Silence is haunting me

My world is cold and dark

The dull ache of my heart

Keeps me from smiling

Pain sweeps through me

When I lie in bed awake

Too scared to fall asleep

In fear I'll see your face

My heart feels so empty

I think I lost it when you died

All the tears I've cried for you

They were pointless and left me dry

I blame myself for your death

You were only very young

I didn't mean to yell at you

I only wanted you to be quiet

I didn't mean to hit you

That was out of character

I have no excuse, just remorse

It was my fault that you died

After our fight you ran away

I begged you not to go

I pleaded and meant it too

But you just kept on running

You tried to cross the road

I watched it in slow motion

As the truck came around the corner

And struck you head on

Now I'm here in your room

I wish that you were beside me

Sentimental I may be but

Every little thing reminds me of you

The photos on your walls

They remind me that your friends

Have lost you too

This only makes me feel worse

My gaze wanders over your room

The unmade bed, flowerpot

And clothes strewn on the floor

Your room feels so empty and sad

I can hear the hinges

Squeak on the swing outside

The window is wide open

Giving me a clear view of your garden

As I stand here and look

Out the window, to the swing

In the garden where you used to play

A smile upon your face

I can't take this anymore

The pain, the hurt, the grief

With a long sad sigh

I close the window

I walk across the carpet

Take one more look around your room

Before I lock the door,

For evermore