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It's been two days since Mike Miller's party and all is good.

Seth, apparently, threw his phone at the dance floor when I left and that was why he didn't call me. But, he explained, he came to my house so early the next morning that he didn't know what to do when my mom told him that I was out with Mason. That was the reason he was hunched at the sidewalk when we arrived. I took him in our house just so we could talk. And we did.

He told me how he found out about Mason and Chelsea, he told me how he felt when Chelsea died and how scared he was when he saw me staring at him that first day in the gym. He was scared because he saw Chelsea in me but at the same time, he knew I was a big bang – that I was someone who would change his life forever. And I really hope I will.

Seth also explained how he wanted to bring me to all of the place he brought Chelsea to or he wanted us to do things he did with her because he wanted me to turn out to be like her… just so he could keep on denying that I was different. That I am different. Which I am, obviously.

I didn't want to forgive Seth right away. Hell, I still haven't forgiven him and I am still holding out the sex but I also didn't want to deny myself the happiness that I keep on feeling whenever I'm around him. There's just no sense in hurting someone I really don't want to hurt.

Right now, though, Seth was meeting Mason, and I just opened my front door to Cassee's sad smile.

She was holding a box of cupcakes and the rest of the gang were behind here.

"We're sorry." They all said at the same time.

I wanted to act like I was mad – maybe a little part of me was still mad at them – but it's so hard to stop myself from smiling.

I let everybody in and we gathered at our kitchen. Cassee, bless this girl, spoke first.

"I'm sorry for everything Ana. I, personally, just didn't know how to handle all the things that's happened. I mean, I've never seen Seth act so happy since Chelsea."

Tanner nodded, "you must be a really good in bed, Fresh, because he's so much happier now than with Chelsea."

Cassee smacked him on the hand and Tanner shrugged, "I love Chelsea, always will… but someone's gotta be honest."

I shrugged, "I just don't get why you had to hide everything from me."

Rita was the one to reply, "Because everything was new to us. No one's been new here after Chelsea died."

Cody agreed, "You're literally the new girl."

Sadey nodded, "And you looked like her, so yeah."

Cassee spoke again, "And maybe for a moment we imagined what life would be if she was still here with us."

Cindy was fast in adding, "Obviously that didn't work because you're you and we later realized that we love you just because you, Anais Blake, is so easy to love."

"And I still want to make love to you, too." Tanner, of course.

This time, Sadey was the one to smack him.

Cassee put her arm around me, "Are we good?"

I smiled at her, "We're okay."

She squealed and hugged the beejezus out of me.


"Hi, I'm Ana." I said, sitting down on the grass-covered floor.

After weeks of annoying Seth, he finally went with me to Chelsea's grave. I'm surprised that she was buried here and not at wherever her family was right now. If I died, I wouldn't want to be left in one place while my family tries to move on in another place. I would totally haunt them, for sure. Heh. That would scare my mom.

I read her gravestone, Chelsea Louise White. She had a nice name.

"Her name's nice."

Seth nodded, still looking at it. "Yeah. I miss her sometimes, you know."

He sat down next to me and I leaned on his shoulder, "Not the Chelsea who was my girlfriend but the Chelsea who was my friend. We knew each other forever and sometimes, I just feel like it would be nice to have you and Chelsea sitting at the same table, gossiping with Cassee. You would have been close."

"If she were alive, you would've still been in love with her."

Seth kissed the top of my head, "Maybe, maybe not. But I've seen her look at Mason. That was love. She looked at him the way I look at you."

I smiled, "I love you, you know that?"

"Yup. I love you too."

We sat there, silent, for a few more minutes before I asked, "Do you really think we would have gotten along, Chelsea and I?"

Seth grinned, "Oh yeah, totally. She would teach you how to be more patient and you would've taught her how to take more risks. You two would've been good together."

I smiled again and prayed. See, I'm not much for saying prayers. I am not the most religious person in the world, but this time, I allowed myself to pray for Chelsea. For her to have peace, I mean… she died so abruptly. She had plans that she never got to fulfill, she might have even went to Mason that night hoping to wake up next to him the next morning, except she never woke up.

I prayed for Mason and Seth to finally get to terms with Chelsea's death. I heard Mason finally told Seth the real story and that they're trying so hard to patch things up between them and that makes me really happy.

I prayed for the White family. It's only been a few years since Chelsea died. I'm sure they are still haunted by the fact that their eldest daughter will never be able to grow up like Aden or Cindy or their other sibling. I bet they are still hurting. I pray that He gives them strength because they will always need it.

I prayed for my friends and for everybody else involved in this drama. Now that everything is starting to fall into place, let the drama lessen and let there be no more secrets between us.

I finished praying and stood up, grabbing Seth with me.

I gave Chelsea one last smile. Don't worry Chelsea, I'll take care of them.

A wink to her and off Seth and I went.

Seth laced his hands with mine and gave me another kiss on my head.

"I love you, Anais Blake."

I tightened my grip on his hand and smiled back up at him, "I love you too, Seth Andersen."

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