Chapter 1: I'm the prize of a war game

If you look at me right now and accuse me of being in a BDSM relationship, I'll gladly cut your tongue and stick it up your ass. It'll feel good, not your mouth but your ass. I'm just an unfortunate guy who was kidnapped, or is it man-napped because I'm no kid. So, like I said, I was kidnapped, undressed and tied up to a really comfortable bed with silky white sheets.

I'm not really naked, I'm still wearing my unbuttoned white shirt so my cheat and stomach are vulnerable to the cold air coming from the open window and my gray boxers. Oh! And the sheets aren't exactly that white, well; not anymore.

That pure color is now mixed with my blood and tears. At least I'm not bored. I have a free access to the TV in front of me, just some centimeters in front of my king bed.

So what a kidnapped, not bored and comfortable, young man like me is watching? To be honest, because I like honesty-No I love it, I'm just watching my dad and brothers' chocked, maybe even scared, faces in my TV screen while they are enjoying themselves watching me from their own screen TV get- I can't say beaten to death because they're really big words and I'm obviously still alive; for now- so let's just say punished a little for being a bad boy? So yeah, I'm here in this wonderful bed being punished for the enjoyment of my family that are now sitting in their office hundred of kilometers away from me.

Are you still with me? Are you confused? Believe me, me too. Maybe a little explanation is needed for you just so you can make me understand what's happened to me.

Let's begin with the beginning. I love beginnings, so simple to tell and bring happy memories but not always. In my position I just remember how I was blinded with love and thrust. Yeah love is not the only emotion that can blind your mind and make a fool of you, so right now I'm the biggest, stupidest idiot barley alive in the year 20XX.

You can laugh at me now, I'm already laughing- no really, I'm laughing and my kidnapper now think I lost it, laughing with a gag in your mouth is always weird and make people think that you're crazy, so never ever gag yourself when you want to talk or laugh, or even cry because you'll become a mess with all the tears and saliva.

Maybe I'm not crazy; yet, and I'm just dreaming and soon I'll hear my daddy's lovely voice waking me up.

People everywhere, I just called my father, daddy. Now you can really laugh at me for real. Thank you for your support. So, if you stopped laughing, let continue with the tall of my miserable life.

My name is Dominic and if you're not sure, it's a boys name; not really but I'm a guy so it's a boys name. My brothers like to call me Dom to make fun of me, and it is so ironic in my position because it remind me of a Dom/Sub relationship, but right here and now, I'm the "S" not the "D".

I'm French. My maternal heritage is from France and I was born there also it's where my parents met while my dad is a pure Russ who was born and lived in Japan all his life.

My parents are rich people especially my dad because he's old money or so I heard. My mom is an only child so when I was born, I was spoiled as much as she was or maybe more -a lot more- but because my parents divorced just after I was born, I always felt an emptiness in my tummy each time I observed my friends' parents kiss or laugh with each other.

My dad tried to be present in my life by calling me and sending me expensive gifts but money never replaced love. I'm not saying it's less important than emotions because it's as just important in life as love and happiness and when you have the money you'll have the time to search for your happiness but it can never be a replacement.

Sometimes I felt that my dad never wanted me to came in Japan to live with him but was obliged to, after the dead of my mom - my grandparents died years before her. When I affronted him, he defended himself by saying that he felt sorry that all his business and life are in Japan so he can't move for me to France and I'll need to began my life from the zero in a strange country leaving my friends and boyfriend.

I didn't buy it but I never tried to bring the subject again, especially that after some months with him we build that relationship between a parent and his child. He became a real dad to me and each time he told me how much he loved me, I felt he means it.

One day after living with my family in Japan for a month, I kissed my dad's cheek and told him that I love him in front of his goons and my two half big brothers. He tensed and I could swear that he blushed but I felt it was from anger more than embarrassment. Thanks God I remembered that Japanese people aren't that physical with each other or I'll be confused and hurt from the rejection. So, to not embarrass my father any longer, I hugged and kissed my, as tensed as dad, brothers and waved goodbye to the others.

With time, they got used to my touchs and hugs each time they met me. At first, my brothers were more cold than my dad but with time they developed a soft spot for me even if they swear that it's not true.

By talking about my family, I remembered that you can't keep going with my tall if I don't introduce you to the important characters in my life, so let's do it.

My name is Dominic Jane Yuki Yamada. Yuki is my Japanese name but I only let my family's bodyguards call me by it because they spell Dominic or Jane badly. Dad said that Yuki means Snow and because I'm really so pale I'm aptly named. But why Yuki, from all the names that exist? Oh please, my friends in France used to call me that whenever they're mad at me or just want to make fun of me so I grow up hating it.

Yamada is my last name because my dad changed his name, after he marred his first wife Sakura, to Yamaguchi Isao; Isao is the fist name because the Japanese use their family name first, also Isao means merit because dad said that he merited to change his name, I'm not sure why or how but I never cared.

When I introduce him to my friends even the Japanese ones I use his first, and for me, true name; Nikolai, and he was never angry at me because of it. Whoever, in my paper certificate in France, my last name is Svidler, my dad's old family name but we never talked about it and I don't want to change it. So things are cool.

I heard that Sakura died after ten years of marriage but I never asked why, maybe she was sick like mom and I don't want to ask and make anyone feel bad by remembering her. I'm already no stranger with that sentiment you feel when you lose someone that you love.

The kidnapped guy tied in this bed is almost 20 years old but I think I still need to talk about what happened before the present, just so you can understand better and be kind to explain to me how much I'm fucked, okay?

Like I said, I have two big brothers. Ryuu is twelve years my senior with black short hear, a tan Japanese skin and taller than most of his bodyguards but not taller than dad and my other big brother Koji that is ten years my senior.

I heard that unlike in Korea and China, in Japan, men with darker skin color are considered "manly" and oh boy, how my brothers are proud that they didn't inherit my dad's fair skin but, even so, they like my pale skin. I think I don't need to try and look manly, do I?

Koji is like Ryuu's twin save for the eyes. Where the former have his mother's eyes color the second have my dad's blue one while I have my mom's forest green eyes and my blond long hair is from both of my parents.

I'm also tall but not as much as my father and Koji but in the same height as Ryuu but what he lost in height he gained it in muscles and strong so Koji can never tease him about being shorter, he likes his bones to stay in his body. I'm still taller than most Japanese, so I'm still happy and I have a tattoo in the left side of my stomach, under my bellybutton and above my rib bone that match a little the one in my dad's and brothers' back but it's not exactly the same.

While my dad's tattoo is a furious dragon about to attack, mine is a cute one about to fly.

Ryuu told me that when he was still a child and saw it in our father's back he just wanted one and because Koji was jealous, he wanted it too. For why and when I got mine. Well, you see, when I was a child, like just four or five, I got to met dad often and spend days with him. He always came from Japan just so he can be with me but when growing up we only talked to each other by the phone or using Skype occasionally. Even so I always remembered the times I bathed with him and saw his tattoo so when I was fourteen, I begged my friend to ask his big brother to accept tattooing me and I will never show it to mom or tell anyone in exchange I'll sleep with him.

His big bro accepted after three month of pleading saying that he will do it just because I didn't stop crying and telling him how much I missed dad and want to remember him with the tattoo, I made him feel sorry for me. I also said that my dad hated me because I'm gay and refuse to see me even if he know how much I love him- totally a lie. Dad, as strict as he is with my brothers and a cold heartless ass with his subordinates, never bossed me around or punished me even when I deserve it and between us I fell like he treats me like his little girl -all of them do it- but as long as I'm spoiled, I'll never care.

I didn't have the same tattoo as them because I forgot how it looked like but at least my father smiled when I told him that I tried to have the same tattoo as him.

I think I talked about most of important thing. Oh yeah! Why I'm here? When my mom finally died in peace, after her long straggle with cancer, when I was fifteen, I had to live with my dad in Japan. I was prepared mentally for two years for my move on but it's always a shock when it happen. So I hated, really hated my dad and brothers for the first month but after that I just retrieved my cheerful self again.

I had some Japanese tutors for my first year there but never really needed them because I was always dreaming to visit dad in his country and tried to learn their language and cultures.

I loved my junior and senior year in high-school because I was the king of populars even if they liked to call me queen instead. I'm in my second year in college, majoring in business because dad didn't stop asking me to do it, besides I'm pretty good in accounting, and I'm a professional artist-not really, but the difference between a professional and a newbie is money and I'm rich, so. I love to paint all the time, it so relaxing.

So my life in Japan was really good and more than peaceful until that day when I met him and felt that I'll trow up my heart in any second.

And the game began.