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'So why are we here?'

They all looked at her; she had hit the nail on the head.

'There must be a reason why we're here. Every damn protagonist she's ever created, right there in the same room.' She was swearing; that was new. She was polite, usually. But then again she swore when she was angry. Perhaps she was angry now. Not understanding things made her angry. Ren was the clever one, after all.

'Technically it's only the main protagonists, and only the female ones,' Ariel said. She was intelligent, too. One of her good aspects, though her main one was her kindness.

'That's because she's never made any male one,' someone pointed out.

'Save for Oliver,' Phenecia said. She was the first written, though not the oldest character of the lot - that place belonged to the myth-like Asfellas whom nobody had ever seen, and to Ren whose real name was Renadora but who hated it enough that everyone called her Ren.

'Whose name might not be Oliver in the end.' Eve paid great importance to names; she was a bard, after all. She was also the most beautiful of all the others, easily so, but in her eyes lurked sadness and deeper yet, insanity. But she was the one who saw beauty where the others did not, she was the one who saw the value in loss. They were all of them about redemption of some sort, but she was perhaps the one who needed it most, and the most beautiful story. Untold, yet.

'And she hasn't written him yet so that's why he's not here.' Meru was not the brightest, but she was lively. There wasn't much to her as of yet; she wasn't as ancient as most characters, and her appearance and personality frequently changed.

'She hasn't written most of you.' That was Phen, again. She was the only one who'd ever been written, whose story had been told - if not entirely, at least a good portion of it, enough to deserve a final dot.

'But she's imagined us enough that we have flesh,' Merle said. In here the hypnosis didn't work as every one knew what lay beneath it. The silvery piece of metal covered her right eye, and the same sheen peeked out from under her trousers around her left foot. Unseen were other parts of her that had been damaged, blown away and repared as best they could. She didn't mind that the perception filter didn't work, though. These were her comrades, more so perhaps than those from her own story. There was no need to hide.

'Oliver isn't here because she did not want him to be,' Si said. She was dressed as she did almost all of the time, as a man. Even her voice was low enough that she could have been mistaken for one, had somebody in the room not known her true identity. But since they had sprung from the same source, there was no secret between them. Here, she was Siobhan, not Silas.

'So why are we here?' Ren asked again. She'd apparently decided to make the best of it; she didn't seem angry anymore. Not quite amused, yet, but it would come. She tended to have fun in the strangest situations.

'Well, she didn't want to study, obviously.' It was Melody who answered. She was a strategist, and a damn good one at that, so she was the better placed to know what their creator was thinking.

'So you're saying this is her procrastinating?' Ariel wouldn't blame her creator doing something wrong. She never blamed anybody, she just looked at them and because she was such a good model, they felt bad.

'This is her having fun.' Ren was smirking now. She recognized it when people were having fun.

'She's forgotten some of us, though,' Meru said. 'Lena isn't here for example. Nor is Purple.'

'Purple doesn't have a story, she just is. Maybe that's why she isn't here.' Melody's blue eyes were deep in thought.

'And Lena, well, she might come later.'

'As will the others.'

'What others?'

'Those she's forgotten right now. Why do you think I'm not naming anyone?'

They all turned to Melody, since it seemed she was the one who got the celestial insight. 'And what are we supposed to do?' Ren was always ready for some action.

'She just wanted to see what would happen if she put us all in a room. Right now she's imagining us in a library, like the one her high school had, the antique one with all the precious manuscripts. Take care not to burn anything, Ren.'

'I'd never hurt a book.'

'None of us would,' Ariel added to compromise. She was the most perfect of them all, the most akin to a fairytale princess. She actually was a princess, most times. And yet their creator didn't hate her, couldn't hate her, for that was a reminder of what she'd loved as a child. Perhaps Ariel would never get her story told, but she was still dear to her heart. Dear enough to figure among them.

Outside the window, the seasons kept changing. Summer sunlight streamed in through the glass panes, then autumn wind rattled against them, taking a few red leaves in their wake. Flowers bloomed, as well, before leaving behind an unblemished blanket of snow. It settled for snow. She loved the snow, after all.

There was a knock on the door and Everlinde came in. She was relatively new - very recent actually - but she had stuck in their creator's mind and so she was invited, too. She smiled at them all and gave a nod, her long sword beating against her leg.


'What news from outside?' Siobhan asked; she was never at ease in a room. Such was the fate of someone constantly on the run. Her amber-golden hair was pulled in a low ponytail and she looked ready to spring at any moment.

'Not much. I kept bugging her to come to you.'

'That's really nice of you, to want to keep us company.' Meru's smile was wide and contageous.

'Not like she has much choice,' Merle said. She had her cynical moments, but overall she was an optimistic person. She chose to believe the future was not written, that nothing was set in stone. She had to; she would collapse, otherwise. A wreck; but someone desperate enough to mount a mad scheme to go back in time and change the future had to clutch on to something.

They all knew the pain of loss, except perhaps Phen; and they had all faced fights with terrible odds. But they would pull through. Most of them. Or some part of them would. Something would remain.

If their creator ever got down to writing their story.

That was her main concern, and theirs. They were many, and growing. She knew she probably would never have time to write out all of them, not if she wanted to do a decent job, not if she had to live her life as well. But at least if they never existed in paper, if their own personal story were never told, at least they would have existed briefly here, in this fictional world that looked like her high school's ancient library.

'So that's her purpose,' Melody explained.

'It started out as fun, but it's grown wistful. That's because of the music she's listening to,' Eve said. She was most sensitive to music, and melancholy music especially.

'Do each of us have a voice? Sometimes I wonder if we don't all sound the same,' Phen said. As first-written, their creator had to make sure nobody resembled her.

'Well we all have our own personality. We resemble each other, some of us at least, but that doesn't mean we're alike.'

'No, we're different. But I fear we sound alike.'

'Then again, she's not putting much effort in this piece,' Melody said. She looked bored, as if all she was waiting for was an enemy, or someone playing a long game; someone whose plan she could unravel.

Mad came in through the ceiling.

'Maddison!' Siobhan saluted. There was no secret; they all knew whether Maddison was her last or first name, but they didn't want to spoil the surprise. Her story was not written, not yet.

Mad landed and rolled on her arm to break her fall. She was wearing a white T-shirt and large, baggy military trousers, and her hair was pulled back in a bun. Her green eyes sparkled; they were a different shade then Renadora's. 'I'm here! And Lyn's coming.'

Lyn indeed came in, through the door. Her story would never get written, not as it was first imagined, but maybe someone would inherit her name and she would know life.

'Agent Cleveland,' Ren saluted, giving a nod. Lyn nodded back. There were many, the ones who were named Lyn, but none of them in the persistent stock, save for her. In that way, she was special.

There was a whirr and a click, and a bookcase slid away to reveal the interior of a ship. Jade stepped out, and the panel slid back into place. 'Hiya!' It was strange seeing her without her usual pet robot. She had almost gotten written last summer, but in the end she still had to wait.

'You!' Phen exclaimed. In her story there was a Jade, as well; a villain, though that part hadn't been written yet.

'Yes, me. But don't worry, different person. I look the same, I have the same name, but I'm not your Jade.'

'Alright then!' Ren had climbed on top of a bookcase; when she had was anyone's guess, but they were used to her whims. Out of them all, she was perhaps the most powerful, the most determined, the most driven. She was god-touched, after all. It came naturally that she was the leader, here, though Melody could have been a close second. They were all leaders, usually, save for Meru, Lyn, and Mad when not in a vehicule. But in such strange situations, unity and compromise was necessary. Plus, they wouldn't fight between them for leadership; they weren't petty enough for that. 'Let's head out, shall we? If anyone else has to come, they'll find us more easily if we're not rotting in a dusty library.'

'You love libraries. And you don't usually speak like that.'

Ren grinned. 'Yes I do, and no I don't.' She nodded towards the window - it was winter again. 'But I'd like to see what's out there.'

Merle moved to the window. 'It's clear.'

As they opened the panes, Eve looked down at the snow. 'It'd be a shame to spoil it, wouldn't it?'

'Let's fly!'

None of them knew who proposed it; they were not able to fly, usually. Yet they picked themselves up from the ground as easily as if they'd done it their whole lives, and flew out the window. There was a Peter Pan moment when they flew over their creator's hometown, all covered in snow and hushed, because they were too high to hear much noise. Then the creator remembered she didn't like Peter Pan, so they found themselves in a park, instead, on a warm summer day when the sun began to descend westward and the light was golden in the leaves.

'Isn't that Oliver over there?'

Eve's eyes were deep with emotion as she answered. 'Yes. He's trying to woo Myrjal Slama.'

'As usual.' Meru giggled.

Suddenly, Lyn said, 'It's 19:14 and she's written 1914 words.'

'Good for her,' Merle said.

'Don't be a grouch,' Everlinde smiled.

'I'm not, usually, but apparently she's decided that there must be a grouch today. I'm like Grumpy in the Seven Dwarves.'

'Except we're more than seven.'

'We're twelve,' said Ren who was good at maths. 'Figures.'

'She does have something for twelve,' Mad said.

'It's a family thing,' Eve provided. 'Three, seven, nine, and twelve.'

'Is that your insanity talking?' Mad grinned. She was slightly mad, too; her doctor said she didn't have much survival impulse, which was why she pulled stunts as crazy as she did.

'That's her confiding secrets.'

'Hardly secrets, though. You just have to be observant,' Lyn said. She was very observant.

'Perhaps not secrets, then,' Jade said. She was dressed in blue dungarees and held a tool in one hand; she looked ready to repair anything looking remotely like technology. Her black skin contrasted with everyone else's. They did not all have the same skin tone - for instance Si was pinker, Ren paler - but she was the only Black woman. 'But she's definitely confiding something.'

'But why gather us all here?' It was Phen who asked the question. She was the youngest in terms of age, the most innocent, save for Meru.

'Why not?' said Melody. 'It passes time. I told you, she doesn't want to study.'

Eve smiled her storyteller smile. 'She doesn't know the end.'


'She usually writes a piece knowing what the end is. This time she doesn't know. And she has no idea. It can't just end, you see. It has to be good. It has to be a chute, or something.'

'But it has to end soon,' Phen said. 'She has to go.'

They all felt it, the feeling of urgency associated with the end of a moment. The music she was listening to didn't help, either.

'Then shall we end it for her?' Ren was grinning the way she did before acting randomly. Maddison grinned as well; it didn't take long to convince her to act out of boundaries.

'What have you got in mind?' Melody was slightly worried, as she liked to plan ahead, but she knew they would be alright, in the end; safe in their creator's mind.

Ariel and Meru exchanged glances, and a smile; they would not partake in the act, but since there was no harm in it, they would not intervene either.

Jade twirled her tool in her hand, eager to participate.

Merle watched the surroundings, suspicious that something was bound to attack; Siobhan looked caught between resignation to do her best and fight and the urge to run - run from, not run away, she was no coward.

Phen's fingers were tingling and sparks run down them; her magic was ready, and that was her answer. She wanted to go home. Her story was all about that; returning home.

Everlinde stood ready, her longsword drawn. She looked the part of a child of duty - and she was.

Lyn Cleveland looked at them all, noticed the details, the blurr of the park, the sunlight slenting towards sunset. She smiled. The end was indeed coming.

And Eve, in the silence that followed, sang a song. The swan's last song. They would continue to exist, but they might never meet again. It was goodbye, perhaps for ever. But there would be beginnings, in the future; their stories would be told. Such was the hope; such was the light in the darkness; such was the bright note in the dark undertone of her song.

'Let us do this,' Mad said. 'Let's blow it all up.'

Ren nodded, just once, the way she did when she decided something in her heart. It was fitting that she'd be the one to put an end to it. She had began this, and so she would finish. And she was their creator's current focus; she had the more flesh, the more power. She could do this easily. She needed only one word.