. It was a landscape you didn't see in her world anymore outside of textbooks. The trees were emerald green vibrant against a crystal blue sky. The sun still streamed down into the new found paradise. The sun burned brighter in those pictures than Theanna could ever remember seeing in her life. The whole world her father showcased on those slides was staggeringly beautiful, like nothing like she had seen before.

The picture then morphed into a detailed map.

"Now observe this image," Tobias said, clicking the remote. "A typography map showing the deposits of raw oil in the middle regions."

The picture was saturated in deep red and dark brown, with rare traces of yellow and orange. One spot in particular appeared to be teeming with the fossil fuel. Theanna felt her heart plummet. So this was the apparent motive. Go into the Supernatural Sanctuary, and take all of their resources. For the reasons Theanna didn't want to think about or understand, she felt sickened by the proposal. Cedric leant forwards, pointing a finger with enthusiasm.

"I'd say the big money is on that rather large spot over there." All eyes darted towards the sight; it was indeed the spot that Theanna suspected.

"Ah." Tobias' lips tightened. "That. Yes. That's erm… what is it again Ravenna?" He asked almost dismissively, Emily curled her lip at his tone.

"That's the Camelot ruins. A Shifter Pack lives in the ruins. Camelot is said to have a lot of magical power. Also it is said that the magical sword Excalibur lies somewhere in those ruins. It is said to be where many of the supernaturals get their power." She delivered all this in a matter of fact tone.

Theanna disliked the sound of this a lot. Discriminating against the Supernaturals was one thing, but invading their homeland and stripping it of its natural resources was another thing- a very concerning thing.

Even worse- eyeing up one of their most sacred and magical historical sites was almost parallel to blowing up the stones of Stonehenge. Ulster suddenly spoke, unable to conceal his knowledge of the supernaturals any longer. Eyes lighting up in anxiety, his voice resonated.

"It's also," He stood up, gesturing for Tobias to move the slide. The map faded and was replaced with another map showing the supernatural populations of each area. Theanna noticed that they were estimated numbers, so as good as Ulster was there were still things he obviously didn't know. "It's also," Ulster said, "The home to the largest supernatural settlement."

"They'll move." Cedric sneered. "With force they'll move."

"And damn, do we have force." Ray added grinning.

Unsure where the surge of irrepressible protest came from, Theanna shook her head animatedly.

"No." Her voice was stronger than she felt. Emily raised her eyebrows appreciatively. "No, you're looking at it all wrong." Theanna looked round the entire table. Her eyes fell on Caden, who like Emily, had wide eyes at Theanna's sudden protest. "There are clearly other dense deposits of oil on the land, which are most likely unpopulated and will bring no conflict with the supernaturals at all-" Theanna looked round the table, "why do we need to be looking at moving them at all?"

The bulky man beside her focused his attention Theanna, his face smeared with repugnance. Despite the clear disagreement emanating from Ray and his sleazy co-worker Cedric, Theanna's voice spared up Emily's argumentative nature.

'-I can't believe you're thinking of mining in one of their biggest populated areas. People live there! It's their home!" She stood up objectively, chair falling down behind her from the force of this motion. "What kind of heartless monster are you?"

There was a tense silence, where the raven-haired woman's words were allowed to linger and sink in. Then Tobias lifted his eyes to hers with a stern calmness and her dispute perished.

"Have I at any point said that were going to target the Sofia region or Supernatural territory?" He asked rhetorically, raising his arms to engage the group of people in front of him. Bowing her head Emily sighed picked up her chair and sat back down slowly.

Theanna threw her an apologetic glance. Theanna agreed with where Emily was coming from. Just because her father had not decided to voice it yet, didn't mean he hadn't considered it. Though to Theanna there was no reason too. There were plenty of oil reserves in unpopulated areas. If they needed to mine at all why couldn't they just mine there?

Tobias drew her attention back to him by saying, "then please allow me to finish. The next few weeks are going to consist of making preparations. When we land, we will build our main base near Zahara and Serepolis. Before we even begin thinking about mining, there are procedures and things we must do first." Tobias glanced over at Ulster.

"Ulster if you will…"

It was then Theanna realised that her father must have told Ulster about the project before the meeting. She gritted her teeth in rage. This constant neglect to include her in her father's work. More recently than ever, was beginning to get to her and piss her off greatly. Why had her father not trusted her with this? A rational part of her mind interjected: Ulster was the magical expert. Ulster knew more about the magical people than anyone and Tobias needed some time of reassuring assessment of what they would undertake. They needed an assessment in order to make sure the project was fully supported.

She sighed inwardly. Just because she knew the reasons why did not make it easier to bear.

"Thank you Mr. Ravenwolfe. We must first make sure the supernaturals understand that by settling upon their land we mean to hard to them. We must learn their ways, study them, and respect their culture.

Theanna was not surprised at the rude snort and snigger that sounded to her right. She clenched her fist under the table to try and restrain her irritation at Ray. She brought her other hand up and tapped the table gently her nail making a clacking noise against the glass.

"Please. The only way they will understand us, is we show them that we do not take no for an answer-"

"-They're people. Just like you and I." Ulster replied bitterly, surprising both Theanna and Emily with his forceful tone. It was unlike Ulster to be anything but polite and calm. Never the less Theanna found herself agreeing with her friend's statement.

At that point Katy spoke up. "From the research Ulster and I have gathered using force will only force them to push back. We would be in gridlock. This is their homes we're talking about and they will defend them."

Before anyone else could speak Tobias took a step towards the table.

"Yes. But let us remember that they are supernaturals and our negotiations with them with be most absolutely beneficial to us."

Well, that was definitely a more subtle way to display prejudice against the superanturals. It seemed Theanna wasn't the only one to pick up on her father's crude tone.

Theanna opened her mouth to speak but Emily, as always, beat her to it.

"You speak of the supernaturals like they're nothing but scum on your shoe-"

"-Well," Ray spat with a callous laugh. "That's what they are aren't they? Shit on the sidewalk."

Cedric sniggered. In a flash, Emily was on her feet again, ready to no doubt pounce on Ray and cut out his tongue with her fingers. But Theanna was quicker, grabbing her forcefully. It wasn't about Ray, Theanna would floor him here and now for that, if she thought it would do any good. She was not about to let Emily do something she would regret.

She held a hand up in the air, eyes narrowed towards the disdainful man causing all of the unnecessary conflict. Emily released herself from Theanna's grasp but remained standing as did Theanna and Ray. It was moments like these where those who did not believe in Theanna's authority and prominence were subjected to scrutiny, for now she had everyone in the room focusing on her.

"Father." She said sternly her violet eyes bright with burning fire as she focused on Ray who tried not to look cowed. He failed. In times like these Theanna Ravenwolfe was untouchable and he knew it.

"You can't allow this kind of discrimination against the supernaturals to continue here. If we are to have successful negotiations with them to mine on their land this kind of attitude will get us no where. It cannot continue and I will not tolerate one more bad word said against them."

Tobias glanced over to Emily and Ray and nodded indifferently. The pair immediately sat down in dejection, knowing the conflict was over…for now.

"Theanna is right." At these words Theanna swallowed a smile of pride. "We must not speak erroneously of the supernaturals that live in Avalon. They could be far different from the extremists we encounter in this world. Now, we depart for Avalon in three weeks. Cedric, Ravenna you are to be responsible for the locations of our future mining projects in Avalon. Ray, Emily I want you logistics and military defenses…"

Sitting back down Theanna felt her anxiety fade away. Her father trusted her, respected her decisions. An open agreement with his own daughter was a rare occurrence. Theanna despite being Tobias' daughter had had to work to get to where she was. And she'd worked bloody hard. And her father knew that. Even so hearing him agree with her still sent a note of childish pleasure through her. He rarely agreed with her or anyone for that matter. Reaching for the glass of water in front of her, Theanna took a generous gulp. Everything appeared to be going her way for once… Or she thought they were until she focused back onto her father's words and she heard something utterly humiliating.

"Human-Supernatural affairs. Theanna, you're to work under Ulster's department with Katy."

Theanna almost spat water all over the table. Instead she choked audibly at her father's words. All eyes were on her. But not for this reason- because she was working under somebody. Under a department, under someone-fucking-else. In her whole time in Titan Tobias had never put Theanna under the authority of someone else apart from himself. She had always been the second highest figure in the business, in any project, in everything. She'd had to work hard for it, harder than anyone had known, her father, never showed favouritism in fact most of the time Theanna had to work harder than anyone.

No. no. This wasn't happening. How could this be happening? Panic started to spread through her veins though she kept her face carefully blank after her initial choking on water. This was the biggest insult her father could have ever have dealt. Tobias was concluding the meeting but Theanna wasn't listening any more. She stared at the table in shock. How could this have happened? All her hard work, she'd never once put a foot wrong under her father's gaze.

"We will meet again with the whole team for the Avalon Project next week to discuss the safety precautions and development plans for each department."

With that everybody at the table simultaneously stood, wise to have established that was the gesture to leave and get back to work Theanna stood and carefully righted her blue shirt and smoothed her skirt. Her confidence in tatters Theanna stupidly glanced over at Ray who was smugly leaning in towards her.

"…Not even leading a team, wow. How the mighty have fallen. Maybe your father finally knows what we all do about you. You're weak, insignificant and-"

"…Theanna a word." Tobias' voice rang out clearly aware of the scene before him.

Ray quickly scrambled from the room away from Tobias' wrath should he choose to unleash it. The room emptied leaving Theanna to dwell on Ray's words. Weak. Insignificant. She'd have felt better if he'd have just slapped her across the face. She still didn't understand how words sometimes seemed to hurt more than a physical injury. Walking towards her father Theanna sighed. She had nothing to say to her father now. Not after that public humiliation, it seemed clear that Tobias was somehow ashamed of his daughter and the work Theanna had done.

"You look troubled."

Theanna's answering laugh was bitter. "Understatement of the century." Her vivid violet eyes were dark with swirling emotions.

"You just humiliated me in front of the heads of the whole company by placing me under Ulster's department!" She snorted. "Ulster's! Really father! He does good work but-" "-Do you not know that everything I do, I do for a reason Theanna?" Tobias interjected softly, placing a hand on his daughter's shoulder. Allowing her fury to wither for a moment Theanna shook her head. "Father I see no reason-" Tobias lifted an eyebrow and Theanna sighed and once again fell silent."

She took a deep breath and then looked at her father squarely in the eye and said, "What reason could you possibly have to insult my stature in this way father? People are going to talk and know that the rumours of me," She bit her lip cracking her red lipstick, forcing the words out that Ray and Cedric regularly through around Titan Enterprise, "I mean," she said looking her father "it could enforce the rumours that I'm weak, insignificant, that I can't look after a department-"

"Theanna," She stopped talking. "I have no doubt in you whatsoever."

The words filled half the whole that had singed his heart, but the other remained empty. No doubt; there was belief. But no doubt was still a long shot from absolute faith. And faith from her father was all she ever wanted and seemed to be the last thing she could get.

"Which is why," Tobias said cutting off her thoughts, "I've given you the most important job on the project."

Heart racing, Theanna met her father's eyes curiously. What the hell did he mean? How could she have the most important job when she was working under somebody else's department? Pursing her lips, the brunette delved into her mind, trying to solve this riddle. She was unsuccessful. Sometimes Theanna thought truthfully to herself, she just did not get her father. She decided to say so.

"I…I don't understand." She said simply. The confusion etched her face.

Turning away from Theanna, Tobias paced around the room slowly. He glanced at Theanna as if measuring her response before he spoke.

"I've lead Ulster to believe his colleagues Katy and Caden are to be collecting information about the land, and eventually befriending the supernaturals that live around the Ruins and convince them that we come in peace to speak to them. The reality is this," Pause and Theanna felt her heart plummet into her stomach. She had known her father was up to something. Tobias spun back to his daughter, walking towards her urgently his eyes intent.

"The Camelot Ruins are an opportunity we cannot let pass us by. I need you to go to the Shifter Pack that lives there, but with a different agenda. You need to convince them to leave the settlement."

On the outside, Theanna appeared to show no emotion. On the inside however she felt nauseous, her worst fears were a reality. She should have known her father would be unable to look beyond the biggest accumulation of oil. She should have known her father would never let this go. Swallowing hard she met her father's gaze squarely.

"And if they refuse?"


Theanna couldn't believe it.

Theanna clenched her fists, teeth gritted. It was hardly likely that these Shifters were going to surrender their settlement. It was where they lived. It was their home and Theanna knew she herself wouldn't likely just move because someone wanted her too. These supernaturals were unlikely to give up their lively hood their everything for Titan, the business had hardly been a friend to the supernatural race and now persecution of the magical world was worldwide. She dreaded what her father's answer to them would be if they refused to move. She didn't have to wait long.

"I don't have a choice in this Theanna. We need that oil-"

"Father I can't believe you would take it this far. This is their land, their home!" The words sounded strangled as Theanna fought nausea. How could her father even be thinking this? How could he ask her this?

"You have just stood in front of the heads of departments and backed me when I asked for no discrimination! How can you think-"

"You talk as though there is a choice in this Theanna." Tobias said once again cutting through her arguments. "Of course there's a damn choice." Theanna said in a rare show of temper in front of her father. "We are talking about the relocation of people just so we can-"

"Just so we can survive." Tobias snapped at her. "What have I taught you Theanna?" He asked, he raised an eyebrow at her as she whispered with his booming voice, "Power and energy are everything."

"I can't, I won't do this father." Theanna said knowing that standing up to her father never brought her anything but heartache but she felt so strongly about this she thought she had to damn well try. Theanna fought even though she was unable to contain her shock. She had to be sensible about this. "No." This was beyond inappropriate and to many this would be seen as immoral or wrong, or both.

She started to back away from her father to the door. "Get someone else father I…I can't do this." At that moment Ravenna opened the door and Theanna looked between them. "This has been your plan the whole time then?" Theanna narrowed her eyes at her father. "Yes and Theanna you will help because this is the only choice we have."

"Father-" "We need the energy." Tobias cut across her. "Titan isn't making enough to sustain the demand never mind even just the basics like the hospitals." Theanna froze. "What?" "The turn out for this quarter is good." Tobias said strongly. "You'll find in the next it's not so good. I assume my daughter that you have already seen some of the drop." Theanna found herself nodding remembering figures she'd read from earlier in the month.

"When we have built our base and established ourselves and our agenda you will have seven months to convince the supernaturals to move. I'm depending on you Theanna. The future of Titan's reputation and power depends on this one negotiation. "I'm sorry to place such a burden on you daughter, but you are simply the only one I trust with this. There is no one else I can trust with this. Tell no one of this. The people of Titan and the rest of the major cities are reliant on your success."

"Ray!" Emily spar over dinner that evening in her apartment. "Of all the bloody people." She stuck her knife vehemently into her chicken piece and huffed. Theanna watched quietly, trying to dismiss the events of today seemed impossible. She did not want to think about the Avalon Project any more.

"Ray! Of all the bloody people!" Emily said. "I can't believe Tobias expects me to work with that prick!" Theanna felt the same nausea again at the thought of doing this for her father, but she'd had very little choice. As she always had little choice. Power is everything she thought grimly and she couldn't bring herself to be responsible for deaths id she failed. Her father had known exactly where to hit her.

"I advise you exercise caution when working with him." She said quietly in reply to Emily's impassioned rant. "W both saw his attitude towards the project this afternoon I doubt somehow that it's going to change anytime soon."

"It's unlike you to voice worry Thea." Emily smiled over the rim of her glass as she took a rip of the red wine she was drinking.

Theanna sipped hers and then said, "I'm serious Emily. You'll be careful won't you?" Emily mist have picked something up in her voice because she narrowed her eyes and said, "I always am as you well know. It's you who has the self preservation of an ant." Theanna rolled her eyes. They both knew this was untrue; she was unlucky that unlike her sneaky friend Theanna always got caught. That and the fact that Theanna had the ability to lie like chocolate could be used for a fireguard. And, it wasn't for lack of trying she'd just never been any good at it.

"I'm serious Emily," She said again. "Ray is a forceful man."

Emily smirked playfully. "And I'm a forceful woman.

That, at least was true. But Theanna didn't have the energy to respond. For a few miraculous moments she allowed her world to consist of chicken pasta and wine. These were two wonderful things that didn't talk, didn't call her weak or stupid and didn't order her to do the impossible with no time at all.

"What was all that about anyway?" Emily said pensively around a mouthful of wine. The moment was gone. Theanna forced herself back to the present.

She took another sip and regarded Theanna over her glass. She swallowed and finished her sentence. "What the hell is Tobias thinking? Placing you in a department you don't belong, and underneath somebody else?"

Ah, so she had picked up on that. Of course she had. Barely anything made it's way past Emily's sharp inquisitive mind. Theanna had never truly lied to Emily so she decided limit the damage now.

"To be honest I have no idea." She said her heart still sick at the thought of what her father intended for her. "For all I know he's pissed at me for actually voicing my opinion in public for once." That could be true, she knew. She also knew it wasn't the whole story.

She took a deep breath. "I respect my father's decision. If he wants me to work for Ulster with Katy I will." She responded gently. She smiled and said, "I'll do it, I can't say I'm gonna like it." It wasn't about Ulster and Katy. They had been friends for years and as much as Theanna didn't really understand what Ulster and Katy did in the company she respected them as colleagues. Theanna wanted to tell Emily what else her father had said, but she knew her father's words were ones she couldn't repeat. Couldn't be spoken.

Emily smiled at Theanna and put her fork down. Her eyes were intent. "Thea," She smiled softly. "What I said when Nico…" She paused and both of them remembered the dreadful day Nico was taken from them.

"When Nico was taken…I…" Words failed her again and Theanna felt for Emily. That day had left them both without the only true father figure they had known. She sighed. "Well…I wanted to apologies. I never should have said those things to you. You're not cold, and you're not heartless. And I know Tobias has never made being is daughter easy on you. I know you stand up to him. You, Thea Ravenwolfe are not a coward. It was wrong of me to judge you in such a way. Judge you for an action that was not your doing. So yeah. There. I said it I'm sorry Thea."

In all the years of their growing up together, Theanna thought that this was probably one of the nicest things Emily had ever said to her. Theanna was younger than Emily and Theanna often thought she was disappointed in how Theanna had stood by her father.

And, right now, this was what she needed. She needed Emily to do this for her. She needed Emily's apology and her assurance that Theanna wasn't truly heartless. Because sometime in the future, she was going to be none of those things. In the future she was going to do something undeniably bad, completely of her own doing.

She was going to do something completely Ravenwolfe.