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Summary: Rainer has a life, even if it's not the one he might have wanted. But an encounter with the new pirates in town led by none other than Emery Broadshore, most infamous pirate of the West, might just change the life he's learnt to deal with. MxM Slash

It was raining outside as if it would never let up. And here Rainer was dashing around, serving tables, taking sodden coats from customers appearing in the doorway, bringing a chill breeze in with them, collecting tips that were shoved down the front of his trousers, being smacked on the arse as if he had would have no objection to that kind of behaviour. Well, even if he did have objections, everyone knew he would never voice them. After all, Rainer was just 'the help' to them. Someone who ran around after them, trying to please, always attending to their every need.

But that wasn't all he was. Sure, that was what Rainer wanted them to think he was. A little slut who served drinks and had nothing better to do than tug them off out back in the alley, in the stables, in their rooms he was paid to keep warm...

But truthfully, Rainer needed all the money he could get his hands on. He needed it to keep his family warm, keep them fed. Every night, and very often it was early morning by the time he got out of the inn, he would run back to his home and dump his earnings in the pot on the fireplace. He would check on his two sisters, make sure they were tucked into bed. He would make sure his father was around somewhere; that he hadn't wandered off drunk on ale like he occasionally had in the past. Rainer would try to get himself some sleep, only to wake early so he could get some groceries before he had to go to work at the inn once again.

Of course, he wasn't happy with his daily routine. But if it kept his family alive and well, he would never complain about what he sometimes had to do.

However if the rain didn't stop sometime soon he would have to run home in it and that was something he hated because it usually resulted in a high temperature the next day. His boss was not going to be happy if he came into work ill.

Being distracted by his pessimistic thoughts, Rainer didn't notice the new customers until the whole inn had fallen silent and he glanced up to find the source of the sudden hush. Six men stood at the door. No, make that seven men. Seven men, rain dripping from their heavy coats onto the floor, waiting to be noticed. Their colour-rich garments easily labelled them as pirates, but that wasn't exactly a reason for the silence. Lots of pirates came to the inn. This was, however, the only group of pirates ever to enter led by him.

Long, curling blond hair hung loose past his shoulders surrounding a carefully hollowed and angular face that had seen enough days of sun to turn it a pleasant brown, set upon broad shoulders and an enviously slim and muscular body; painted red lips; a pointed, turned up nose, and those soft brown eyes that told haunted tales to the shallowest man to look into them. And of course, the trademark red hat with that ridiculous flapping green feather. Emery Broadshore. Most infamous pirate of the West. So why the hell was he here?

Rainer almost forgot himself watching and wondering at the pirates just as everyone else in the goddamn inn was. But he remembered his place and hurried up to them, sweeping a bow and gesturing for them to follow him to a table. It was full tonight, but he was sure they could fit the men in even if he had to chuck out a couple of drunkards. Luckily there was no need. A relatively large table at the back was already mostly clear. Rainer simply prodded an old man who had been slumped, sleeping off his stupor on the table and pushed him away in the direction of his boss who would make sure the man paid up.

"What can I get you?" Rainer questioned the pirates as the inn's noise levels increased once again, everyone resuming their conversation as if they hadn't just seen Emery Broadshore walk in. He took the opportunity of them making the decision to take a real look at them all.

Two women, one blond and quite clearly Broadshore's sister; the other petite and round with dark plaited hair and almost translucent skin. She seemed the oldest of the party. The four other men were almost blandly ordinary except for one; he was tiny, shorter than the average teenager but thickly set, with deeply tanned skin and penetrating black eyes. There was something almost inhuman about the man. He set Rainer on edge more than Broadshore himself.

"Seven ales whenever you're ready." Broadshore said in a low voice, almost kindly. There was slight twist of his lips at Rainer's meek nod. Rainer left their table, cursing himself for not being stronger, not making light, joking conversation like he managed to do with every other paying customer no matter how they treated him. He was so annoyed with his behaviour that he nearly snapped at Fad when he grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. He let out a breath when he saw it was his only friend, although friend is a loose term anyway.

"Hey, Fad. Was there something you wanted?"

"You." The other replied, his lips tilted upwards with the same allure that had gotten Rainer into bed with him several times previously. Fad was one of the only ones he actually let fuck him. In fact, he had been his rather enjoyable, gentle first.

"Well, you can't have me. Now can I get back to work?" One of Fad's annoying traits was this habit of showing up at the inn to persuade Rainer to go home with him. Sometimes he did, and sometimes he was simply angry that Fad couldn't leave him the fuck alone. This was one of the latter.

Fad trying to slide his hand down Rainer's trousers was the last straw.

"Just fuck off, Fad! Not tonight alright?" Shoving his friend back, he tried to turn away and get back to work. Unfortunately they had attracted some attention and Rainer's boss, Linda, was bearing down on him just as the jeers and catcalls started.

"Hey Rainer, who will it be tonight then?"

"I'd be up for another round on that!"

"Who here haven't you fucked?"

Rainer simply rolled his eyes, and tried to dodge the large woman who owned the inn and was currently trying to grab him as he dashed off to the bar to fetch the pirates' drinks.

Emery removed his hat. He'd had a hard day. He deserved a peaceful drink with his pirate crew without all the hassle of being noticed and trying to tip people enough that they wouldn't reveal the infamous pirate's location to the navy or some such authority. He'd even go so far as to say he deserved a good fuck. It wasn't that he was bored of Jino, but he was definitely craving something fresh. And he would really rather stop the whole fucking-one-of-his-crew thing.

Looking around, Emery tried to pick out anyone that might do to fulfil his needs. Of course, the first person he had noticed in the inn had been the lovely serving boy with those pale blue eyes that could easily give such an icy stare. But he hadn't failed to see the little spat with his lover. Now, that to Emery's eyes said that the boy, Rainer, wasn't the wonderful little bottom he was hoping for. Yet the catcalls confused him. He felt they suggested Rainer was the local whore here and that he would fuck anything, which just wasn't what Emery was looking for. Maybe he could make do with the boy who'd been rejected by him, Fad.

His eyes instantly found the ginger haired boy looking sadly at his tankard. Just at that moment, he looked up and the two men watched each other for a moment, intensity ablaze in their eyes, and then... Fad stood and went to the back of the inn, passing Emery's table and stepping out the back door. Emery followed a second later, searching out the boy waiting for him in the stables.

The two men slammed together at once and Emery moaned at how much he'd missed this; the excitement of hooking up with a stranger and being able to feel good about it because you would never have to see them again unless you wanted to. At least, it was great until they both pulled apart and started tugging at their own clothes. Once shirtless, Fad pushed Emery back against the wall and tried to flip him around.

"What are you doing?" Emery murmured.

"I'm going to fuck you." Fad said as if he said it every day. Not exciting at all. Besides, Emery did not get fucked. He always topped. He started to laugh and stooped to pick up his shirt as he made to leave the stable.

"No, you are not going to fuck me. It seems there's been a mistake. I'd fuck you but I expect you'd say—"

"No fucking way!" Fad exclaimed.

"Exactly." Emery sighed and left the young man alone and shirtless in the stables. At least this bad news led to some good news. That serving boy was back on the menu.

His boss had found him in the end and cuffed his ear repeatedly until he admitted to being an idiot behaving like that in front of paying customers, and promised to go and make their pirate guests feel as welcome as possible. Rainer trudged out of the kitchen with a tray full of ales and made his way to their table at the back of the inn. Thankfully no one made an attempt to trip him as they had before. He guessed no one was keen to answer to Emery Broadshore. The captain was just returning to the table when Rainer set down the drinks, and Rainer unwillingly wondered where he had gone. He scolded himself mentally for being nosy and then looked up.

"Is there anything else I can get you?" He paused as he had done many a time before and then went on to say, "Anything I can do for you?" Rainer ensured the use of his best smile wasn't going to waste by also resting his hands on the table and leaning forward, his loose shirt gaping open to reveal his smooth flat chest. They all seemed to look on in disinterest, one young man even looking quite disgusted with Rainer. Surely there was at least one among the group who wanted him?

He was a little surprised however when the captain himself inclined his head, reached out a hand and gripped the front of his shirt, tugging so that Rainer fell neatly into his lap. He proceeded to thoroughly explore the serving boy's mouth until he felt hollow and cold without that warm tongue lapping at his own. Lips bruised, Rainer murmured that there was a room they could use upstairs and he slipped away to prepare some bed sheets.

Rainer would allow this man to fuck him if only because it meant money, and he expected good money too. Besides, if it made his boss stop bothering him then it was definitely worth it. He could have gotten a worse deal. The pirate captain was rather handsome.

He kicked off his shoes, slid out of his shirt and unbuttoned his trousers just as the pirate entered the room. He locked the door behind himself and gazed for a moment at Rainer, taking in his plain but admirable body. As he stepped closer, he dropped his hat and shrugged out of his colourfully patched jacket and then his shirt. He bent to tug off his boots and popped open the fastenings on his trousers, watching Rainer all the while. Eventually, he stood gloriously naked in front of the serving boy, giving Rainer the chance to decline.

"Pay up front." was all he said. And although the pirate captain frowned, he dug for coins in his discarded breeches and set them in Rainer's hand. He stared for a moment at the riches, before setting the coins aside and stepping out of his own trousers, moving towards the older man without hesitation until they stood but an inch apart. Rainer gloried for a moment in the warmth emanating from the other. He spread out his arms to show the pirate all he was offering and leant forward to run his tongue across those delicately painted lips. He felt Broadshore's breath flutter against his lips and smiled.

"Are you going to fuck me then?"

Rainer had barely finished the sentence when Broadshore grabbed his arms and forced his hard mouth against Rainer's. They both moaned into the kiss, pulling at each other's lips and tongues and fisting blond and brown hair alike. Rainer found himself getting hard quicker than he ever had, even with Fad and pushed back against Broadshore with more force until they hit the door, at which point the older man flipped their positions so he was leaning heavily against the smaller boy. Rainer wasn't complaining though. He was perfectly happy to be manhandled as long as it didn't get out of hand.

Rainer slipped a hand down to caress the pirate's cock, swallowing the groan he caused the man to utter. The sound just made him more impatient and he broke the kiss to place Broadshore's fingers in his mouth. The man's breathing stuttered as he watched Rainer swirl his tongue around the fingers, coating them in saliva. Pulling them out, Rainer gently guided them to his arse and raised his brows at the pirate, inviting him to prepare his body. The man grinned and proceeded to accept the invitation very courteously.

Rainer choked, his head thrown back, as two fingers entered him at once, but moaned as the pirate kissed down his neck, nipping gently, to distract him from the pain. Broadshore's fingers delved deeper and rubbed at his insides, scissoring enough to leave him gasping like a fish. Broadshore just chuckled deeply.

Then, lips at his throat, Broadshore allowed a third finger to join the others, moving them rhythmically inside Rainer's body. Rainer heard a rumble emanate from deep in his throat as he writhed in Broadshore's arms in pleasure. He didn't think he had ever been so fully prepared, and certainly never so fully ready and eager for a man's cock to be inside of him. Yet here he was practically begging for it, his mouth betraying him with whispers of 'yes' and 'gods, please'.

But Emery wasn't put off by the desperation. If anything he was more turned on, biting his lip to keep himself from coming on the spot when the boy was begging him like this, beautiful eyes closed tightly in heated arousal. No one had ever been so impatient for his cock before. Well, who was he to deny the boy for any longer?

He removed his fingers at once and flipped the boy around so he faced the wall and Emery now had easier access to that perfect little arse. He heard no protests from the boy, only a deeper groan as his erection was trapped against the chilled wall. He regretted having to spit on his hand and rub his length with it, but he was too impatient to find anything more appropriate. He wanted to be in that tight arse right now.

But he felt there was something he was forgetting, something he wanted to do before he fucked the boy senseless. What was it?

He almost gave up on remembering when the boy whispered, "Please! Please gods, fuck me Broadshore..." That was it. His name. Of course.

Emery immediately felt the need to correct the situation and he leant closer to the boy, nipping his earlobe and murmuring sensually, "Call me Emery." Rainer moaned at the tone he had used and managed to pant out his own name which Emery already knew. Emery smiled in satisfaction. "Well, now that we're acquainted, I am going to fuck you so hard you might have to take the week off work. You'll be lying on your front for quite a while after I'm done with you... Rainer."

It was the name that made Rainer snap. "Oh gods! Please!" he shouted in desperation and as soon as the words left his mouth, Emery pushed deep inside him.

"Fuck!" They called out together, burning with sensation.

A knock on the bedroom door woke Emery. He pulled it open without putting on a single article of clothing. It was Veniz, the oldest member of his crew, and he grinned at her expression. She was for some unknown reason, especially fond of him and often acted as though she was his mother; constantly doting on him and forever scolding his mischievous side. She loved him a lot. And he loved her.

"We need to leave." She said simply. Veniz was also Emery's second in command and what she said was usually the truth even if he didn't want to hear it. He sighed but nodded.

"I'll be ten minutes." And he shut the door, turning back to see Rainer stirring in the double bed. There was an easy smile on each of their faces as Emery sat down beside Rainer's shifting body.

"You have to go, don't you?" the younger boy whispered.

Emery swallowed. "Yes." He looked away and began to pick his clothing off the floor and get dressed in the ensuing silence. Rainer watched him, thinking things through carefully. Last night had most definitely been the best night of his life. He'd do it all over again. He'd do Emery all over again, he realised. Several more times if he had the chance. He smirked to himself.

This was someone Rainer would let fuck him as many times as he wanted. Someone he would let fuck him... for free? Yes, for free. I should be paying him.

Rainer got off the bed and found the money Emery had given him last night. He moved up behind the man in question who was pulling on his shirt.

"Take this back. I don't want it." Rainer swallowed the lump in his throat. His family back home wanted that money. They needed it, but... Rainer might finally have something better than money. That was worth it, wasn't it?

Emery, turning round, saw the doubt in the boy's eyes. "Are you sure?" he questioned and Rainer nodded determinedly, shoving the money into the other man's pocket.

"I'm sure." He grinned up at Emery, staring deeply into those brown eyes. "Now go. You have to go, Emery."

Emery nodded and almost left, but turned back to sweep up the boy in a suffocating kiss that made Rainer feel as though he would collapse. He sat down heavily on the bed and grinned up at the departing pirate.

"Will you come back?" he asked, a small hint of sadness leaking unbidden into his voice.

"I don't know." Emery said truthfully. He looked down at the ground and placed his eccentric hat back on his head. He turned and opened the door.

"Just remember, you're always welcome here, Emery." came the tauntingly sensual voice from the bed.

Emery looked back at the brown haired boy leaning back on the messy bed, his wonderfully perfect body spread out for Emery's eyes only, and with a flash of teeth and a glint in his dark eyes he said "Oh, don't worry. I will remember."

He left Rainer alone to curl up in the bed that smelled of a good night's passionate sex. Eventually Rainer sighed, got up and pulled off the sheets, bringing them down to wash. He finished his work and left the inn, walking quickly to his house, but not running. He paused near the harbour and looked out to sea. His gaze almost at once caught sight of a ship hovering on the horizon, a multicoloured flag waving in the breeze, a tall and imposing figure at the helm. Rainer smiled to himself and hurried on.

There was no doubt Captain Emery Broadshore would be back for more.

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