Just so it is known, this is part of the first chapter. I know the title sounds corny, but I couldn't come up with anything else. But the story is much better than the title, I promise. :D Enjoy! Oh, and if you have any other questions, feel free to comment or PM me. Thanks!

Chapter 1

I, Kaylee Anderson, was the most popular girl in school. Everyone admired me and wanted to be me. I was envied by all.

At least, until it had happened.

I'd never been one to believe in aliens and legends and things like that. Not to mention things like other dimensions. It was absurd. At least, that's what I had thought until I stepped into another dimension myself.

Earlier today I had been talking with my friend Michelle just before it had happened. "Michelle, what do you think about Johnathan?" We both knew that Johnathan had liked me since, like, middle school.

"I think that he's a dork," she laughed.

"Um, yeah... he sure is."

"You don't, like him... do you, Kay?"

"Uh, no. Not at all..." Of course, I knew this was a lie. I've liked Johnathan longer than he had liked me. Not that I would ever tell Michelle that. I love the girl, but Michelle can be a real pain. I also know that Johnathan and I are in completely different social groups. I'm considered—or was considered—one of the "snobby" girls, while Johnathan was a smart and nice. He didn't fight for his position, so he wasn't considered as popular as Michelle and I. And once Michelle got a hold of a juicy rumor like that, words would fly, and it would get out of control fast. No way did I want Michelle to know the truth. "No, your right. He's a dork."

"Good, I'm glad you agree. Because I have a juicy piece of info. Look at your phone. You should have a text."

"And you couldn't just tell me it this juicy piece of info in person why?"

"Because I just couldn't. Now look at your phone!"

"Fine." Okay, so I didn't actually feel like looking at my phone at the moment, but I really didn't feel like arguing, so I decided to look at my phone anyway. I opened the phone and looked at a text. My first mistake.

Kay, it read. so i found out zat peter likes u. he told me so yesturday. i waz realy surprized wen he told me so. u no, cuz he's so cute. but he told me that he thought u look realy cute. he sed he wanted to take u out 4 a movie 2nite. pleez sey yes wen he asks u.



I looked at Michelle with what I am sure was a totally unprofessional look of flattery. I didn't care, though. "REALLY?! Peter likes me?! Awesome! And he is so cute!"

"I know, right! So, what do you think?"

"About what?"I ask.

"About where he'll take you?"

"Oh, I don't know. But if what you say is true, then I'd better go home and get ready!"

"Right! Go get 'im, girl!"

"I will," I had called back as I started towards home. I ran to my four-story Victorian Style house and unlocked the front door, raced up the stairs, and sat by the wireless phone for an hour before it finally rang. I had picked it up faster than the speed of light. "Hello?"


"This is she. Is this Peter?"

"Yeah! How did you know? Oh, you have caller ID, don't you?"

"Uh, yeah," I said, knowing full well I'm a complete liar and that I don't have caller ID.

"Well, I was just wondering if you would, like, wanna go to Joey's Pizzeria tonight with me. Would you like to?" he asked.

"Sure," I replied, attempting to play hard to get. "I suppose I could. My schedule is pretty busy, but I think I have tonight free. I can be there at seven. Sound good?"

"Well, if you're busy, then that's okay..."

"No, actually, I just looked at the callendar and it turns out that tonight is one of my only free nights. I think I would enjoy a date—I mean brake. So does seven sound good then?

"Yeah," he replied. "It's a date."

They quickly said goodbye and I hung up. "Okay. I have exactly an hour and a half to get ready." I remember kicked into high gear, taking a shower in twenty minutes flat, taking like, forty-five minutes to pick out an outfit, and an extra fifteen minutes doing my hair and makeup. I had exactly ten minutes to get there. No matter. It was only a five minute walk, so I should have be there about five minutes early.

I had rushed down the stairs, quickly written a note to my parents explaining where I was and about what time I figured I would be back. No sense in making them worry.

I'd rushed out the door, having seven minutes to get there, and practically flew down the next several blocks. Peter Caldwell asked me out! "EEEEEEEI!" I had squealed, feeling like I had a backstage pass to meet Justin Beiber after one of his concerts. Although, I suppose Justin Beiber is a bad example, considering I don't like him or his music. Okay, let me rephrase that. I squealed, feeling like I had a backstage pass to meet Selena Gomez. There. That's better.

So, as I was saying, I was practically flying down the next couple of blocks. And at one point I actually did think I was flying. At least, until I slipped and fell in a puddle. The thought shattered. I hadn't even noticed that it was raining, and thanks to my carelessness I had almost soiled my outfit completely. It was still salvageable, however, I knew I would have to stop in the bathroom before I met Peter.

I looked at the culprit, now a murky pile of water. Terrific. I thought about kicking the water right out of the puddle, but thought better of it when I realized that I was wearing sandals.

I angrily stared at it until it became so blurry that I actually thought that I saw light shimmer below its surface. Then I realized there actually was light shimmering below it's surface! I bent down to get a peek when I felt strong hand grab my shoulders and push me forward, launching me towards the puddle. I screamed, and, moments before impact, I felt as though I'd hit a barrier made out of Jello. Everything slowed down, I couldn't move without feeling as though I was stuck in time. Then, everything had gone black.

I woke up, and here I am now, in a completely different place.