It's just one of those things I suppose
A person over there
A person over here
A person catches your eye
A smile in your brain
But not quite reaching your lips

It's that person
That stays in your mind
Always in the back
Occasionally making their way to the front
You see them everyday

You talk to them
You laugh with them
You have inside jokes
You're a team
You're friends

You miss them when their gone
Your life a little emptier
You can't get enough of them when they're there
Your day a little better
A smile finally reaches you lips

They're in you mind all of the time
Are you in theirs
No one but them knows
A promise you keep with yourself
Just friends

Only friends
But you can't
You have more to give
But you know to keep it inside
You know that out it is a monster
Of the worst kind

One that kills friendships
One that kills inside jokes
One that leaves you for dead
One that doesn't care
One that has no life until its out

But it's also one with a glimmer of hope
One that can last for life
One that brings you closer
One that holds you there
One that keeps the smile on your lips

It's inside
Should you let it out
The monster called love you keep locked inside
It's just one of those things I suppose