An Old Partier

This one was truly insane. I had to find an old lady. The same one who I have found twice in a graveyard - once high as a kite and again when she was beaten up.

I had circled every graveyard I knew of and even the ones I didn't. She was nowhere to be seen. I had two options:

1. Start again tomorrow.

2. Walk over the street after said old lady and into an iffy looking club.

I guess it was option two. With a sigh I crossed the road.

We were all lined up outside the nightclub. The bouncer outside sent most people away. Me, I snuck in with a group of people.

To say that I was confused was an understatement. The music was too loud. The bass made the floor vibrate. The flashing lights started to give me a headache.

I made a bee line for the bar.

She was not there. Odd. I thought that this would be the first place to go until I remembered. Anne was a drug addict not an alcoholic. She hated alcohol.

I spotted her at the back of the club entering the bathroom. I had to push and shove my way through the thick crowd. More than once was I touched up. Eww!

I finially reached the bathroom that Anne had entered. The boys bathroom. Fantastic.

With a sigh I shoved open the door to see Anne kissing some boy. An eighty year old woman kissing a teenage boy. I did not need to see that.

Anne was small, frail and very kind with snow white hair and beautiful green eyes. She was just lovely, even when she was high as a kite she asked me to dance with her.

"Anne!" I yelled. Yes, it is bad of me to yell at a poor old woman but I was in a mood and she was deaf in one ear. Both her and the kid jumped apart.

"Come on Anne, your daughter is waiting." I inched towards her.

"Rose?" Her voice was unsure. Her eyes glased over. She was well gone.

"Yes Anne. Now come with me." My car was outside and I knew the adress. At this rate I would be over at Anne's daughter's house for christmas.

"She will go when she wants to go." The boy came over and stopped right in front of me.

"Move before I make you move." I thretened calmly. He gulped but crossed his arms.

I punched him in the face.

He fell to the ground in a heap. Anne gasped and tried to pull away from me when I gently grabbed her wrist.

I had to use my handcuffs on her and belt her in my car before driving her home. Even then I locked the doors. Anne was sullen and kept her head down. It was always like this. She knew she was doing wrong but the poor woman just wanted to have fun. She was lonely since her husband died.

Sometimes I really hated my job.

I dropped her off and recieved my money but before I left I had an idea.

I slipped a note into Anne's hand. The note might have had a mans number on it. The man might be in his seventies, widowed and looking for love again.