Eating Cherries After This Shower / Previously Favoured Scar

When I look into your despairing eyes, I just want to cry
the heaviest tears possible and gift them to the ocean of emptiness
you're holding within, but I must be the stronger person here
and hold you close to the dreams I cannot abandon for instability.

Because I have welcomed pain my entire life but now this cycle
has to end for the grace waving from the sidelines is suggesting
that I no longer skim the future or shed another tear, but simply
move on after whispering goodbye to the slashed parachutes.

And although I'll provide new effort to life, this poetess
will eternally have to view the previously favoured scar on her
left cheekbone when glancing at anyone even remotely resembling
your shadow which is capable of reflecting the undesirable past.

Nevertheless, I won't give in to hypocrisy by eating cherries after this shower
and believing that I can be knocked over with the touch of a feather, rather
I'll make sure that an undetailed one word per line poem is never written into
existence again, thereby proving my determination for you to succeed with me.