Chapter 5
Pink & Blue & Detention

3 days ago, my life was easy. I was a free man, no bets, no commitment, and especially no girlfriend. 2 days ago, I made a bet, I had to be in a commitment, and I got a girlfriend. Yippee. Not. It was the worse day of my life.
Never thought I would say this, but Autumn was right. It was the worse day of my life so far. Why?
Because the next day was so much worse.
After lunch, people started treating me differently.
Girls started avoiding me (that NEVER happens, it's usually me avoiding them) and the guys kept giving me weird looks and making comments like "dude, a girlfriend? You're whipped." or "That girl over Bianca? Are you out of your mind?" and random people that I've never even met has been going up to me asking "Is it true? Is is true?" Next person that's going to ask me that, I swear, it's not going to end pretty.

Yesterday everyone was talking about how Evan asked me to homecoming, now all I here in the hallways are "OMG, I can't believe Peter Wilson is going out with that Autumn girl" or "How dare she steal my man like that!" or even "Who the heck is this Autumn girl? Never seen her before." I was basically thrown aside and replaced by Autumn. Like old news. The thing is, Evan didn't seem to care at all. It was the other way around, he seemed to be enjoying the whole Peter/Autumn thing. Like a artist looking at his masterpiece. Seriously, What's so special about Autumn anyways?

In a total of one day, everyone's view of me changed.
I was "oh, she seems familiar" to "Peter's girlfriend" to:
(For girls) "Ew, she's a coldhearted, backstabbing *insert bad word here*"
(For guys) "Whoa, she's hot, I'll hit that up"
Seriously, high school life is shallow.

The next morning:
I open the door to Peter's car only to see that the passenger seat was already occupied. "Evan? What are you doing here?"
Evan steps out of the car, Peter does the same. "Sorry to interrupt your morning car ride together, but..." he opens his backpack and throws something blue towards Peter and something pink hits my face.
It was a shirt. It read, in big black bold letters, "PETER'S GIRLFRIEND" under it in smaller letters were the words "He's mine, back off ladies."
I look at Peter's shirt. His basically said the something. "AUTUMN'S BOYFRIEND" and "Guys, she's already me." on the back of the shirt there was a big giant winky face. I rolled my eyes.
"There's no way I'm wearing this." Peter and I say at the same time.
"Aw, you guys are already saying the same things! How cute!" Evan says in a "girly" voice.
"Nope, it took a long time to convince my sister to make you these shirts, of course you're going to wear them. We shook on it."
"We did not shake on this." Peter disagreed.
He pulls out a letter, "did y'all not read the rules? "Thou shall listen to Evan when he adds another rule." this is another rule." he quotes.
Peter groans. "Evan..." he tries to reason with him. "Come on Man...remember in fourth grade when I took the blame for you with the jump-rope stunt?"
I had no idea what he was talking about, but Evan understood.
"That has nothing to do with wearing this shirt."
"Yeah it does, dude, you owe me!"
"Peter, it's only for one day."
"Seventh grade, you, Ryan, and I broke into the school, who took all the blame while the other two ran off?"
"Y-you did." he stuttered.
"That's right. It seems like you owe me too. So we're even and you're wearing the shirt."
"I'm not going to be wearing that shirt."
"My sister-my own flesh and blood-took hours working on this shirt. Do you want to disappoint her?"
"Not my problem."
Evan continues staring at him.
"Fine, fine, I'll put on the freaking shirt."
Evan smirks and turns to face me.
"Thirty dollars and I'll wear it." I propose.
"Fine, deal, fifty."
I put on the shirt as he hands me the cash. This is going to be a long day.

"Have a fun day at a school!" Evan says "Oh and Autumn, you better not turn off your phone."
I rolled my eyes before walking away.
A text from Evan appears on my screen. I literary just saw him three seconds ago. Is he serious?
"Hold hands."
"Aren't the shirts enough?"
"No. Hold hands."
I sigh before linking my hand with Peter's. He tried to pull it away until I showed him the text message. He sighs before holding onto it.
We walk into the schools and I hear dumped already starting to form.
"I heard she threatened Peter into being her boyfriend." one girl says.
"He's only going out with her because he feels sorry for her." another one says.
I just rolled my eyes, told you high school life is shallow.
We were on our way to first period-English-before Peter stops abruptly.
I stare at him curiously-was he dropped on a head as a baby?
"Evan doesn't have a sister." he says.

I laughed. A good, heartfelt laugh, "dude, Evan just tricked you."
He responds by slamming his textbooks on the desk.
I continued laughing even after the teacher walked into the class and the bell has already rang.
A piece of paper hit my hand as the teacher wrote on the old-fashioned chalk board.
"Was it really that funny?"
"Yes...So a little bird told me you don't like disappointing people?"
He just crumpled up the paper and tossed it into the trashcan.
"How disappointing..." I whispered. He flipped me off.
"Detention Wilson, don't think I didn't see that."
I started laughing all over again behind my textbook.
"Don't forget I'm your ride home." Peter whispered.
Aw man.
My phone started to buzz.
"Abby Sterling just told me that Peter got detention. Go get one too."
Of course the text message was from Evan. I rolled my eyes.
Sure, I had a detention before, but only because I was "roaming the halls" during class. Actually, I was trying to get to my locker and it was during my free period, but didn't want to hear that.
So how is one suppose to get a detention?
I didn't want to do anything big, why ruin a good teacher-student relationship for a bet? So I did the easiest thing I could think of. I raised my hand.
"Yes ?"
"May I get a detention?"
"Uh, may I ask why ?"
I shrugged "Nothing better to do after school."
"I'm sure there are a lot of clubs willing to take you in."
"Why join a club when you're only going go be there one time? A club is about commitment, sir. So the detention...?"
"Alright, alright, I'll give it to you, but only this one time."
"Thank you Sir."
The bell rang, signaling that first period was over.
Peter comes up to me and starts shaking his head "I can believe you just asked for a detention."
I shrugged "it was the only way I could think of."

A text from Autumn appeared on my screen. "Got one."
Well that was quick. I expected her to at least take three period to get one, who knew a goody-goody has what it took to get a detention? Curiosity overwhelmed me. How did she get detention?
"Did you hear? I heard gave Peter a detention, then like, five minutes later, Autumn got one too! I swear, she like, follows him around like a dog!" the girl said, pleased with her comparison.
"Excuse me ladies..."
"Oh, hi Evan!" the girls greeted.
"Do you know how Autumn got the detention?" I asked.
"Yeah, I heard she like, asked for one."
"She like, raised her hand and asked for one." the girl continued.
"Uh, okay, thanks..."
"Anytime Evan, anytime." the girl says "seductively"
I shivered.

"Did you really raise your hand and ask for a detention?" I ask Autumn at lunch.
"Do you know how lame that is?"
She just shrugs "You never said "how", just that I had to get one. I got one, end of story."
"Here, let me show you the proper way to get one."
I pick up an orange from Autumn's tray, smear ketchup all over it, and look around for a target.
Ah, , no one likes him. This is where my two years of baseball comes into practice, it hits him right on the head. Perfect.
He glares at me. "Evan Daniels, come with me."

I rolled my eyes. Sure, no one likes , but what Evan did was stupid. I mean, yeah, I admit I enjoyed it, but was that really worth the punishment?

After school:
"Can I take off this shirt now?" I asked Evan.
"Nope. Not until detention is over."
I "accidentally" pushed him into the wall.

"Be quiet as I call roll." the teacher-I don't know his name- says.
Well, since we're in detention, basically a room full of rebels, they did the exact opposite of what he said.
I heard the teacher sigh "Why do I even bother?" and starts grading papers.
I start to pull out a book before Evan comes to me "oh no, you can't do that, sit next to your boyfriend."
He pushes me into the chair next to Peter.

Evan pushes Autumn in the chair next to me. To be honest, I'm getting sick and tired of Evan's schemes. "Peter do this, Peter do that" I swear, that kid is going to get hurt one day.
"Yo Thomas, what are you doing here?" Zach Gibson says.
Thomas? As in Autumn Thomas?
Autumn grins "Zach! I didn't know you were going to be in here!"
Obviously he did mean Autumn.
"You kidding? This place is like a second home to me." Zach says.
Autumn and Zach start to share their life stories with one another.
Evan pulls me aside "They know each other?"
I shrug "Why are you asking me?"
"But...Autumn...she's a...and Zach...he's..."
"Dude, Evan! You're not making any sense!"
"HOW DO THEY KNOW EACH OTHER? That doesn't make any sense!"
"Well...why don't you just ask them?" I suggest.
"Oh yeah..." Evan and I walk up to the two "how do you know each other?" Evan demanded an answer.
Autumn and Zach look at each other "It all started freshman year..." Autumn begins.