The Siege

He was the hot and popular kid and she was the shy and unobtrusive nerd. He was arrogant on the outside but sweet on the inside, and she hated him on principle because she had once been bullied by his friends. They were a match made in heaven.

It was a beautiful spring day when he first noticed her. She was walking by his lunch table, her nose buried deep into a book as usual, balancing her lunch tray in one hand and her backpack on the other shoulder. She didn't see him until she crashed into him. Literally.

Her tray flew into the air and her meager helping of pasta splattered onto his varsity jacket. His perfectly structured face was doused in red sauce and his artfully messy hair received a generous serving of watery green beans. He stood motionless with shock.

She, on the other hand, tumbled backwards from the impact, tripping clumsily over her own feet, her backpack weighing her down until her butt hit the floor and her book flopped indelicately onto the dirty cafeteria tiles.

Laughter erupted around the room as the girl blushed a marvelous shade of bright red and hastily shifted to retrieve her book but it quickly died down when the boy suddenly moved.

She did not expect him to help her. But help he did.

He bent down and, shaking the vegetables from his hair haphazardly, quickly picked up her book and lunch tray. After setting them gently down on a nearby table, he reached a hand out to her and waited patiently for her to accept it.

What was this? Was this chivalry? In this day and age?

She slowly looked up at him from her vantage point on the ground, her mouth wide open. She was on her hands and knees, and it was beginning to ache, so she thought What the heck and took his hand.

There was an audible gasp as her hand touched his. He was covered in lunch staring down at her and she was kneeling on the ground gazing up at him. It was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

They started to hang out and before long, they could be seen talking and laughing as they strolled languidly through the school halls, as if there had never been such a large social divide between the two.

One day, the girl realized her feelings for the boy. After holding her emotions in check for more than a month, she decided it was time to confess.

She marched up to him with her band of nerdy girls and announced loudly, "I have to tell you something."

Confused but cooperative, the boy followed the girl to somewhere quiet and private, wondering what in the world could be so important that the girl would go so far as to skip class just to tell him.

After a few minutes of stalling, the girl finally blurted out, "I'm in love with you!"

But here's where things get off the beaten track.

Insulted and disgusted, the boy recoiled and practically shouted, "Yuck!"

The girl gasped loudly, shocked and hurt. She whimpered, "But don't you love me too?"

"No! Where the heck did you get that idea?"

"But-all those phone calls and texts and hanging out-"

"That was just because you had no friends and you were a loser and I felt bad for you! Obviously!" He ran a hand through his hair and posed, modelesque, though there was no one but the girl to see him.

The girl sighed and wiped away her fake tears. "I thought I could use you for a little while longer, but I guess not."


The girl didn't answer. Instead, the boy watched with horror and amazement as she yanked off her stringy brown wig to reveal luscious blonde hair, ripped her baggy clothes off to expose her skimpy top and tight pants, and tossed her fake glasses carelessly on the ground, giving them an enthusiastic stomp.

Shaking her head and fluffing her hair out, the girl then appeared to magically produce out of thin air a large designer bag filled with makeup, which she applied to her face like a professional and without the use of a mirror.

The boy could only gape in awe at the one-minute transformation. "Who are you?" he asked, astonished.

She smirked in his direction and spun around without answering, flipping her hair into his face. Snapping her fingers, she called, "Girls!"

Immediately, all the ditzy popular girls poured out of the nooks and crannies and surrounded the girl, showering her with compliments.

"I got what I wanted," she finally said to the boy, who still hadn't moved. "So thanks, and have a nice life, loser."

A/N: I don't even know...

Anyways, I was thinking about cliches and this kind of "anti-cliche" idea had been floating around in my mind for a while so I finally wrote it out and this is what resulted. -_- Yeah. It just-I don't-yeah. Um.

Well, enjoy? :D Haha, I mean, I actually kinda like it. I'm not sure about the ending exactly. might change that in the future.

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