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Chapter 1~ 12 yrs later

Cold hands, limp hair

She lay there, cold and pale. Her flowing white hair once vibrant, now limp with death. Dressed in a white gown of silk, I placed her hands over her chest, the slowly slid the white rose between her slim fingers.

My mother, Sarah, is dead.

A tear slid down my pale cheek; unwanted and cold. I wiped it away swiftly with back of my palm.

I stood from the bed, forcing myself to look away from her corpse. My hand instinctively wrapped around my mothers' old locket; an old nervous habit of mine.

"Come out Vampires!"

I jumped at the sound of the deep voice. I walked to edge of the window, peering out.

An orange light cascaded over the scenery outside, filled with people of all sizes and ages. Torches were raised high above their heads, burning and itching to catch fire on something. Some carried pitchforks, stakes, or pales of water. I laughed weakly at the last one. These people were a little behind times.

A single man stood in front of the mob. Black hair pulled back tight capped a beefy face. Muscles seemed to wrap all over his body, head to toes. He held high a torch in his hand.


My fangs bared at the traitorous sight of him.

"These beasts have lived here long enough! Show yourselves you monsters!"

His cold voice reached into the night air, followed by yelled agreements from the villagers. I sneered at the venomous words.

If anyone was a monster here, it was Gastall. The villagers were too blinded to see that he himself was also a vampire. All because I refused his callous advances, he's gone and told the whole village of us.

I glanced behind me at the bed.

Or me…

Gastall called out once more to the mob of mindless followers. "See how they cower inside in fear? These demons must die!" Stepping further up to the cabin, Gastall raised his burning torch towards the porch.

I have to get of here. The sad thought flashed through my mind, and I briskly walked to my mother. Placing a kiss to her forehead, I thought ' it's a burial fit for a queen, my mother.' I tried not to look back as I climbed out the back window unseen. This was it. I must not look back now, as my mother had told me.

As soon as my feet hit the soft ground, I took off running. The night shrouded me in shadows as I reached the forest. All was dark, save the light shimmer of the luminescent moon.

I stopped, maybe a mile away, when I finally looked back.

In the horizon I saw the flames lighting the sky orange, and the faint sounds of crackling and burning wood along with the cheers and hollers of the villagers.

First, I felt anger. An unending anger of angst and revenge seething through my veins. Then…just sadness. Everything torn from me like tiny little threads. Losing my mother to an unknown cause (though she seemed to know), and being thrust away from the only place I've ever known. All was lost…

Or so I thought.

I looked around me, wandering aimlessly in any direction my tired body took me. Surrounded by trees and darkness, I felt last and alone.

Strangely, I wasn't afraid. My mother told me once that I must be strong. And I'm not about to defy that now.

I walked for what seemed like days, but really only for about a mile until I met and unruly sight. A light in the distance spread around the trees, casting shadows of darkness across the forest.

"He couldn't have gone far! Come men!"

Did he want to be heard? A voice asked inside my head. Then I thought: Crap, I need to lose them. I dashed in the opposite direction of the burning lights and voices.

I didn't think anymore; I just ran. Wind rushed through my hair, whistling in my ears and stinging at my bare arms as a chill spread in the night. The forest gets extremely cold once the sun sets, so I definitely need to find shelter.

My mind was so focused on escaping my tormentors that when I saw two metal-infused gates, unlocked and open just barely a crack, I didn't hesitate for even a second.

I crashed through them, my vampiric strength showing through. I slammed them behind me with a loud squeal of rusty hinges ringing out. Paying no heed to my surroundings I looked ahead, at a castle like I've never seen before.

Four spiraling towers stood to the heavens at each end of the building, topped off with stone dragons with outspread wings. They looked like they would fly off at any moment. Windows dusted with grime and exposure to the elements barely reflected the light of the moon. I ran for the nearest one. The closer I got, the more details the castle seemed to have, but I only vaguely noticed them. I had other things on my mind.

The window I came to was like the rest; dirty and broken. I climbed in, minding the glass shards protruding from the sill. My leath and nimble body flung into the dark interior of what was soon to be become my prison.