Summary: Somchai is a cold, unfeeling man who, after being hurt in the past has sworn never to love another man.
Everything changes when he runs into a wealthy singer named Hwan. Sparks fly and Somchai does the one thing he swore never to do it again, love again. Problems arise when Somchai finds out that Hwan is already to a woman of his parents' choosing.

Will Somchai fight for Hwan or will they be torn apart by family expect ions?

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Twelve years ago


The dark haired little girl was walked into the shopping mall with her mother and they were walked into the store right now.

They were walked toward the cereal section when they were bumped into the stranger with apology smile.

"I am sorry, sir." the dark haired middle aged woman said apology.

The dark haired young man was nodded at her and he was glared at her daughter while they were walked pass him to the dirrent section of the store.

Same time, the dark haired little girl was held the cane and she was accidentally slammed her cane on the dark haired young man's feet with unaware expression on her face.

"Hey, you! What the hell wrong with you? Are you stupid or what? Watch where you are going, b**** !" the dark haired young man said in rude voice.

His voice had stopped her and she was whirled around to looked at the cereal section with confused expression on her face.

"What is it, sir?" Mali asked.

He was looked at her with annoy expression on his face and he was walked toward her as he was grabbed her arm tightly while he was hitting her cheek hard for few times.

"Listen, b****! I said watch where you are going. Are you deaf or what?" he told her in his annoy voice.

She was shook her head in confused way and she was started cry while he was kept hitting her cheek hard for few times.

Few minutes later, the dark haired middle aged woman was realized that her daughter doesn't followed her and she was turned around to searched for her when she was spotted her daughter to be held by the stranger left her felt so sick about it.

"Sir, let my daughter go immediately!" the dark haired middle aged woman shouted to him in angry voice.

Same time, she was used her bag to hitted the dark haired young man's head hard for few times and he had enough of her hitting his head so he pushed her hard that caused her to slammed her head on the shelves hard then she was slipped into unconscious.

"Mum! Mum! Help please!" Mali screamed in angony voice.

The dark haired young man was tried to covered her mouth to shut her up with frightened voice.

Finally, the dark haired little boy was appeared from no where and he was rushed toward them with angry chocolate eyes.

"Let her go, sir!" Somchai Wongsawal said in angry voice.

"Pttf... How can you beat me, kid? You are just kid." he said in mockery voice.

Few minutes later, Somchai decides to kick his leg hard that cause him to let Mali go while Somchai was grabbed her before she was dropped herself on the floor.

"Thank you, sir!" Mali said in shock voice before she was slipped into unconscious

"Miss! Miss!" Somchai said in worried voice.

Finally, Somchai was picked her up and he was putted her into his arm gentle while he was rushed out of the storeto be searched for his parents to get some help.

Few hours later, Mali was woked up and she was looked around the hospital room with confused expression on her face.

"Mum? Mum? Where are you?" Mali called out in desperate voice.

Few minutes later, she was heard that someone was groaned from sleep and she was pulled the covers up to herchin with tightly hands.

"It is ok, Miss. It is just me. I am the one who saved your life. And you was fainted few hours ago so that's why you are in hospital for awhile because your mother is in coma right now andthe hospital staff tries to reach your fatherfor several times." Somchai explained.

She was nodded at him and she was letting the blanket go while she was playing with her hairfor awhile.

"Are you ok, miss? You are so quiet now." Somchai said worried.

"I am ok. And my name is Mali." Mali said softly.

"That's pretty name fora girl like you. And my name is Somchai." Somchai said in cheerful voice.

She was blushed with shy smile while she was reached for him.

"Can I hold your hands please, Somchai?" Mali asked.

"No. I am sorry andiam not interested in girls. How about best friends forever?" Somchai said smiled.

"Sure then. I love to ve your best friend forever." Mali said softly.

He was smiled at her and he was kept her in company for awhile.

Finally, the nurse was walked into the ward and two people were followed her with worried expressions on their faces.

"Mali, your uncle and your aunt have comes here to collect you now so you can be realesed from hospital right now. Take it easy, take care of yourself." the nurse explained.

Mali was nodded at her and she was smiled at herself while Somchai helped her toward the wheelchair right now.

"See you around. And take care too, Mali." Somchai toldher.

She was nodded at him and her aunt was pushed her wheelchair while her uncle was held her bag closer to his chest with friendly smile.

After that, Mali went home with her family while Somchai went home on his own with thoughtful smilies.


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