I wonder if he remembers
We used to know each other
We used to kind of be friends
We pass everyday in the halls
I have nearly walked into him multiple times- in a day

Like this morning
Him and his friend walking together
Me alone
Before school
I walk to the quad

They come around a corner
I see them in front of me
I think they see me too
Walk faster
Hear them following- not me, I'm just there

I want someone that knows me as me
Like he did
Everyone else knows me as
My brother's sister
My friend's friend

But he didn't
He knows my name
And I know he sees me
We don't talk
But I wish we did

I want to walk up to him
And say
Please stop
Just listen
I want to be friends

But we are in tenth grade
That would sound like I'm seven
I don't want that
But I want that
I just want him back

Fifth grade
Was the last time we talked
Eighth grade
Was when I planned to talk to him again
It didn't work

So now the max is twelfth grade
I make this promise now
To the world
I will talk to him again
And it shall be in high school

If we are in twelfth and haven't talked
I will gather my wits
Walk up to him
And just say "Hi"
Because I still wonder

I hope he says hi back