Colors can represent many things from love to friendship to anger to hate to life and death. But each color represents an infinite number of things.

Most people say that black is death, evil, darkness, and shadows while white means purity, peace, hope and life. But black is everything, it contains all other colors and thus all other emotions and feelings. So to me, black is everything, happiness, love, anger, and, yes, death.

But is death really evil, without death everything would be thrown out of order, out of balance. So black is essential good because without it there would be nothing, no balance, nor order, no meaning.

White has nothing, it contains none of the other colors , so yes it is pure. But it has nothing, no emotion and no feelings. So with nothing, is it really good? No, it is nothing, and nothing is evil because it doesn't have a conscience to rein in its temper.

Colors each have a different meaning to different people. It all depends on the personal experiences of the person interoperating the colors and their beliefs.

For me, black represents good, death, calm, welcoming and sheltering and white represents wvil, chaos, abyss and emptiness.

What do they represent for you?