i've found the only way i can deal with the stress is just to blast my music and blur everything else out. having the pounding drums in the background make everything feel just so much better.

"because sometimes i say things that i just wish i could take back"

i need that in the morning.

i need to be able to find the strength to let the music draw me out.

because without the music i'm not sure i'd be here right now.

"i gotta keep quiet quiet."

i think that its times like these when you realize that there are other people out there who are feeling just as terrible as you are. and granted they deal with their situations differently. for me, reading and turning to music and letting the language and rhetoric make me feel better for that 4 minute song.

take away the music? and you take away any chance of me seeing myself an hour from now.

i need the constant stream of noise.

otherwise i will go crazy.

since i don't have those late night texts anymore.

no one to see.

nothing left to care about anymore...

the music is all thats there for me when i need it anymore.

because without it...and without him i feel like i can't do anything for myself anymore.

and i just need it to drown out the only people i have left in my life who care.

at this point i just don't care anymore.

and i would rather that they just left me be.