The Girl in the Corner

Happy, laughing, smiling

Always having so much fun

Temperamental, angry, depressed

Quickly the mood changes

Seems so innocent and quiet

Has a hard time fitting in

Is troubled by depression

Anger management and violence

When befriended

Stays close by their side

Dependant on their friendship and protection

No wonder she's always getting hurt

She only has a few close friends

It's not that she doesn't like others

It's just that they don't get her

They stand and criticize

So you can understand her predicament

How she feels each time

That one of those close to her

Hurts her deep inside

Every time this happens

She succumbs deeper to depression

Her prescribed medication doesn't

Seem to work as much anymore

She feels betrayed and left in the dark

No one seems to see her struggle

Alone each night fighting for

The one thing that will keep her alive

She is sensitive and easily hurt

Not many can see that deep inside

Nor can they heal the pain

She's shut up inside for so long

As life goes on and things get worse

She clings desperately to her friends

More than once she is pushed aside

To make room for more important people

With each rejection, she clings on tighter

The more she does the more she is pushed away

Brushed aside like a common street beggar

No one cares for the loner in the corner

Would they notice if she was no longer there

No longer clinging to reality

Hiding deep within herself

Too far gone for anyone to rescue her

Would they care if she disappeared

No longer clinging to life

Hiding in a deep abyss

No one can save her now, it's too late

All she wanted was to be protected

To feel secure and safe

No one offered her that

They didn't care for the loner in the corner

Now she is gone, who is to blame

All she wanted was to be loved

But you couldn't even give her that

The girl in the corner is forever alone