Chapter 3: an unforgettable night

I don't know what I was thinking coming to a hotel room with a stranger I barely know his name and the fact that he's so handsome that I could only feel self-conscious in front of him, not knowing what is expected from me. Well, not exactly true, because I know what's waiting from me, but my situation feels so weird.

This is my first time with a total stranger in a room I never visited before. I know that all the hotel rooms look the same or almost but all my other one night stands were with people I know, mostly people I frequented in high school and my university in their own rooms or another friend's house when they throw a party. Never in my house.

I can't back now even if I'm sure he toke his time in the shower just so he can give me the ability to runaway from here if I have a second thought. See, what a gentleman.

I already toke my shower first and I'm too lazy and tired to undress from my nice bathrobe so there is no room for regret, but why I still feel something is not right even if I try to convince myself of the opposite. Maybe because I don't normally shut off my self phone, and this is the first time I do it? Yeah, that's the reason. It can only be it.

Besides giving myself to someone mature is not a bad thing. He surely is experienced and well be a gentle lover. He will know what to do and if he try to hurt me, I will love to introduce him to my side kicks and I will not be ashamed to run out naked and call for help. My life is more important. Fortunately, I only saw the gentle, respectful side of him so I don't think I'll be using my kicks in the near future. As respectful as someone can be when sleeping with an unknown person from the same sex.

I'm just not at ease because I was only penetrated two times before when I was in France, means almost five years ago, and I fear that I'll be as tight as a virgin and will feel pain more than pleasure. Not that my first time was that painful because it happened when I was 14 and with my best friend who wasn't that big. No insult to his manhood but we just reached puberty and where barley able to grow some hair here and there. Will he, even, want to go all the way? Of course, he's a man. Men like to go all the way. I think. I always had sex with guys my age so I don't know about sex between grownups and I don't want to look like a child in front of him.

I know I'm just a boy compared to a 27 year old man. Of course, I didn't told him I just turned 19 a month ago but I also didn't reply when he asked about it. I changed the subject when I kissed him what lead us to this. If I still remember correctly.

Too much of thinking. I'm not a virgin and he's not a rapist or a pedophile, so why even care? I stopped walking around the room like a crazy man and throw my body in middle of the king bed, welcoming the luxury of the comfort. Why rich guy are handsome and why luxurious places are comfortable? Money do a really good job in offering to it slaves the physically happiness that I'm too welcoming to accept.

Yes, I divided happiness as a physical and emotional sentiment. I'm a philosopher.

The next thing I remember is opening my eyes and waking my whole body up -if you know what I mean- to a sight I will always cherish to when needed to be used when I have a lake in imagination. I'm a guy, I need to be a pervert or something will not be right.

"Good... morning?" He asked looking at the clock that show an hour and ten minutes after midnight.

"Oh my God!" I exclaimed feeling suddenly really hot. "I'm sorry. Really, really sorry."

"It's okay." He shushed me. "I know that you were too tired and besides you looked so cute that I couldn't disturb your peaceful face. I was just hoping to finish this page the fast I can and sleep beside you." He winked to me putting his book near the lighted lamp.

"I... I feel like I ruined everything now. I'm sorry." I murmured still blushing and looking at my little hands positioned in my lap.

He toke one hand and before I register what he want to do he looked at me, with lustful eyes. "Believe me Jane, you didn't ruin anything. Do you feel what you do to me? Nothing is ruined, just looking at you sleeping carelessly is a major turn on to anyone, be it a man or woman." My hand was on his package that felt really hot ant hard with only his boxers separating my skin from his but not doing a good job in hiding the fact that if something happen in the next hours, I will be unable to walk properly tomorrow.

If I was with another man and he did that to me, I will be disgusted and at less I'll punch him or call Mamo to do it for me because he's more good at it, but here I'm, helpless and hot, absorbing the view like a sponge with water before reluctantly diverting my eyes from my new favorite body part to look slightly at his dark eyes to only feel more embarrassed but also turned. He is an incubus, a lust mage, a sex master. My master who will show me the seven heavens of horned gays.

Without anymore thinking, we locked our lips with each other, kissing, sucking and nibbling. His lips were so soft drinking mine in them and asking for a permission I couldn't, with all the control I have over my hormones, to reject. Not that I'm more in control over the little me than a teenager that just passed puberty and discovered the joy of your own hand over your "not anymore" wee wee.

Each time we broke the contact to prevent our lungs from exploding, he descend to kiss and suck me over my neck, shoulders and torso to only return to my lips when my moans became too much to neglect.

He kissed every part of my body leaving a trill of saliva behind and an aching skin that only want more. With my bathrobe and his underwear long forgotten in somewhere far away from reach, he kissed the inside of my thighs and opened my leg, lowering his head to my penis with his mouth stretched open to take all if it slowly until it reached the limit. Seeing it coming never prevented my body from trembling in pleasure. I'm not small but also not as big as him but from his techniques, I can swear he pleased so many different dicks in his life.

Reaching my ninth sky in no time wasn't that hard when he played with my balls in the same time when teasing my slit. I never had a blow job from someone who is this good. This guy just became my drug.

After my breathing became as normal as I can manage it to be, he moved toward me and french kissed me. It was hard at first to be unconcerned about the taste and the fact that this guy just swallowed it for me but with such a good kisser and dazed mind, it was easily forgotten.

"How was it?" He asked waking me from my daze. I gave him a look saying "was the asking necessary" just to earn a chuckle that began with a smile and ended in a full laugh.

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to insult you it just you're look... was too much..." he finished still panting from laughing his eyes out. I don't know if he was laughing that much because of our awkward situation or my pouting after I heard him chuckle.

"I only asked-" he continued "because this is my first time doing it. To be honest you're my first guy. I always knew I'm bi but I only slept with women. So I felt that I needed to ask but you don't have to reply if it's too inappropriate for you."

What? I observed him with a blank expression under which I was having a Marathon of questions. Is he for real? " with your techniques It's hard to believe you." I stated to him not blinking from my expression.

"I will take it as I did fine then." He gave me a killing smile that I'm still wondering if I'm not dead yet.

For a moment we both didn't know what to do after our words reached their end, but when I looked at his lap, I felt guilty for torturing my wet dream. I reached his family jewels but stopping in the middle barley touching it with the heat of my hand, looking at him for permission with a so not really confident look.

"I can... I never did it before too but... I can." I stuttered feeling more hot that a human can possibly became. Don't question me when I said that I really had sex with many people before. It's just that it was more like them servicing me while I pleasured them with my beautiful voice moaning their names. Stop giving me that look, I'm a teenager and a popular one.

"You don't have to, but if I may ask for your permission to." He gestured to my slightly open legs with his chin. "It'll be my pleasure." Do he need to be polite even in times like that, he's only embarrassing me.

I didn't had the ability to reply so I moved each leg in the opposite direction of it twin turning my head toward the wall, so I will not be able to see the lustful look in his eyes, as a silent reply. Orochi toke gladly advantage of my response, seeing as he didn't wait for any more conformation to spread wide open my legs and position himself in front of me.