I know I should finish my other stories, but I decided to start something new anyway.

There are some flashbacks now and then, but I'll try to keep it as straight on as possible.


Aldeziah [al-day-zee-uh]

Age: 19

Height: 5 ft 11 in

Build: Slender

Chosen Warrior

Zorghan [zor-gon]

Age: 267

Height: 6 ft 10 in

Build: Muscular

Dark Gate Keeper


Age: 3209

Height: 5 foot 7 in

Build: Frail

Holyman of Jarweq [jar-wek]

Imbesa [eem-bess-uh]

Age: 2004

Height: 7 ft 5 in

Build: Muscular

Dark Emperor

Loalia [lo-A-lee-uh]

Age: 10

Height: 4 ft 8 in

Build: Thin

Aldeziah's Sister

Ghojalin [go-ja-lin]

Age: 300

Height: 7 ft

Build: Muscular

Zorghan's Brother

~o~o~o~o~o Nine Years Ago o~o~o~o~o~

"Aldeziah, come here please!"

I turned my head to my mother's voice and ran home quickly. My mother always had a naturally kind voice that I loved so much, but there was a slight sense of fear in it now. It was unfamiliar and unnerving to me. I stepped into our small cottage and froze. Mother was holding a sleeping Loalia, my baby sister. Her face was white and expressionless. Beside her, was a worack, or a man who served the holyman. They rarely visited homes, unless there was a serious matter at hand.

"What is it Mamma?" I asked cautiously, stepping closer to her.

Mother offered a smile, "Aldeziah, you have been sommoned to the great Torkeen. This worack was sent to recieve you."

I nodded my head in understanding, but made no attempt to move foreward.

The worack held a hand out to me with a kind expression on his young face. All worack's are young, around sixteen or seventeen years old. Once they reach the age of eighteen, they may either leave the holy life, or train to be a preaching man under Torkeen. The whole system is more complex than I ever cared to learn, but that is the very basics of it.

I didn't want to follow the worack, however to refuse would be a terrible crime in Jarweq. Torkeen only calls upon you if there is a serious matter of peace, or balance. I took the worack's warm hand and he led me out of the house. The last thing I saw, was Mother's grave expression, and a now screaming Loalia.

~o~o~o~o~o Present Time o~o~o~o~o~

I am now staring off into space, my chin resting on my knees with my arms wrapped around my legs. I was sitting on a patch of grass on a small hill. The view was beautiful, all valley as far as the eye can see. I was completely alone in my favorite place. I often come here to think and reflect on my life. You might ask what a nineteen year old girl would have to reflect on, but I assure you, my life is fairly complicated. I have more weight on my shoulders than anyone else in Jarweq. My mind has nowhere to go, except the present. My past is full of darkness and pain, and every day I dread my future. I can, momentarily forget my troubles and responsabilities.

"Lady Aldeziah, your presence is needed at the Child's Shelter Home."

I inwardly sighed, holding a passive expression. I learned long ago not to take my irritation out on the worack of that particular year. It isn't their fault I was chosen. Besides, I need to see my sister anyway. I stood up and walked to the worack, nodding politely, then walking past him. The Child's Shelter Home wasn't too far away, and I knew my way pretty well. I make sure to visit my Loalia often, and try to bring her a surprise once a week. This was the best I could do for her, and it killed me. I am supposed to train with Toreen every day, so visiting Loalia is hard.

The Child's Shelter Home was a large, worn down building that resembled a home cottage, but was about seven wide. I let myself in and walked down to Loalia's room. The rules say you have to go through some security measures, but Torkeen gave me special permission to go through without it because of the time it consumed. And time, is something that is never on my side anymore.

I knocked thrice before opening the door, "Lolo, it's me."

Thin arms wrapped around me tightly the instant I walked inside. Loalia is average height for her age with sandly blonde curls that tumble down her back and electric blue eyes. She felt thin, which worried me.

I sat on her bed and pulled her to my lap, "How was your day Lolo?"

She simply shrugged, burying her face in my shoulder. I gently rocked her, until she was almost asleep, "Well, I think the Lolo Bird needs some sleep. Want me to sing you a song?"

She nodded and crawled into bed without hesitation. I stroked the side of her face and started to sing her favorite song.

"My little Lolo Birdy, chirping in the air. It sits upon the tree branch, every day I see it there. My little Lolo Bird, please sing me a song, for my love has drifted under and I fear she is gone."

I sang it a few more times before she fell asleep. I continued to stroke the side of her face longingly. Mother used to sing that song to me, a long time ago. Now she only exists in the song. She has drifted under...

I quickly leave before my emotions get the better of me. I need to remain strong. I can't cry. I've cried enough. Thing's happen, and life goes on. Besides, I couldn't arrive at Torkeen's Temple with red, puffy eyes. The temple was on the other side of Jarweq, but the distance was nothing for me. The ten mile distance was actually a relief. It would give me plenty of time to compose myself, and go back into that quiet place inside my head. I had created it years ago. It was my way of coping with my loss. By loss, I don't just mean Mother. I mean everything. I lost almost everything that day...

~o~o~o~o~o Nine Years Ago o~o~o~o~o~

"Please wait here. The Great Torkeen will see you shortly," The worack said before leaving the room. The temple was centuries old, and almost nothing had been changed since it was built. It was shaped like a 'T' when seen from above, because it was made spacifically for Torkeen. He was born with a destiny to see things no one else can see, to interperet peace and balance. This was over thirty two centuries ago.

I observed the inside of the temple, something few people see. There wasn't much to look at in this room. It was the same size as my bedroom back at the cottage. It was built for this very purpose, for Torkeen to speak to someone in Jarweq. One would expect at least a chair, but there was literally nothing here. It was just a room made out of stone. An eerie one at that. I sensed a presence behind me and spun around, where he stood.

I had never seen Torkeen in person, so I didn't know what to expect. I only knew that he was over two thousand years old. Because of this age, I expected him to be young forever, or something. Needless to say, I was not expecting what I saw in front of me in the magical light of the room.

You could see every year has left it's mark on him. He had long, snow white hair that fell nearly to his calves. His violet eyes were aged and very wise. He held a kind smile and extended a hand that appeared ancient. I took it with only slight hesitance.

He seemed to notice this, because his first words were, "Fear not child. I will lay no harm upon you," He had the voice of an ancient story teller. It seemed as frail as his body. I was afraid if i breathed in his direction he would turn to dust.

I nodded and bowed my head respectively. He shocked me by holding his hand up for me to stop, "No child, you have no need to bow to me. You are of too much importance," He placed his hand on my back gently and led me out of the room to a much larger one. This room was magnificent! There was a large circle on the floor in the center and a comfortable looking bed against the far wall. I looked at Torkeen in question, but he only smiled and led me to the circle. He instructed me to stand in the center of it and wait. At first, I didn't see the purpose of this. Then, suddenly a brilliant blue light shone from the outer line. From the light, shot an electric cage that went to the ceiling.

I panicked and looked to Torkeen for help, but he had vanished! I was completely alone with nowhere to go! Before I could have an anxiety attack, however, the electricity formed together and created some sort of screen. I spun around in wonder. I saw meadows, streams, children playing and laughing. Animals peacefully grazing in the wilderness. It was a pure paradise. Then, it all changed. The animals began to drop dead, and the plants withered. The children were crying and the streams were all dried up. I was shown a dystopia that seemed inescapable.

The light vanished and I was now standing beside Torkeen, who's smile was gone, replaced with a grave seriousness.

"What you saw, were two possibilities. Our future could end up one way, or the other. Which, is entirely up to you Lady Aldeziah."

I didn't understand. It was all so overwhelming to a ten year old girl. I asked how any of this could be up to me without hesitation, desperate to understand.

He layed a hand on my shoulder, "You are chosen to become to worrior. Many dark misshaps will come to you, beginning in moments, but you will overcome them. You will have me to guide you."

My mind was stuck on the part where he said, Beginning in moments. "What will happen in moments?"

He took my hand gently, "Your mother is fairly ill. I am deeply sorry. She has just passed."

Then everything went dark.

I came to on a comfortable surface. At first, I was enjoying the bliss of the warmth that I was enveloped with. Then, everything hit me again. The warmth became suffocating, and I wanted to scream at everything that existed. My mother was gone! I am alone! I have nothing except responsability!

The shrieking began and didn't die down for a long time. When it finally did, I was reduced to loud sobbing that eventually died down to crying. I felt like there was a huge hole where my chest should be. I couldn't breathe, I needed something. I needed Mother!

There was a sudden presence and I saw Torkeen, the last person I wanted to see right now.

"I know you are grieving child, and I will help you, but you must know you are not alone. You have your sister."

The thought sunk in and helped only a little, almost not at all. I can't take care of a one year old baby!

He continued as if reading my thoughts, which I wouldn't be surprised if he actually could, "She was sent to the Child's Shelter Home, where she will live until she is of age. You will be free to visit her whenever you like. You will remain here with me while I train you."

He let that sink in, but I didn't want to hear it. I wanted Mother! I needed her. I needed her to sing to me, and help me, but she's gone forever! She has drifted under...

"I will leave you to grieve. Then I will help you to overcome this obstacle," Then he was gone.

~o~o~o~o~o Present Time o~o~o~o~o~

I was near the temple now, where a worack was waiting at the door. I stood by while he drew an intricate pattern on the door that glowed and opened. The pattern changed every time a worack turns eighteen, so the secret can't be passed along. It is nearly impossible to do after watching one do it because they are trained to preform the task very quickly with precision. Even I couldn't repeat it without training.

The door opened and I thanked the worack before walking in quickly, headed straight for my bedroom. Torkeen never required me to train this late, so I knew he would have no objection to me doing so. Besides, I'd had a particuarly emotional day. I still slept in the room with the circle, which I later learned was a teleporter for my training. I had been in so many places one wouldn't belive.

I quickly changed into my night clothes and crawled into bed, waiting for the mercy of sleep to envelope me. I can at least be grateful that the nightmares ceased.

After about an hour of tossing and turning, my eyelids finally fell closed and I drifted into a dreamless sleep.