Stupid Hurricane Sandy, DIE! My electricity was taken hostage by this foe!

:Great story so far. But I wonder why Glacie's powers ar doing what they're doing? Maybe it puberty Either way, it's a good thing that she has Zentus and Alix there to help her. And f her powers are acting like this, then theirs may do the same. Wonder what's going on. Great story so far! Keep it up!

Ok, um I'm going to be serious here...when I read this I just died! I love you. That was great..yes actually, all of them hit that age and their powers sky rocket so...hahaha, it is like puberty..I'm laughing, it's so true, I'm serious I love you man!

Chapter 4: Rescue

Creeping around the corner the trio strode out nervously into the near empty hall. The old sprinklers in the dusty room still worked, well after a few sparks and some fire it did. Zentus held his hands out on Glacie's back muttering to himself, trying to keep the molecules moving at a fast enough speed preventing them from turning to gas vapor. They moved at a steady pace before Alix signaled for them to stop.

"We can go out the front slowly, try not to draw attention, once we get far enough run for it." He whispered to them.

"Oh yeah, that's going to be real easy." Glacie hissed back.

"Do you have a better idea?" Alix replied curtly.

"Both of you Shut up! You're breaking my concentration!" Zentus growled. The other two fell silent, turning to glare at the front entrance.

"Ready?" Alix asked looking both of them in the eye. Nodding in agreement they straightened and walked slowly out the doors. "Move towards the trees." Alix muttered as they waded through students.

"And where do you think you're going?" All three of them flinched at the sound of the stern voice behind them. Mrs. Douglus, although it's a wonder how anyone married her of all people. She was like the devil's spawn.

"Ah, well, we were just...Ah screw it! RUN!" The dashed off at full speed, steam coming off of Glacie as the flames started to show up again. They tried to unlock the front gates, but they were stuck closed.

"GET BACK HERE!" The witch was coming for them quickly.

"Shit,shit,shit,shit,shit!" Alex yelled panicking as he fumbled with the lock.

"DO SOMETHING!" Zentus yelled

"Like what!" Alix replied frantic. That's when the ground started to shake and crumble, a crack opened under the metal barrier opening it enough for them to get through, but the rumbling earth threw them to the ground.

"WHAT THE HELL ALIX? STOP IT!" Glacie screamed.

"I CAN'T!"

"ARGH, EVERYONE JUST ROLL CRAWL ANYTHING LET'S GET THE HECK OUT OF HERE!" Zentus roared taking the lead. Glacie exchanged a look with Alix before they followed as well. As soon as they stumbled to saftey the quaking became only slight tremors.

"I guess I just got nervous." Alix said panting.

"Great, just great, at least you didn't have a frickin math test!" Zentus said bitterly.

"I don't care! I want to get home!" Glacie yelled exasperated.

"O-oh right come on let's get the hell out of this mess." Alix replied waving them over to follow him, setting their speed at a light jog, ok more like running with their heads cut off. Poor little Ardoria was running out of time. I hope they have a fire extinguisher.