I'm so sorry.

I truly didn't want to scare you away. I thought you'd understand. But it's okay, I wasn't expecting you to kneel down and make a fanciful confession of love, either.

I really liked your smile, white under blue braces. I liked your eyes, light and soft. You weren't afraid to look stupid or get in trouble to get a laugh. You told me that I was great at writing one day, though you never saw my works. I thought you loved me, at least a little bit. I get that you're a boy and that you'll be immature at times, but you were smart. Honestly, you could say something intellegent (something not many people at our school can do).

Though I shouldn't have told you that I loved you. I should have let it in. It's some silly childhood crush I'll be laughing at myself for in ten years. You should enjoy yourself, not worry about me. In fact, I'd hurt just so you could relax and not have to worry about a thing.

You see, one reason why we will never be together is because of your girfriend. I hate her because all she ever does is talk all day long. Call me anti-social, but talkative people bother me so bad.

I guess I wanted you more...

Hello there! It's still me here! It's been a long, long time since I wrote this. I just wanted to say that I'm totally over him. Over the last few months, I've decided that I'm more interested in writing and other aspects of life rather than love. It makes me aromantic/asexual, yay! Thank you everybody, but don't worry, I'm not in love anymore.

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