There Was This Girl

There was this girl

So caring and so kind

She was always happy

And loved by each and every one

She helped old folks to cross the street

Read story books to little kids

And helped at homeless shelters

But best of all she was your friend

On a school camp in the wild

Just hanging with the class

You were having so much fun

Until it came to rock climbing

You partnered with her

She offered to go first

With the safety line secured

She began the climb

It was amazing to watch her climb

So sure of her every move

Not at all scared of the height

Needless to say she won the race

At the top she rested

To watch the others climb

No one knew how deep she hurt

They didn't know her past

She cut the line

And whispered goodbye

Smiling she plummeted

No more shall she hurt

This unsuspected suicide