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I wish I could get away from it all...

Normal people don't have to worry about the paparazzi...

Of course, normal people aren't the daughter of King Philip of Costa Luna, seventeen year old Acacia thought. She continued to write in her diary, her only respite from a day of depressing boredom and princessy manners.

Daddy thought I was overreacting this morning when I said Paisley wasn't here today. Little does he know that she is my only link to the outside world. She carries the news (that's not about me), she brings sweets (which are practically banned from this castle), and she is just a good friend in general.

She gazed up, looking out the window. She could hear the birds singing. She could see the sun setting on the horizon. The sky was bathed in an orange glow and the glow spread all across the valley. It would have been a beautiful sight had she not seen it so many times. Her gaze shifted back to her diary.

I found out some shocking news today as well, as if Paisley not coming isn't bad enough. Honestly, I don't know where that girl is... Anyway, back to the subject. I just found out today that I'm betrothed, as my dad puts it. Okay, let's get real, Dad. I'm engaged! You're setting up mymarriage! What's up with that?! Most normalgirls get to pick the guy they want to marry. Like Paisley for instance. She gets to decide who she wants to marry, which will probably be Skylar. He's cool, he's buff, he's hot! But no, I don't get to pick who I marry, even though I'm the princess.

"Now, Acacia," Dad said, "don't overreact. This happens to people all of the time." I wanted to shout, "Who, Dad? Who does this happen to nowadays? Not NORMAL people! Just me, the princess!"

I don't think I'll ever understand that man.

Acacia looked up, startled by a knock on the door. "Acacia," rang out a voice she knew well. "Time for dinner!" Without another seconds warning, Mary burst through the doors. Acacia worked with lightning speed to hide her diary from the intruder before her (for a diary is another thing that is forbidden for a princess, go figure), a blonde with an appetite, which you could tell from her bulging midsection. At sixty-seven years she was still on full steam, though. "Oh, dear. Your a mess! Your hair isn't even done! Don't worry, I'll call Shelly in as soon as I leave."

Acacia looked at her reflection in the mirror. All in all, she didn't look too bad. Sure her dirty blonde hair was a bit messy, what with it pulled up into a loose pony tail. But she looked fresh, as far as showers and a nightgown went. She doubted her fiancé would care if her hair looked nice when she was about to go to bed. Not that she gave one iota what her fiancé thought. She had never even met him before. She wasn't generally one who cared about first appearances. She was a princess after all. Princesses are always thought amazing during first appearances. They give remarkable first impressions. At least, most of them do. There are those few...

"Anyway," Mary kept talking in a tone that said she had been talking before but that Acacia hadn't herd her, "I am going to call Shelly and have her do your hair."

"No, that is quite alright, Mary," she responded in her most sophisticated tone. She had learned quite a while ago not to use conjunctions when speaking to some one, and to always speak in her native accent. Except around Paisley. "I believe I can handle that detail myself. You are dismissed." Acacia waved her away.

"Yes, ma'am," said Mary as she backed towards the door. Then she added, "Just ring if you need anything." She then exited.

Acacia sighed. This was pretty much the same routine every day.

She opened her diary back to the page it had been on. She decided to add one more thing.

My fiancé's name is Marcus Cunningham and he is from... well, somewhere. He's a prince from some island or other.

I don't want to get married, not to a Marcus, a Marcillo, a Mario, or anything! I don't want to get married period right now! Well, I suppose that that is enough for now. I will try to get out of this marriage... somehow.

~Acacia Newleaf, the princess with no life.