Everyone always goes to me for advice, advice about love. Honestly? I don't really mind. It's cool that they choose to talk to me about it, there's only one problem. I don't believe in love. Sure, there's infatuation, but no such thing as love. Nothing has ever really caused this disbelief, my parents are happily married, no one has broken my heart into itsy bitsy pieces, well, that's probably because I've never been in a relationship. Yeah, I'm seventeen years old and never been in a relationship. Most people view that as really sad. I don't. My age is the reason why I'm not in a relationship. What's the point of dating someone when you're not going to spend the rest of your life with them? Really, it's a waste of time. Tons of girls spend most of their high school lifes dating guys, claiming their in "love" with guys, breaking up with them, and crying about it the next day. That's pathetic. Those girls could be doing better things with their time then crying and complaining about guys. I may sound harsh, but that's the cold-hearted truth.

I try to close the door as quietly as possibly. I did not want to wake up the girl sleeping in the bed. If I did wake her up, this week was going to be way worse then it already is. (If you didn't get that my week had been pretty sucky, then you're stupid, guess I have to spell it out:This week has been the crappiest week ever.) It's not like anyone I cared about died or anything, or I found out I was diagnosis with some deadly disease, or even that Coach benched me and I won't be playing in Friday's game because of my grades. It's just been a long week. I mean, it's only Thursday, but it feels like Monday was a month ago. So this brings me back to the girl in the bed. Since this week has been so long, I thought "Time flies when you're having fun" so I decided to have some fun with that girl. Truth is, I don't even know her name, but let's just say she's pretty good at what she does. The thing is, I came to her twice in the last week. If I came to her one time, it means it's just a one time thing, but twice? In the same week? She'll probably think we're in some serious relationship. Like that's ever going to happen. The most she'll ever be is arm candy. Besides, I don't do serious relationships.