Title: Regnum of Elementum

It follows three orphans, Alix Terria (Alix), Zentus Anemos(Zen) and Ardoria Glaciesque(Glacie) who have powers they can't explain. The three upon meeting feel drawn toward each other and become like family. Soon all of them at age of 10 discover their powers and decide to keep it a secret for as long as they live. As they turn fourteen their powers start to increase and they get thrown into a war from another world. With each other as support they work to save the world as they know it. Many secrets of their heritage is revealed and the reason behind why they are so different

Chapter one.

In the back of a small wooden house 3 children played, 11 year old boy and girl, and a 12 year old boy.

Alix walked along the bushes, thorns cutting at his knees. Looking to his left he spotted a tip of blond hair behind green foliage. With a smirk he walked past the spot he had been looking at. Without glancing back he gave a wave of his hand to the left then up. With a crunch a boy came flying out of the bush and on to the ground. Young Zentus pouted, glaring at his older brother Alix.

"You know that wasn't fair." He complained.

"Hmmm, no it might not have been if you couldn't do the same." Alix countered laughter in his dark eyes. With a spark the blond boy blew his bangs out of his face. He got up and brushed himself off.

"Fine, fine, you win." Zentus gave in.

"Yes I always do, but I don't know why I can never find Glacie." Alix said thoughtfully with a frown.

"Well at least we know that she can't use her powers against us." Zentus pointed out.

"True, but my powers aren't strong enough to find her." Alix agreed.

"She's pretty good at this isn't she?" Zentus stated.

"Yup Zen, she's smart and has good instincts, the only thing she needs to work on is her grades, and that nasty temper of hers!" Alix said laughing

"Say that again and I'll fry you!" A short girl with shoulder length black hair and orange tips, threatened him.

"See?" Alix raised an eyebrow at Zentus.

"Watch it there Al, Miss Ardoria won't treat you kindly." Zentus joked holding his stomach from fits of laughter.

"Stop...Mocking me!" The girl yelled fire...literally flowing out of her mouth as she chased them.

"Whoa there Glacie! Don't burn down the forest Ms Alenia will kill you!" Alix yelled behind him as he ran for his life behind Zentus.

But the small twelve year old girl wasn't listening flaming like a torch she chased them with intensity. Not watching in front of him Alix crashed into Zentus who had fallen over a branch. The two boys tumbled to the ground in a heap. Groaning they both sat up as a shadow floated over them. With large eyes like saucers they looked at the enraged Ardoria who was crashing down on them.

"NO! Help! I'm sorry don't hurt us! Stop-ack." They cried, but as Ardoria's temper began to fade it turned into a large tickle fight. The three of them rolled over the ground in a fit of giggles and tumbling bodies. When they didn't have anymore energy to continue the three of them spread out on the dirt clearing.

"We'll always be a family right?" Zentus said quitley.

"Of course!" Alix replied ruffling the smaller boys golden hair.

"This is sweet and all, but if we don't get back soon are lives are going to end." Ardoria interrupted them. The trio stood stretching they began to walk back to the house.

"Alix Terria, Zentus Anemos and Ardoria Glaciesque, have you lost your minds!" An older women in a plain black gown with longs sleeves yelled at the three of them. Her eyes where angry and pale lavender hair fell out from her messy bun.

"No not yet, but I'm sure our lives will disappear first." Alix blurted out unable to control himself. The other two snorted trying their best not to laugh out loud.

"Don't be a smart ass!" The older women yelled. "Look at you! Do you think money grows on trees, well? You better pray to God that these stains come out of your Sunday clothes!" She snapped, as the children before her whined in fear.

"Yes Ms Alenia, we are very sorry, very." They squeaked scared of the women that towered over them.

"Sorry doesn't wash these clothes! Now move your ass and get cleaning!"

"YES MA'AM!" The three of them yelled straightening up.

"Scurry!" The women, Ms Alenia waved a hand at them. The trio wasted no time sprinted off as fast as they could.

-Three Years Later-

"ZENTUS!" A voice shrieked through an old wooden building.

"Sorry Ms Alenia, you can't skin me yet! I'm too scared to stop running!" A young man with short blond hair yelled over his shoulder jumping the stairs and heading for the door.

"Oh no ya don't." Said another voice as Zentus was stopped short as he was grabbed by the collar. "Come now Zen, take your punishment." A girl with black and orange hair said with a dark look.

"C-c-come on Glacie, what's in the past is the past! Please don't do this." He pleaded.

"Oh? You've known me for 9 years, I've never been the forgiving type. Especially not for what you did to me yesterday. You lay down with dogs and wake up with fleas."

Zentus began to cry when another tall young man with dark brown hair and deep eyes walked in.

"Alix, Alix, save me they're both crazy." Zen pleaded.

"You reap what you sow." He replied in a deep voice sipping at a cup of coffee.

"Come on Al, We're brothers! Help me!" Zentus cried out. Alix seemed to think about this for a minute before Ardoria gave him a death look that said No witness will be left.

Alix turned away pretending he wasn't there. "I never saw a thing." he said hoping to save his life.

"Noooooo" Zentus whined as Ardoria dragged him off to meet Ms Alenia's wrath. With a sigh Alix finished off his coffee and called over Zentus's screams "I'm going on ahead!" Before he stepped out the house to go to School. Stepping on the earth he felt a surge of power that rapped around him in comfort. Feeling a pang of guilt as he heard Zentus suffering he moved forward down the road, smiling ready for the day ahead.