Blood Drenched Roses

it fills the space of silent night
laughter of glee
that brings not other's smiles
so eerie, bone chilling
even the deaf may sense
sending shivers up the spine

funny, not
i had no reaction
this iridescent pool of
black, red
spreading its dark presence
staining, seeping into
the beautiful white floor

oh look, what a rare beauty
a rose, such a curious rose
so pretty its thorns and petals

blood paints the tips
the luscious thin petals
drip, drip with crimson
such clarity, startling contrast
as precious lifesource
colours the ground red

a gift
from the lost sanity to its visitors
an act
of horror, of passion
a rose
tossed, away to the grown
a momento
remained forever to stay

sun rays burn a line
a spotlight to the flora
dried brown, crusty with iron edge
no longer soft, not luscious
brittle, hard, yet-so fragile
the blindin red has faded
to vestiges of old and the gone
brown, red, not quite
the remnants of the dead

a breeze, a waft
metallic rust, forgotten must
the roses
scatter the floor, haphazard
the beauty, the fear
the horror, the enrapturement
the imprinting, the etched
into your mind
sewn in your fleeing soul

close your soul to the world of living
shut your eyes to the world of breathing

- Luriel

(hmm i rediscovered my old file of old poems/mini stories. i edited them, and shall now start posting. do tell me what you think and maybe advise on how to improve :) )