In a darkened meadow there lived a beautiful queen, she had long dark hair and, and sparkly dark eyes, she was known as the queen of the Dark Forest , a place where only creatures of the night resided, her henchmen; little grey skinned people who wore only blue, were her loyal servants. She loved them very much but was a very bossy woman she spent all her time locked inside her castle ordering her henchmen left and right. Then one day when she was feeling tired and bored she ordered her people to entertain her. They refused to do so, turning their back to her, closing their eyes when she was near, ignoring her pleas, inside their heart yearned for her, but they'd had enough.

The queen felt so lonely and sad not knowing why they no longer seemed to care for her. She cried and cried until her eyes turned red, until her crying turned to wails then to screams, to desperation. One day during the coldest day of the year she decided she couldn't take it anymore, the way they ignored her. The hallow pain of knowing you were surrounded by people but would always remain alone, alone, always alone. She was going mad, so she thought it best if she left, to a much colder, empty place where she would be truly alone.

Once she was out, she saw the shining sun for the first time and thought 'What a most wonderful sight, such brightness'. She decided to explore this unknown world, and on her way she heard the soft bells of laughter, and unconsciously followed it, until it got closer and closer. Then she saw it, or rather her, a pretty young girl who looked at most to be 10 years of age. There she was lying on the soft green grass, looking delicate and very much like a flower fairy. Long transparent lashes fluttering around huge, clear, sky-blue eyes, smooth pinkish skin, short, soft looking white blonde hair that reached to half her neck, puckered pink lips. 'How pretty' thought the queen, she saw that the child was surrounded by small people with purple skin and white cloth, she felt a pang of pain as she remembered her own people. She saw how the girl talked to them casually, warmly, in a friendly manner, and realized how selfish and rude she'd behaved in comparison. Guilt build up inside her heart. 'How could I have been so blind'?

With one last lingering look at the group she turned and ran, ran, ran inside the Dark Forest and trough the willowy trees, the hard, stiff, dirt. She reached her castle and just stood there looking at it as if for the first time. Then one of her henchmen noticed her, its grey eyes widened and he rushed to her "My queen!", she stared at him lovingly and he was taken by surprise, 'I shall never make the same mistake again' and she smiled and, lovely warm smile and replied in a magical, musical, soft, kind voice "I'm back".