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Drew and I decided it would be best to take a break from school. We planned to go tomorrow to turn in Mr. Dean's assignment that we were currently doing, and as an added bonus to get excused work made up, we had fabricated Doctor's Excuses from Drew's dad himself. I was in a face mask and yellow gloves, scrubbing everything to perfection. Don't ask me why I'd care that Drew Knightly saw my dusty, semi-filthy house. I didn't. I just wanted to make a good impression when company happened to come over.

I peered over at my mother and narrowed my eyes. She was dressed in a nice, spring dress daintily sipping tea from a teacup watching me with eyebrows raised.

"Aren't you going to help me?" I asked wiping down our marble countertop.

She placed her teacup on its little plate and smiled. "No I think you've got it. Besides," she laughed in amusement, "makes up for all those years when I had to clean behind you."

Rolling my eyes, I went back to work dusting and polishing furniture and trashing spare paper. At this point I could have qualified for a top of the line maid. It took several hours before I was finished and guess who decided to ruin it all by cooking. Ah yes, my lovely mother. She had dishes everywhere which I made haste to put in the dishwasher. Meeting Drew and his parents was nerve-wracking, and I'm sure she could tell by the way she grabbed my hand.

"Arianna," my mother said worriedly, "there's nothing there."

I looked down at the spot on the floor that I had been scrubbing. As she had pointed out it was clean as a whistle. I on the other hand was not. I caught a glance at my reflection in the mirror and uttered a shriek.

My mom laughed and patted my damp hair, "Might want to hurry and grab a shower. They arrive in," she glanced at the clock, "thirty minutes."

"THIRTY MINUTES!" I tripped over my feet running to the bathroom. No time for a nice calming shower, which would have helped my nerves by then. I slipped in and out with a matter of five minutes making haste to get my hair dryer plugged in. Also never use wet hands to plug in a hair dryer, a little important note to myself that I practically threw out the window. I plugged it in and with some miracle managed not to electrocute myself. I felt like a little circus monkey bouncing around blow drying, and looking for clothes.


I looked up at my mother who held a peach colored, sleeveless dress that would do wonders for my tanned skin tone.

"You are boss," I told her.

She cocked her head to the side mimicking a little puppy when you talked to them, then seeming more confused than ever she threw up her hands and walked away. I fingered the material, it was soft. I wonder when she had time to pick this out. Glancing at the clock I went back to blow drying my semi damp hair.

Twenty minutes later I heard a car pulling into our driveway. I scrambled to tie the satin ribbons on my peach and coconut colored wedges.

Knock! Knock!

Eeeeep! I flew towards the door in a rush only to stumble over my own two feet and come sprawling at the door just as my mother opened it to reveal two pairs of shiny black shoes, and white heels. I glanced up, "Hi," I said mortified.

Drew snickered and reached out a hand to me. I, blushing profusely, took his hand and dusted my dress.

"I uh was looking for something," I lied lamely.

Drew snickered again. "Uh huh sure."

Who I assumed was his dad, harrumphed at him. He was tall and very handsome, especially by the way my mother was gawking at him. I had half a mind to offer her a handkerchief for her drool that was sure to come. Surprisingly he looked nothing like Drew. Oh they were both tall and were built the same, but other than that the similarities stopped there with his ashen blond whitish hair and pale blue eyes. I could see where Drew got his overbearing aura from. Mr. Knightly stood tall and proud his eyes locked on mine. I gave him a quick smile and went to address his mother.

In her face I saw where Drew got his features with her onyx dark hair and light violet eyes framed by thick long lashes. She had a curve to her mouth almost as if she were smiling, or as if she held a secret and didn't want you to find out what it was. This woman appealed to me, and I liked her instantly. I smiled exuberantly at her whereas my mother was still gawking at Drew's dad. I elbowed her as I backed into our living room making space for them to come in.

"Welcome!" she said brightly swinging her arms out as if she were a TV game show host showcasing the next prize. "Have a seat anywhere you'd like." I wanted to face palm. We all have that one embarrassing mother, and my mom didn't seem to come close to being this way, she was far too long gone.

We exchanged more pleasantries, and by this time Drew and I were filling out our questionnaire Mr. Dean gave us. I learned a lot about Drew's parents. His dad was a cardiologist and his mom, quite surprisingly was his partner in surgery which was how they met. He fell for her violet eyes and ladylike manners, and these are her words not mine, "I loved him because he was an asshole," to which after she said it she gulped down some tea and laughed quietly. They were so cute, and it made me long for someone to love my mother too. I could tell she was feeling the same way as she forced a smile on her face and said absolutely nothing throughout their entire love tale, and I knew she was hurting because my mother never shuts up. Ever. It took everything for her just to sit there and smile. I hated my dad for what he did to us, for what he did to my mother. Seeing her hurt like this made my heart ache.

Drew seemed to notice to as he shifted his gaze from me to my mother than back again. We moved on to the rest of the questionnaire. I learned their ages, their favorite meals, and what they loved most about Drew. His mother spoke fondly of him. My mother on the other hand made me out to be some mischievous little imp that ran around driving her up the walls.

Dinner was nice. We all ate in the dining room, which I polished to perfection, it wasn't until a certain someone was running his hand up and down my thigh that made it awkward. I was answering Mrs. Knightly's question about after school when I nearly spit at the invasion of his rough palm against my smooth skin.

"Stop it!" I whispered harshly before turning back to Mrs. Knightly and smiling. She seemed to notice what was going on and gave Drew a warning glare.

"So you're head cheerleader is that correct?"

My eyes cast downward as Amber so politely removed me from my spot as head cheerleader. Even as a friend, or semi acquaintance through mutual contacts I still resented her for that.

"No ma'am," I said as evenly as I could swirling my sparkling grape juice around in my wine glass.

"Oh," Mrs. Knightly said. She bit her lip and glanced around the table hoping for someone to step up as spokesman. Which Drew did all too well going on about Mr. Dean's insane project and how he was oh so lucky to have me as a wife. He was just trying to butter me up due to the fact that he wanted to continue putting his hand on my thigh. I shifted awkwardly underneath the table as he spoke. I really didn't determine Drew and I's relationship just yet. We weren't in one but we weren't just friends either. It was all very play by ear with him.

From dinner lead to a random game of Just Dance via my Xbox Kinect that my mother and I used only when we scarfed down too many Krispy Kremes. And can I just say Mrs. Knightly can shake it? This woman was perfect! Doing the jerk in four inch heels was an impressive skill in my book. We laughed, we joked, we were on the floor when one of my mom's platform sandals hit the ceiling from her outrageous and what she called, "Fire hot" dance moves. But as we all know all good things certainly come to an end. Mr. and Mrs. Knightly and Drew eventually had to leave. We were on our front patio thanking them for their wonderful time when Mrs. Knightly peered at her watch.

"You know," she said turning to her husband, "we should take a cab home."

He blinked at her perplexed. "We should take a cab home?" He repeated blankly. Drew nudged him and Mrs. Knightly cocked her head to the side.

"Yes dear," she emphasized, "we should."

He finally caught on his eyes widening as he laughed, "Oh yes that's right we should. Drew just drive back whenever you're ready."

They both smiled. Mrs. Knightly pulled my mother in a hug, her white clutch just touching the tip of my mother's ear. "This was such a fun night," she said pulling back, "and I really enjoyed it. We must do it again sometime."

My mother smiled, a real genuine smile. She didn't have many girlfriends in our neighborhood. Occasionally she would group up with Aunt Stacy, but Aunt Stacy being the busy bee that she was almost all of the time gone, flitting about from work or the massive charities she ran. She lived in the world of Amber Crosses and Drew Knightlies.

"I'd like that," my mother said her hair flowing softly from the night wind.

Mrs. Knightly beamed. "Then it's settled. My house. Tomorrow. At one. Drew do be a dear and bring Arianna home with us." She gave him a peck on the cheek and entwined her hand with her husbands as they made their way down the steps. The three of us watched as she whistled loudly for an oncoming cab raising her white clutch in the air as sort of a distraction. I liked Mrs. Knightly. She was really down to earth, but could manage her authority well. Perhaps it wasn't Drew's father that he got his overbearing aura from but his mother. Once they drove away my mother conveniently extracted herself from us, complaining that an old woman like her needed her beauty sleep.

Drew held out his hand to me and I took making my way into the once over the top bright white sports car that I can only assume belonged to Mrs. Knightly. He revved up the engine, which purred silently before moving his way through passing cars.

"Your mother is a strong woman," Drew said breaking our peaceful silence.

"That she is," I agreed with him. He pulled over to a nearby park and reclined his seat back. I followed suit staring up at the grey ceiling.

"I wish this was a convertible," he muttered petulantly, "we could have been all romantic and shit and watched the stars."

I laughed out loud. "Romantic and shit?" I repeated raising and eyebrow.

"Romantic and shit," he said smiling hugely and placing his arms behind his head. "So…skittles?" he said nonchalantly.

I bit back an urge to call Rainbow every curse word I could imagine. How could she look me in the eye knowing she slept with my best friend's boyfriend was unknown to me. I turned to Drew.

"How did Amber find out?" I ask curiously propping my hand underneath my chin, facing him.

Drew's eyebrows knitted together. "Amber has a way of getting what she wants. She wanted to know who slept with Kyle, and she got it," was all he said.

That didn't suffice. I wonder if Rainbow told her or maybe she heard her in the locker rooms chatting about her sexcapade with Kyle. Who knew? Well we had the true person who slept with Kyle so Piper and I should go back to being friends. I wondered why she hadn't called me to apologize. When I voiced my thoughts to Drew he grew tight lipped.

"I don't…" he took a deep breath and exhaled heavily. "I don't think she wants to be friends with you Arianna."

"What?" I said confused and above all, shocked. We'd been best friends ever since she and Kyle got together. She was a sister to me. I understand her mistake to place me as the slut in Kyle's infidelity especially when she said as much but all that has been cleared up now. We knew who the culprit was. "Why wouldn't she want to be friends with me?"

Drew ran a hand through his dark locks. "Well Arianna, her boyfriend…ex-boyfriend did proclaim he was a tad bit in love with you." He squeezed held out his thumb and pointer finger to indicate the amount of love Kyle supposedly had for me. "Plus the fact that she's humiliated now that she knows you didn't sleep with Kyle probably has her pissed. If I were you I would just hold off on trying to be friends."

I think it would have hurt less if he had punched me. I felt numb. I looked into his violet eyes which were brighter than I had ever seen them. "That's not true." My voice broke.


"NO!" I yelled covering my midsection with my arms. "It's not true. Piper loves me."

"So does Amber, I think if you got know her-"

"NO!" I screamed again. "She doesn't give a damn about me. She got me kicked off the squad!"

Drew closed his eyes and pinched his nose. "Yes that may be, but I think she had good reasoning behind it."

"Ha!" I snorted. "That bitch can burn for all I care."

"HEY!" Drew pinned my shoulders against the window. "Enough!" He barked. "When know what liked you Amber hung out with you, when Piper called you out Amber stuck up for you, and when you were crying she was the one to console you, not your so called best friend! I will not let you degrade her like this."

We both glared at each other his jaw set, and eyes hard as amethyst. I huffed letting air out through my nose and said, "Clearly you've chosen." I pushed him away from me and let myself out of the car.

"Arianna stop!" He called after me, but I just kept walking. I knew Piper would come back to me and I was going to prove it. I was going to her house. Tonight. She would welcome me back with open arms and everything could go back to how it used to be with us having fun and joking around, only without the weight of Kyle and Drew. The past memories of sleepovers and joking around warmed me inside. It was a mile long walk to Piper's and I made it safe and sound in twenty minutes. Walking in platforms was no joke. I knocked on the door and checked the door mentally cursing myself because it was past ten o'clock. Piper's mother answered the door.

"Oh Arianna hi!" She said smiling, "we haven't seen you in some time almost thought you and Piper had a fight."

I cocked my head to the side. So Piper hadn't told her mother we weren't no longer friends. I guess that makes sense. I don't think she'd want to get into the whole gonorrhea/ mom-I'm-having-sex-with-my-boyfriend type thing.

"Ah my manners come in come in." She ushered me inside her long black braid brushing up against my arm, "Piper is in her room as usual."

I walked down the familiar hall and tentatively knocked on the door. Normally as her best friend I would have barged on in screaming, "Whaddup my hoe?!" with cheesy pizza and Cherry Coke. She opened the door and smiled before she realized who it was. Her face became emotionless.

I balanced back and forth on my heels, "May I come in?" I asked.

She stood aside and gestured to the inside of her room. I sat on her pink fluffy bed and looked at her. Her dark hair was in two long braids and she wore an orange tank top with grey shorts. She didn't stand but merely looked down upon me.

"So," she said folding her russet arms across her chest, "what brings you here?"

I tried searching for some sort of emotion in her eyes that could give me a clue as to what she was thinking. Her poker face was pure gold.

"Well," I said looking down at my hands, "I was hoping we could catch up."

"Catch up," she repeated. Then she smiled. Only something was off about it. Her smile was sly, like that of a fox.

"Um yeah," I continued on, "I was hoping we could be friends again."

She laughed and stepped closer to me. "Naïve little girl."

It was at the moment her mother chose to enter the room. Piper straightened and rolled her eyes. "Yes mom what is it?"

Her mother looked at me. "It's late and a school night unless Ari wants to spend the night-"

"She doesn't," Piper cut her off quickly. "She was just leaving right, Arianna?"

I looked to Piper who dared me to contradict her words. I smoothed out my dress. "Er yes." I got up and both of them walked me to the door. Piper wrapped her arms around my neck in a hug. She gripped me harder than an expected and whispered in my ear. "I will bury you."