Hi everyone! This is my first FP story and I really hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as I've had fun writing it. :)

Anais is the new girl who is used to being popular but now feels alone and a loser. She has no friends and her BFF lives five states over. As if climbing back up the school hierarchy is hard enough, she then finds herself in a casual relationship with the hottest boy in school. Some things are just complicated.

Livy sighed over the phone.

"I still can't believe you're there now."

"Ugh, me neither." I leaned against my car's steering wheel.

"You know, you can always drive back home. Stay with me until the end of the school year."

"Liv, it's the first day of school. And besides, my parents will never let me drive across state lines."

Another sigh from my best friend.

"Well, I miss you. And we're gonna suck ass now that our cheer captain's attending another school, for sure."

"And I miss you, too. I just really hope I get to see you soon."

"There's always Skype! Anyway, I have to go now, first day and all. I love you!"

"Yeah, bye."


Silence enveloped me as I stared at my new school from the cozy cocoon that was my car. Today's my first day at West St. Thomas High School and I'm starting to not enjoy it already. I hate new schools – not that I've had many experiences of new schools since I basically lived in one area my whole life – and the thought of having no friends, no power over people... it just gives me a headache.

If only my mom did not get that job at the publishing company, I would still be at my old house right now, staring at my old ceiling, wondering what to wear for my first day as a senior. I would not have been here, this early, staring at the front yard of my new school, psyching myself to get up, go to the principal's secretary and get my schedule.

God, I hate new schools.

I checked my face one more time to make sure that I look presentable, gathered my bag, and stepped out of my comfortable car. Here goes nothing.

The first thing I noticed when I entered the hallway of West St. Thomas High School was the silence. Okay, so there were a couple of students walking around and stuff, but the hallway was almost bare. Oh my gosh, did I mistakenly read the date for the first day of school? Was it really supposed to be 11 and not 21?

I'm so screwed.

I must have looked like a lost puppy, just standing at the middle of the entrance hall, because a kind janitor asked if I needed something. He was also the one who showed me the way to the principal's office. Thank God for people like him.


"Here is your schedule and your locker combination, Ms. Blake." The secretary handed me a piece of paper.

"Now, I understand that you came from a relatively smaller school so if you get lost or you need some help, feel free to contact me at this number." She pointed to a cell phone number that was scrawled on top of my schedule.

"Okay, thanks!"

"See you around! And don't get in trouble on your first day."

I just smiled at her and left the office. As if.

Now, it's time to look for my locker and go to – I glanced at my schedule – AP Calculus. Great. I hate math.

After a few wrong turns, I finally found my locker which was near the cafeteria and very far from the classrooms. I stuffed a few notebooks and papers inside while I thought of the different things to decorate it. Normally, I would've put up a picture of me and Jason, my (ex)boyfriend, but seeing that he broke up with me after finding out that I was moving... I've thrown out that idea out of the window.

I closed my locker and just leaned on it for a while. I still have a couple of minutes before the warning bell and normally, I would be happy about that but I reminded myself that I don't have any friends here and I have nothing to do, sooo. I'm just going to stay here, leaning on my locker, and observe the people that pass me by.

Oh, look... there's a cheerleader with a jock, making out in a corner. How nice.

I decided to go to my classroom early instead. So I started walking away from my locker when I suddenly bumped at this solid wall of muscles.

"Watch it."

I looked up and saw the most gorgeous guy I have ever seen in my entire life. Him with his tousled, morning after, brown hair, and blue eyes. I think I just died and gone to heaven. And he's so tall and muscular. Must be an athlete. I wonder if he has friends as hot as him.

I did not realize I was staring until he opened his perfectly shaped mouth.

"You can stop staring now, freshman." I look like a freshman?

"Oh, and you can let go of my shirt. It's okay."

I looked down and true enough, my right hand was grabbing his shirt. Oops. I slowly let it go and cleared my throat.

"Yeah, about that. Sorry, I'm new here."

"Well, next time, watch where you're going." Excuse me?

"You watch where you're going. And, I'm a senior."

He raised his eyebrow at me and gave me a once over. The nerve.

"Now that I've looked at you properly, I can definitely see some experience there." He moved his arms up and down as if he was examining my body.

"I like you, freshman."

"Senior! And, too bad. You're not my type." Even though he definitely was my type.

I turned around and walked towards the direction of my classroom. Well, what I think is the right direction.

"I'll be watching you, freshman!"

I ignored him.

Calculus was calculus. It did not hold my attention for long.

My second period class was English Literature which I am looking forward to. I love reading books. At my old school, I was labeled a dumb blonde for being cheer captain and for attending parties but no one really knew that I wore contact lenses or that I had a 3.7 GPA. Not that it mattered, though. I liked my reputation. I was on top of the social pyramid. I wore the best clothes, dated the best guys, had the best friends. Girls actually wanted to be me.

Until my Dad announced that we were moving. Now, I'm just this loser new girl who do not have any friends. And I might possibly have offended the most popular guy in school. This is sooo not going to be my year.

I arrived at my English Lit classroom a little late and there weren't many good seats left. I chose a table at the back, in between two girls. The one on my left looks cheerful and her notebook is colorful – she must be friends with everyone – while the girl on my right is the exact opposite. She's all black and dark.

The class went by smoothly. Just the teacher handing some reading materials and discussing the grading system. Good thing he did not make me go in front of the class and introduce myself just like what my Calc teacher did.

The teacher, Mr. Hawkings, was trying to explain his classroom policies when cheery girl turned to me with a big smile plastered on her face.



"You're new, right? Because, I swear, this is my first time seeing you here."

"Yeah, I just moved here."

"Cool. So, you got any friends yet?"

"Nope. This is the first day."

"Then, let me be your first friend! I'm Cassee." She held out her hand for me and I shook it.

"I'm Anais but you can call me Ana."

She leaned over and took a good look at my face. This girl seems a little weird.

"You're really pretty." Oh.

"Oh. Thank you. You, too." She is pretty cute.

"Yes, I know that. My brother and I have always run around the school looking all pretty and handsome, you know. You'll meet him soon! His name's Tanner. He's my twin. Pretty hard to miss."

"I see..." I'm really not good at making small talk.

"Yeah. Are you an athlete?"

"I cheer. You?"

"Basketball. I'm the captain this year. Gotta be fun, right?"

"Yeah. I'd watch your games sometimes, for sure."

"Of course! Basketball's a big deal here since we suck at football."

"Well, I suck at basketball."

"That's okay. Not everyone can play the game."

"Hmm. True."

"Will you be trying out for the squad?"

"I'm planning to. But I'm not sure, won't it be hard to get in?"

"Yeah. We are the state champs, after all. And they start rehearsing during the summer."

"It won't hurt to try, though."

"Are you any good?"

"I was cheer captain last year and was supposed to be captain this year, too."

"That's sooo cool. But why did you move?"

"Uhmm, my mom got a new job."

"That sucks."

"Tell me about it."

"That's okay now, though. Because we're friends now. And I'm pretty popular."

She took her phone out from her bag and handed it to me.

"Here, let me take your number. We should totally hang out at lunch."


I saved my number on her phone and decided to turn back to the teacher and listen. That's the least I can do, really.

Finally, lunch caught up with me and I headed to the cafeteria expecting to sit by myself. In my old school, my friends and I had a table and finding a place to eat lunch was the least of my problems. Now, though, I'm not even sure if I want to eat. I don't want to be that girl who eats near the garbage can or at the parking lot. No. I refuse.

I know Cassee promised to text me during lunch but it's either I typepd the wrong number or she's already forgotten about me because the only message I've received since second period is from my mom asking how school is.

I entered the cafeteria and decided to turn back around in an instant. It's like a jungle in there!

I was about to go out of the mess that was their cafeteria when my phone vibrated.

Unknown number.


"Hi! It's Cassee! Come over, we're near the salad bar."


That was weird. I turned around and saw Cassee standing in a round table near what I think is the salad bar. She was waving me over and of course I'm gonna join her and her friends for lunch.

"Ana! Over here!"

I grabbed some sandwich and soda on my way to their table.

"Everyone, meet Ana. She's new and she's in my English Lit class. Be good."

"Ana, meet the girls. Sadey (bleach blonde), Ellen (tall brunette), Rita (big boobs), and Cindy (redhead). They're all in the team with me."

The bleach blonde, Sadey, moved aside to give me some space between her and Ellen. I like her already.

The brunette nudged me in the kidney.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" People here are kinda nosy. Is there something wrong with the water?

"Nope, why?"

"Nothing. You'll like it here, then. I swear we have the hottest boys in the district." Judging from the guy I bumped into this morning... she might be telling the truth here.

"Like, hottest!" Cindy joined in.

"We have Tanner and Seth~"

"Tanner, definitely." Cindy cut in again, "He's Cassee's twin."

"Yeah, she mentioned it to me earlier." This Tanner guy must really be something.

"But they're not yet here, though. They have 6th period lunch."

"Too bad, I guess?" I chirped in. Just so I have something to say. Don't get me wrong, I am interested in boys but I just got out of a relationship here.

"Too bad."


School's been over for thirty minutes now but I'm still here, wandering the hallowed walls of my new high school, searching for the cheer coach. I have been looking for cheer signup sheets, too, but I have not seen any sheets on the bulletin boards except for the glee club and some clubs I am not interested in.

"Ana!" The redhead caught up to me. What was her name again?




"It's Cindy, remember?" Oh, of course!

"I knew that! We were together at lunch."

"Yeah, yeah. What are you doing still here?"

"You know, just roaming around the school, looking for the cheer coach."

"You cheer, then?"


"Well, come with me. They're in the gym with the basketball players. I'm going there right now."

She then went on to drag me towards the gym. Of course the cheer team will be in the gym, rehearsing their routines. Why didn't I think of that?

We finally found the gym and – oh my gosh – this place is huge! It's like thrice my old school's gym. These people must be really really rich.

There are four courts in the gym which can be converted from a basketball, volleyball, and badminton court. At the other side, boys are throwing basketballs around while the girls' team is on the other side. I didn't bother watching them, though. My number one priority is to get in on the cheer team. If I get on the team, I'd have a clique, have solid friends. I'll be on my way back to the top.

I easily found the squad in another court, practicing their stunts and pyramids, their coach counting and clapping at the same time. Time to man up, Anais Blake.

I walked to their coach, who looks like she could eat me any time now, and cleared my throat. I am such a diva.

"Excuse me? Hi, I'm Anais Blake." She raised a perfectly threaded eyebrow at me.


"I was wondering if there's still a spot on the squad? I used to be the captain in my old squad and I really wanted to try out."

She gave me a once over and took a deep breath.

"You have a great body, very toned." Thank you.

"But our squad's number one in the state right now and try outs were held at the end of last school year."

Oh no. Oh no, oh no, oh no.

"We rehearsed during the summer, went to cheer camps. But the only spot I have right now is for a spotter."

"I can be a spotter!" She smirked at me.

"We both know you can't, honey. You're so small and I need a boy."

My face fell. I can't not get in the squad. Cheering is my life. I've been doing it since forever and~

"You can always try out for next year."

"In college, you mean? I am a senior."

"That's too bad."

"Please, just give me a chance. I'm really good. I know I'm good."

"I'm really really sorry, girlie. The squad's full."

I feel like I'm going to cry.

"Okay. Thanks anyway."

"Sure. You can come watch us, though." No way.

"I'll see."

I need to get out of here. Ugh, can this day get any worse? All I want to do is cheer. A few months ago, coaches from the east would die just to get me to transfer to their schools and cheer with them and then I get here and this coach doesn't even give me a chance. Not even just a herkie.

I can't breathe. I can't even walk. I just want to sit here, in the middle of cheer practice, and cry my heart out. I feel so helpless, hopeless. This is worse than when Jason broke up with me.

I feel so lost.

What am I supposed to do now?


A sweaty arm came around my shoulder.

I quickly removed it off me. I am not in a good mood. IT was the gorgeous guy from the hallway.


"Hey, now. Name calling is bad. I'm Tanner." Tanner?!

"You're Tanner?"

"Oh, you've heard of me then?"

"I met Cassee." They must really have perfect parents for them to have those faces and body.

Tanner's hair is sleek with sweat and his white shirt is clinging to his body, giving me a clear view of his six-pack abs. Okay, I'm in a good mood now.

"Yeah, she's my sister. What are you doing here?"

"I thought I could try out for cheer."

"Ooooh. Nice. Their coach is a bitch, though. They're really good. Are you good?"

"I used to be captain at my old school and they're not accepting rookies now."

"Yeah, they hold try outs at the end of the school year." He tsked and dragged me to the side, near the bleachers.

"You can always just cheer for me, though. Here. In the bleachers. I'm the co-captain."

"I don't even know you."

"No. You know me. Tanner, remember? I am the one who doesn't know you. You got a name, Freshman?"


"Sexy name for a sexy girl."

"Yeah. Thanks. Bye."

I started to walk out of the gym when he called me again.


Uggggggh. Now, what?

"Have dinner with me." What the hell?

"Are you asking me out?"

"Whaat?! No. Some guys and girls from the team are grabbing pizza after practice. We'll be done in a couple of minutes since it's the first day and all."

"I'm not sure. I really just want to go home right now."

"Come on, Cassee and the girls are coming, too. We're your friends now."

Well, if I needed a group that could drag me back up to the top of the social ladder, this group will be it. Seeing that I am not welcome in the cheer squad.


"Okay, okay? Okay. Sit here, I'll be back in thirty."

And he jogged back to his team.

I'm now left at the side of the court, watching the men's basketball team run around the place, passing and dribbling their balls.

I looked at Tanner who was talking to who I assume is their coach, a fit but bald man who appeared to be in his early forties. I continued to gaze around the team when my eyes fell on a dark haired guy doing some suicides. If I thought that Tanner was gorgeous, this guy is a demi-god.

He is the hottest piece of man I have ever seen in my entire life. He is tall, maybe as tall as or a few inches taller than Tanner (who I assume is around 6 ft 1) with black hair and, I don't know what color his eyes are. But those arm muscles and the way his legs flex. This is heaven.

I wonder if he's coming with us to dinner?

A few minutes later, the coach gathered the players around him and said something I couldn't hear. I was still watching suicides guy. He is now standing close to Tanner. They appear to be talking. He was slightly turning his back to me so I still can't see his eyes, though I reckon they might be something dark like brown.

I was still watching him when Tanner said something to him that made him turn and look at me.


His eyes. Definitely not brown.

They were the coldest shade of gray I have ever seen. Like a sky when there's a storm approaching. And yet, they seem to bore into my soul. Like he was reading my every thought. Dear Lord, please don't let him know that he might now be the new subject of my fantasies.

Their coach clapped his hand and he broke our eye contact, leaving me gaping at him.

"That's Seth."

"Oh my gosh. Cassee! You surprised me!"

"Sorry, our practice ended early and I saw you sitting here so I decided to give you company."

"Okay. Thanks. Who's Seth?"

"The one you were staring at. That's Seth. He's Tanner's best friend and co-captain. Pretty hot, huh?"


"I wouldn't go for him, though, if I were you."


"Don't get me wrong, he's a good guy and we've been friends forever but he's prolly banged half the state by now."

"Playboy much?"

"Yeah. So, you know, just watch out, okay?"


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