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I am going to shoot myself in the face with a stapler. I thought it wouldn't be that bad. No it's worse. Way, way worse. Being married to Drew compares to being stuck in a bear trap. I'm willing to chew my leg off just to free myself. So far he's flirted with everything that looks like a model and wears skin tight clothing. That's over three-quarters of the female population of our school. And no, I'm not jealous, far from it. Let him do what he wants, see if I care. Douchebag.

"Tss," was how Piper greeted me at the lunch table. "Someone is hot and bothered."

"I'm not hot and bothered," I said angrily biting into a fry. Piper licked her finger and placed it on my face making the steaming noise again. I cringed in disgust but slightly laughing at the same time. "Now I have herpes."

Piper looked toward the ceiling seeming to consult the lights. "Can you get herpes from saliva?"

"No, you big idiot it comes from either sex fluids or blood." Only I didn't respond to it. Drew Knightly appeared placing his tray down beside me. On his tray, I noticed, was the exact same thing I was eating, chilli and cheese curly fries.

"You would know," I said bitterly.

Drew rolled his eyes at me for the umpteenth time today. "You learn that in Health class, stupid."

You know what? I was about to go to Mr. Dean and take a zero. At least with my zero I'd come out with a D. Drew, on the other hand, wouldn't be so lucky.

"You actually pay attention in class?" asked Amber Cross who plopped down right beside Drew along with-sigh-Will Crowley. He was dressed in blue today. The same color blue as his eyes. I noticed when he smiled he had a dimple in his left cheek. His teeth were so white. So beautiful...so very, very-


I snapped out of my rape fantasy because even if I'd like to tell myself otherwise that's where it was headed. Will was looking at me with one raised eyebrow. I blushed hotly and turned to the person who called my name.

"Yes oh dear husband of mine?" I asked putting as much sarcasm and venom into my words as I could.

"The bell rung. Let's go." He tucked his arm in mine steering me through the mass of student bodies to the trash can where he was gentleman enough to dump my tray. From there we made our way to the gym, him going to the locker room to get ready for football practice, me to my lovely ladies doing backflips in the middle of the gym floor. Despite what most people think cheerleaders aren't that bad. And if it weren't for the fact that this school lacks a gymnastic team I wouldn't be waving pom poms and cheering for robust humanoids in a short skirt. But that's just my opinion. It's not like I hated it. Cheering was pretty cool plus you get into all the games free. If it weren't for Amber Cross behaving like a little slut in front of the boys I would actually crack a smile during practice.

As usual I caught Amber bent over adjusting her spanks, winking at an assortment of boys on the other side of the gym. Sighing heavily I grabbed her by the elbow and pulled her to my level.

"OW!" she yelped giving me her full on bitch stare. She tossed her hair back and looked at me up and down. "What?" she barked.

I put my hands on my hips and stared at her. Seriously she had to have more than just air in her head. She's sneaky and conniving so I know she has some brain cells. I pointed to the bleachers. For punishment I made the girls run them thirty times. By then they would learn never to make the same mistake again. Amber groaned hauling her butt up the first blue step.

"Okay," I said to the other girls. As usual they paid no attention, just continued to blabber on and on about what happened that weekend or which guy had the hottest butt. "GIRLS!" I screamed turning one shade of red. They scrambled to stand up, one nearly tripping over her friend. "Thank you. Into your sections. Section A basket tosses, Section B-you knew this was coming hit the bleachers." Did I mention I also make them run for fitness? A chorus of groans reverberated off the walls before being replaced by the sound of thumping footsteps. "Section C stretches, and Section D flips." Routinely I would have went to each group to help and/or train myself. Instead I found my eyes lingering to the guy's side of the gym.

Drew was standing there slightly bent, sweat dripping from his brow. He had on, as per usual, black basketball shorts and no gym shirt. I probably wouldn't have noticed Amber behind me if she hadn't doused me with ice cold water causing me to scramble around like a dying chicken.

"Hey Captin," she said with a vicious sneer and another bottle full of ice water. "Run the bleachers. You're not supposed to be staring at the football players right? Or are you gonna emancipate yourself from your rules?"

I sucked in a breath. "You know that's not fair. I have a project."

"Really," she said licking her lips her gaze enraptured in Drew's perfect form. She turned back to me with a false smile. "Rules are rules, Captin...or do you want me to tell the girls you're putting yourself above us? There's no I in team."

I stepped to her balling my fists. "No but there is a ME! And ME says you better watch your tone and stop implying things or you'll find your butt suspended from this squad. Believe me these girls would be more than happy to get rid of you."

Amber's eyes bugged then went back to their usual snake-like slits. "You wouldn't."

I raised my chin making a point of looking down on her. "Believe me I would. Get back to Section C and work on your stretches. I'll be over momentarily."

When I looked back toward Drew I caught him smiling at me nudging his chin in the direction Amber was headed. I rolled my eyes and headed to Section A. Section A was my strongest group, and they listened fairly well. It was Sections B and C that I wanted to murder. The girls were working hard tossing each other nearly seven feet in the air.

"Hey Captin your turn," one of the girls called. I didn't remember her name, but I recognized her because she was the only kid in school with multicolored hair. I called her Rainbow. It fit her, and she didn't seem to have a problem with it. See? I don't discriminate. Usually cheerleaders are made up of various blondes and brunettes. Me? I like what other people would call the freaks. You know the girl with all the piercings? Or Miss Rainbow here? Or for an even better example the chick with too many tattoos. I got all three. Because Piercings can dance her ass off, Rainbow is the best basket tosser my eyes have ever seen, and Tats is so flexible she can roll around in a ball like Stitch. By the way that's the little blue alien that hangs around with Lilo. With those three girls alone I have a triple threat. "Freaks" are a good thing.

I walked over to the group letting them boost me up three times before they catapaulted me to what seemed like fifty feet. Being a flyer is no joke. It's scary shit. There are so many things that could go wrong. One, you can land on your face and break all your teeth, two you can break your neck, three you just may possibly die. So don't think everything we do is easy. It's not. Rainbow and two others caught me while a spotter supported me from the back. Together all four of them laid me down and clapped their hands.

"Great job girls!" I said enthusiastically. That's the worst thing I hate about cheerleading. I'm completly emo when it comes to cheering. While everyone is all, "WOOOOOO! YEAAAAAH! GO TEEEEEEEAAAAAMMMM!" I'm the main one waving one pom pom in the air going, "Raw...raw...whatever." It's hard to work up that much enthusiasm when you really have no one to cheer for. Although when they put Will in the games my spirit level hits the roof.

Flashing a thumbs up I moved to Section B who's running the bleachers, panting and huffing with exhaustion. I give them a ten minute water break that way I get the bleachers all to myself. I think while I run, mostly about Will Crowley. Yes, I know. Pathetic. But I can't help myself. God specifically handpicked him for me. I should know. I pray every night for him to notice me, and God answers them.

Me: (giggling like an idiot) Hi Will.

Will: Hey Arianna.

See that obviously means he knows I'm a living breathing creature. I'm satisfied. After the ten minutes are over I help Section C with their stretches and move on to D. Now see Section D are my underdogs. They're slowly working their way to topping Section A. Their flips are amazing, but they need lots of work when it comes to tossing humans in the air. Translation: Section D can cause any of the dangers I mentioned when it comes to being a flyer. Which is why I bring the big blue mat out whenever they attempt to toss people in the air. But despite their lack of keeping human faces intact they are badass tumblers. The bell rang just as Christie was finishing her triple flip.

I sighed heavily. Psychology. Yesterday it was my favorite class, now I dread to walk past the door. As usual Piper met me by the locker her arm linked with Kyle's. The happy perfect couple. He had his chin on her shoulder blade one arm, ensnaring her books. See this is what a good husband should do. Sighing glumly I mad my way to the table I no longer shared with my best friend. To my surprise Drew was already there waiting paitently.

"Uh hi," was my form of a civil greeting. He nodded scooting his chair back to make room for me.

Mr. Dean arrived shortly grabbing the brightly colored Situations bag. I picked this time getting the card labeled, "Romantic Dinner for Two." Mr. Dean reached in the over large fridge handed us two bottles of Dr. Pepper, two Quiznos subs, a brownie each, and a candle. Eh, it was romantic enough for me.

"YES!" Both Drew and I turned our heads to see Amber doing a fist pump.

"Mrs. Crowley has pulled the 'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' card. Mrs. Crowley if you answer this question correctly you will win a million dollars. What are the two most common forms of sexual reproduction?"

I wanted to laugh out loud. Such an appropriate question for Amber. She should know this.

"Uh sexual," she said with a blank look. Will who was seated beside her kept fidgeting like, "Come on this is easy!" But instead Amber said, "Ugh I don't know."

Drew rolled his eyes. "It's sexual and asexual you dumb blonde."

Mr. Dean's face was just as shocked as mine was. Who knew Drew had brains? Mr. Dean cleared his throat. "That's correct Mr. Knightly. Unfortunatly you do not get the money." To me he said, "Mrs. Knightly refrain your husband from insulting other's intelligence before I dock you ten points."

I elbowed Drew. He pretended not to notice. The bell rang somewhat ten minutes later, some people getting good cards others having to stay after school for counseling or group therapy. Mr. Dean really was packing all that he could into this project. I grabbed Drew's shirt sleeve yanking him back down.

"What?" he seethed his violet eyes blazing.

"You're...not stupid," I said in awe. Note to self that's probably the best way to get bitch slapped.

Drew rolled his eyes. "Obviously."

"Then why do you act the way you do?"

Drew shrugged his shoulders successfully removing my arm from his. "You went to Oxford, you tell me." With that he gave me another peck on the cheek and left. Talk about a cliffhanger.