Chapter 125A: Incarnation Of A God – Pain That Will Heal And Pain That Will Not (Perspective: None)

Knell grunted in pain as she held one of her arms against the stone wall for support. Deacon and her mission was successful, they had taken Shiori Azusa. But not without taking a heavy beating. She limped one step after the next. Both Alma Ivana and Ren Kirei are not to be underestimated. I never thought I could lose with Shinla's assistance.

"Knell!" The small girl turned to the vibration of the tablet on her arm.

"Illumi..." Knell let out a small smile to her family running towards her in concern.

"I'm glad you're okay. Hang on I will heal..."

"NO!" Knell shut the offer down cold. She pushed off the wall and stood tall. "This is my punishment for being careless." She glared directly into his eyes. "I will heal naturally soon enough. Don't you dare use that technique."

"Knell..." Illumi shuddered. He could not bare the sight of seeing her in such a weakened state. Illumi held the power to heal all her wounds, the power contained within the golden fruit.

"Illumi, your fruit may indeed heal my physical wounds." A solemn look appeared on Knell's face. "But in return, you will only add more wounds here." Knell placed a hand over her heart. "That is the only pain I cannot endure."

Illumi slowly closed his eyes. "I understand. Knell, just leave everything else to us. When you wake up, our dream shall be complete."

Knell smiled kindly, before her body gave way and she fell forwards. She had taken a heavy beating from her fight with Ren and Alma. What had kept her standing was adrenaline and a fear of Illumi cutting at his lifespan for her sake. With the final concerns being eliminated from her mind, her body could finally obtain the rest it required.

Illumi caught her falling body in his arms and ran his hand through her hair. "We will succeed, no matter what." He hardened his resolve, that had only amplified. "Let me spend my last days with you all."

Chapter 125B: Incarnation Of A God – Love Thy Soul Slayer (Perspective: None)

"You really did push yourselves hard period" Ley stated as she looked alternatively between the unconscious Alma, and the still conscious, but exhausted, Ren. "I take my eyes off you for a moment comma and this happens period" Ley's usually cool expression, was replaced with a pout.

"I'm sorry for worrying you, Ley. That woman we fought was pretty tough, not to mention the person backing her from the shadows." Ren recalled the numerous mouths. The person controlling those mouths, I get the feeling they are much stronger than Knell.

"Your constitution as a Human Anomaly should fix you up soon period" Ley remarked as she walked to Ren's bedside and climbed on top of him. She wrapped her arms around his neck and rested her weight on him like a cat purring for affection. Light flowed from Ley's body into Ren's, slowly but surely, his fatigue was disappearing. "I shall continue treating you until you are brand new period" She looked directly into Ren's eyes. "I won't accept any argument period"

"Whose arguing?" Ren wrapped his arms around Ley's waist, pulling her in closer. "This has given me quite the incentive, I should get hurt more often."

"Idiot..." Ley bought her lips to Ren's, the beautiful white light flowed from one mouth to the other. She allowed a few moments of bliss to pass before separating their lips. "Never let that happen comma I shall do this for you whenever you desire period" A single tear flows down Ley's eye and hits Ren's cheek. "So don't be reckless." Ren shuddered at the sad expression and cursed his own foolish words. The girl before him was as compassionate as they came. The very mention of him being hurt was painful to her. He had promised he would become her home, yet he had already brought the girl to tears.

Words failed, thus Ren decided to let his actions speak for themselves. He brushed the tear stains from her face and brought his lips back to hers. Ley wanted to complain to Ren for taking the easy way out, but she couldn't deny how much she loved kissing him.

But she wouldn't let him off that easily. "Whether it be night or day comma seven days a week comma I will never let you out of my sights period" Yes, the answer that came to her was an obvious one. If she wanted to protect Ren, all she has to do is make sure she is by his side every moment.

"That sounds both exciting and scary." Ren smiled as he kissed his lover once again.

"Know that while my body maybe light comma my love is heavy period" Ley initiated yet another kiss. Having lived for a long time and had many hello's are farewells, she was resolute that this farewell would not come about until the end of time.

"I cannot entrust the man I love to Horus alone." Ley whispered to herself so quietly, that even despite their close proximity, Ren could not pick up the sound of her voice.

This is my home, and I refuse to lose it. With a silent declaration Ley continued to indulge herself in Ren. Even if the world was going to hell, now was the time for just the two of them.

Chapter 125C: Incarnation Of A God – The Man Who Loves The Fear Of Death (Perspective: None)

"I am so happy to hear your voice after so long." Phoebe's voice relayed through the headset a man was wearing. The man in question was sitting in absolute darkness, his bright silver eyes were closed. His legs were crossed and his back was straight, like he was meditating. He could feel vibrations that were getting stronger on the metal on which he sat.

"I've been hearing of your exploits, young lady." His voice was hoarse, but Phoebe always found comfort in it. "The girl has grown strong in four years. You were able to inherit Antioch-Artemis so soon after joining the church."

"I will always be nothing compared to you." Phoebe replied, a light chuckle in her voice, she could not hide her delight at being complimented by the person she admired most. "If I was, the inquisition would never have got the best of me." Phoebe sighed.

"You cannot win every fight. No one can. Not you, not me, no one." The man explained. "The current predicament, and the reason I'm calling you, could also be attributed to one of my failures."

"What do you mean?"

"Young lady, I need you to do me a favour. You have to put a stop to the Church's Conclave." The man declared.

"Huh!? What are you talking about!?"

"Those four unidentified skeletons in the woods, the second Cannibalistic Ripper's latest victims. They have been identified, they are..."

The man could feel Phoebe's shudder on the other end of the phone as he relayed the victims identities. "" She murmured.

"Unfortunately, it is the truth. That's the reason I need you to stop the Conclave."

"I understand. The Conclave cannot receive outside contact, so I will have to go in person. But, thy will shall be done, Cavalier-sama." Yes, this man was the one known as the Church's strongest slayer. The only man feared by and survived an attack from the Losschilds. The man whom four years ago stopped the Radiance Of The Sun's attempt to incarnate their goddess into Phoebe's body. The previous and greatest wielder of the Muramasa-Masamune, Cavalier Blackthorn.

"I shall call again soon." He declared before cutting the call. The vibrations on the metal on which he sat had grown stronger. Cavalier's eyes remained closed, his back was turned towards the source of the vibrations. Cavalier jumped into the air a fraction of a second before the vibration's source could smash into him. He clung to the ceiling like a gecko and watched the train pass under him. Cavalier had currently been inside a subway tunnel, sitting on the railway tracks.

Cavalier was not suicidal, nor had he any intention of dying. But he was a man who only felt stimuli when the chance of death was in the equation. Playing chicken with the train, had just been one of these stimuli. He was the type of person to plant a bomb in the middle of the dessert just to add the stimuli required for when he went for a midday run. If there was no threat of death, then any activity he did was dull. However, it was because of this unique dark constitution that made him the perfect wielder of Muramasa-Masamune.

Cavalier strode one step after another, his silver eyes the only source of light in the dark tunnel, until he finally exited it. " isn't...enough..." He remarked. His body held no excitement from escaping a near death collision with a train. No, there was no threat to his life at all. Escaping the train collision for Cavalier held the same threat of death for walking up a set of stairs for a normal person. He pulled the strap out of his hair, letting his long dual coloured hair flow down his back. The long golden fringes partially shadowed his eyes, as the dark hair flowed back in forth in the wind. He was taller than average, with a slim, but muscular build. He wore a long shirt with numerous black vines embroid on it. His dark long trousers were held to his legs with several gold chains criss crossing all the way down to his ankles.

He picked up the two sheathed Katanas and adjusted them on his hip. "The Radiance Of The Sun have re-emerged. Lets go do something truly dangerous." Cavalier smiled in anticipation, soon he would get his kicks in spades.

Chapter 125D: Incarnation Of A God – The Ritual (Perspective: None)

"It's time to begin the ritual." Illumi declared.

"Where is Knellie-nee?" Amalie glanced around.

"She's injured, but okay, Amalie. Ideally, I would have wanted her to be here for this as well. But unfortunately, time is of the essence. We need to start the ritual now."

"I see..." Amalie was downtrodden, she wanted to experience what was about to happen with all her family. One member couldn't help it because they were on another task, but she felt lonely not having Knell with her during this moment.

Deacon kneeled down to Amalie's eye level and wiped the tear flowing down her eye. "Come on, turn that frown upside down. She may have missed this moment, but there will be plenty more from now on."

"Condom-nii..." Amalie hugged the man despite the horrible smell pulsating in her nose. Deacon's smile was still a bit forced. He liked the fact that Amalie wanted him to dote on her, but he still could not take her nickname for him.

After a heart-warming session of the various members cheering Amalie up they all formed a large circle. There were numerous diagrams carved into the ground. An unconscious Shiori lay within a pentagram, a green magatama hovered over her body. As light came through a crack in the ceiling, the entire magatama gave off a powerful glow. The magatama then slowly moved closer to Shiori's body. Tears flowed down the eyes of the present Sun Disciples at the beautiful sight. They were about to witness the birth of their god, the advent of their dreams.

"URGHHH!" Shiori's body jolted against the restraints at the magatama's invasion, until the magatama disappeared into her body. Light continued flowing from Shiori's body, so bright the disciples were forced to avert their gazes.

Chapter 125E: Incarnation Of A God – Converse With The God (Perspective: None)

"" Shiori looked left and right. She was trapped inside some kind of cage. She tried to rattling the bars, but to no avail.

"We are inside you..." A voice responded, Shiori turned to the sound and noticed a burning silhouette forming the shape of a woman. "I'm sorry. But it appears fate has dictated me to take your body."

"Who are you?"

"You would know me as Ra-Amaterasu." The figure replied as the flames turned to flesh. Her burning orange eyes looked into Shiori's. She was barefooted but gold anklets rattled on her ankles. A white tunic covered her up to her knees, embers continued to flow out of her burning red hair.

"As in the god those cultists worship?" Shiori asked.

"I am indeed the existence that they seek, and I do hold the power to grant their wishes, but I do not know whether I can truly be defined as a god."

"Then you intend to incarnate yourself using my body?"

"I am sorry. There is no other way. Those children have sacrificed and suffered so much. I cannot let there efforts be in vain. So if they desire me to become their god, I shall do so."

"For a god, you seem like nothing more than a tool. You hold no desire yourself, and yet you will just do their bidding?"

"Is that so strange?" Ra-Amaterasu asked. "For we, who lack self worth, we require acknowledgement externally to feel that we matter. Are you not the same? Nay, you are. Such is the requirement of my would be vessel." Ra-Amaterasu looked into Shiori's eyes, her appraising gaze could see into the depths of Shiori's very being. "Those children require me, they gave up so much for me. When they need me so much, how can I let them down? The answer is, I cannot. Thus, I shall muster every ounce of my being to grant their wish."

At hearing these words, Shiori got a understanding of just what this so called god was. It was like she was looking into a mirror, a more extreme version of herself. This god would just do the bidding of others so that it would feel needed, it was lonely, it wanted to belong. The problem was the place it decided it did belong. "You get your self worth from those cultists; whilst mine hinges on a certain kouhai."

"I have read your memories, he is a great man. I lament that I must tear the two of you apart."

"Say Ra-Amaterasu, if you read my memories, then have you also read my undying faith in him? Yuichi-kun will come for me, there isn't a doubt in my mind about this. But I have no intention of remaining a leach on the boy I love. So Ra-Amaterasu, do you feel lucky?" A smile pasted itself onto Shiori's lips, a smile of confidence. "Lets make a bet on whether my boy will succeed. If you win, my body is yours and you can do with it whatever you want. But if I win, then..."

After hearing Shiori's words a smile also came to Ra-Amaterasu, "Very interesting, I agree to your proposal." She nodded her head. Without the 'player' ever knowing, a gamble with the highest of stakes had been placed.

Chapter 125F: Incarnation Of A God – Birth Of The God (Perspective: None)

Soon the light flowing from Shiori's body ceased. She opened her eyes, they were a burning orange. Flames flowed from her wrists and ankles, destroying the restraints that held her. She slowly sat up right, then slowly stood up. The disciples were in awe at every movement of her body.

"OHHHHH~~~" Illumi smiled as he got down to his knees in prayer. "Congratulations on your rebirth, we are humble for gracing us with your presence. Our almighty god of the sun, Ra-Amaterasu-sama."

Ra-Amaterasu, within Shiori's body, looked around herself at the disciples, whom had all fallen to their knees, and nodded her head. "I thank you all for your service. Your greatest wish, I shall see it granted."

The Radiance Of The Sun had succeeded, soon all their efforts shall be rewarded, with their god at their side, victory was guaranteed.

Author Notes

Okay, not my best chapter by any means. Needs a bit of improving, although I quite liked my idea about how introduced Cavalier, still not perfect though. Anyway, more of a bridge chapter as we prepare to face the Radiance Of The Sun in full force (minus Knell whom Alma has taken out). Hope you enjoyed the chapter.