I hesitantly pressed my lips to his. We'd finally found a place to be alone.

It had been hard, hiding our intention from everyone we passed. And my text to him 'Meet me at 12:50' was an attempt to get this precious moment as easily as possible, when most other students and teachers would be too busy doing their own thing to wonder where we were.

When I'd stood outside the main building waiting, my chest was heavy with nerves. Anyone who saw this as suspicious would've ask questions. I was terrible at lying to someone's face.

So naturally when I'd spotted him turn to corner and head towards me I'd felt that heavy weight lift a little and it had suddenly seemed possible, what we were about to do.

It was hard, keeping this from everyone. But we had to, else we'd both face the consequences. After all it was both our doing.

Just as we'd discussed many a time, I had begun to walk away as if his presence meant nothing to me. Even if there was no one around, I still had to play the part. Just in case. Neither of us could afford slip-ups.

I'd re-entered the main building and started down the right corridor. The one we'd also discussed.

Once I'd walked a sufficient amount of steps to seem naturally adequate, I glance behind me.

He was following, carefully walking behind a cluster of giggling younger year girls. His eyes had met mine and he'd winked at me subtly to let me know our plan was underway and working.

I'd turned back to face the way I was going then and let myself smile slightly. It was an awful lot of trouble to go to for that precious ten minutes alone, but it was worth it.

Now we were in one of the upstairs classrooms. One that no one used for their lunchtime meetings. It had taken a fair bit of research to locate a room that easily accessible but unused over lunch. But we'd found one.

I was sat on one of the desks at the back of the room and he was stood between my thighs having already pushed my skirt up to my waist, his hands now placed confidently at my hips.

I kissed him and my hands moved to his neck, closing the distance between us as much as possible. His hands glided away from my hips, up my sides and ending up pressed against my back, pulling me even nearer. The thin cotton of my uniform shirt wasn't enough to stop the goosebumps he left behind on my skin.

I wanted to make the most out of what little time we had. We'd chosen a desk out of sight of the door so anyone looking in couldn't us. Luckily, the window on the door was the only window in the room apart from one next to us that was a second-storey window anyway. He managed to wager the key from the head of the department, and so the door was locked too.

I heard him moan against my mouth and I instinctively opened it, allowing him to slip his tongue inside and battle hungrily with mine. This new feeling made me impulsively clench my thighs together and the friction caused another sound to leave his mouth, slightly muffled by our actions.

He pulled away and I made a noise of protest but he chuckled and pressed a finger to my lips.

'We've only got six minutes before we have to leave.' He said looking me in the eye.

Those eyes. The ones that seemed to suck me in. Like endless pools of magnetised blue-green. Powerful and leaving me helpless.

'This sucks.' I said, resting my forehead to his.

'I know it does.' He breathed. 'But we live too far away to meet outside of school. It'll have to do.' He kept his eyes locked on mine, now only half an inch from my own and I found myself kissing him again.

My hands pressed against his chest affectionately as the kiss remained heated from the start. Then, sliding my hands up and over his shoulders it took two more movements for his suit jacket to fall to the floor. He made no move to retrieve it which encouraged me to continue. I kissed him harder and his hands gripped my waist. I chose this moment to slide his tie undone, slipping it out of his collar and letting it drop to meet the jacket.

His hands now found their way up under my shirt and pressed lightly against my stomach. His touch sent shivers up and down my spine and along my neck and shoulders in glorious waves of speckled tingling pleasure.

My kissing became hungrier, more determined and I began undoing his shirt buttons. This was when he softly pulled away, removing his hands from my stomach leaving an empty, absent feeling behind. He caught my wrists at his third button.

'We can't.' he said with a tone of remorse. 'Look at the time.' He glanced to the clock at the far end of the room.

I paused. 'So you're saying you would've carried on given the option.' I raised an eyebrow and laughed in spite of myself. Even I was shocked at my own sudden swell of confidence.

He laughed too, not answering my question. I slid down off the desk and he pulled me flush against him. I looked up at him and smiled, he smiled back, that warm, familiar smile I'd grown so used to loving.

'I'd better pick up your jacket and tie.' I handed them over to him and he shrugged his jacket back on. I tied his tie carefully and smoothed out his collar before meeting his eyes again.


'Nothing. Just you. You seem so smiley all of a sudden.' He tucked a strand of hair behind my ear and I blushed. 'Why're you blushing? You didn't exactly give off the 'shy' vibe a few minutes ago!' he chuckled lightly and let his hand linger at my face.

'Nothing.' I parroted him and he smiled again before looking at the clock once more.

'You'd better get going to lesson' he said somewhat reluctantly.

'I know…' I sighed. 'Where're you this period?'

'Teaching in here actually.' He looked around him before his eyes settled on the desk behind me. 'I'm not going to be able to look at that desk in the same way again.' He laughed.

'It's a shame. I've got English now. I'm halfway across the school from you.' I pouted.

'Look,' he began, cupping my cheek and I was again melting into his blue-green irises. 'if I could stay here and kiss you like that for the entire day, I would. But this is our situation. We have to pretend nothing's happening. Which is why you have to leave now so it doesn't look suspiscious to my next lot of students.' He explained and I nodded.

'Okay, but don't have too much fun without me.' I winked and laughed.

'No chance.' He smirked and nodded at my skirt.

It was still rucked up around my waist and I blushed, quickly shoving it down and back to normal before hurrying out the door. I heard his faint chuckle as I walked down the corridor and it brought a faint smile to my lips. Our little secret.