From the shadows they were no longer banished.

From our nightmares they were no longer trapped.

From our deepest fears they fed.

From are children, they take.

"He is as you know… most unreliable. However, it is to you that he must come."

"Why must I take him? For years I have trained, only to be given him as my partner?"

"You know for a fact that it is first come, first… served. As he is not being destroyed, he is passed down to you." Moving his hand forwards, the older male handed a golden pocket watch to the disappointed younger male before him.

And so it was.

Disappointed was not the word, yet when I found myself alone within my room, I stared at the pocket watch, I crumbled my fingers around it. Moloch was mine. For my life, I had trained to fight the better cause. Demons had come forth, rising up and had taken their place within the human realm.

We had learnt that the only way to fight a demon was with another demon. This is where Moloch comes into play. A demon, trapped within a timepiece. Now meant to be working at my side. Of course, Moloch is not the only one we have. Yet he is the most unreliable, unpredictable. Any others I would have been glad of, but alas, Moloch was locked within this pocket watch, awaiting me to wind the pin.

To my knowledge as soon as I twisted the pin, the watch would start, only this time, the ticking would be to my heartbeat. Sitting there, I blankly stared at the watch. You were only ever given one demon, awaking him would set my life with him. We would be joined until I died.

Pulling the pin slowly from the watch, I turned it, rolling the pin within my fingers, at first, I counted how many times I twisted it, but in the end lost count, I knew I had to turn it till I couldn't anymore. Locking my heart with the clock. It was getting harder and harder to turn. My chest grew tighter and tighter with in. Also the gold started to burn my hand. When I couldn't turn the pin anymore, my lips parted and a heavy groan left my throat. Clicking the pin back into place, I could no longer hold the glowing watch, throwing it to the ground, it glowed ember in the shadows, like it had been roasted in a fire.

Grasping at my chest, a few beats out of place before it settled back down. I waited, knowing full well the welcome I would receive.

The watch jumped once on the floor before the door swung open on it, the face glowing inside to the beat of the hand going round. Then all of a sudden, the glowing stopped. A shadow poured from the face of the clock, melting into the darkness of the room, it was from this moment that I knew I wasn't alone.

Although the room was still, quiet and the same, it wasn't long before the monster that was given to my father years before stepped forwards. Moloch was tall, covered in hair, if I had to say what he roughly looked like, it would be a werewolf. With pointed ears that reached upwards, a long muzzle with teeth badly placed and poking out, he came forwards, walking on his back legs. He was built to walk upright, like a man, yet his figure was much broader and more animal-like.

It was his eyes that I got lost in first. This demon had watched my father die, he had been there. His eyes were black, nothing more. His stare was hollow. With a snarl, he stood there, taller than me by about a foot.

"You?" he growled. He beat his fist down upon the table, smashing it.

"Me!" I shouted back at him, I had to make sure that this creature didn't think that he was going to take the lead. He was a demon and I his master. Standing, yet my height failed me, it must have looked like a rabbit standing up against a bear.

I locked eyes with the beast, his teeth took my gaze though and I couldn't help but trace my eyes over his muzzle, then back to his eyes before looking up at those long pointed ears.

"I thought I might get someone a bit more useful. But they give me to Darren's boy. How disappointing."

"You have no idea." I mutter before taking a step back from him.